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  1. United without Martial and Matic and with MC Tominay. Big disaster is coming for them
  2. thanks for your preview Stevie. I just come to ask opinion for some english expert about this match I don't read about missings in your preview, do you (or anybody) know if any of the two teams have any important missing? Thanks again
  3. well, it seems really the odd on United was too high, what a pity that at the end I had fear to bet on it. Congrats to the rest who did
  4. yes, this is truth and it is a big factor Stevie, thanks for your comment
  5. I read that Lingard and Martial are missing and Valencia and Alexis doubt. This info is not confirmed, I read in one forum. I think somebody could confirm it I start to have some doubts too with United
  6. I totally agree with allyhibs question to some english expert. Excuse for my english I don't understand well the odd on United. I know they came from their first and big defeat (since Solskjaer took the team) when last week they were demolished at home by PSG, but before this, they were great. I know too, this match will be played in Stamford Bridge, but last results of Chelsea are being very bad (demolished 6-0 by City for example) And the most important thing is that I read and listen that some players of Chelsea (mainly the most important names), don't understand what Sarri proposes and they are not happy with him About missings or what is the situation of the teams and how they take this match and competition, I don't know anything. I wait somebody could help with their infos and opinions Thanks for your help
  7. thanks for your great explanation thinkpink63 Yes, EuroDream, with Dortmund I have some doubts because last match at home against Brugge, they didnot show much interest in go for the win and first place. It seemed they were happy with the draw and secure the qualify, leaving out Brugge, but if they have some interest today, they should win but I think I will skip this match, because they didnot make a good performance in match against Brugge
  8. Thanks for all your comments and recomendations What make me doubt with Dortmund and their intention of get first place, is that their last match at home, they made a bad match, they couldnot win to Brugge and this was their biggest step to finish in first place
  9. ok understood money44 Now I am sure about the situation and you were right, If Liverpool wins 1-0, Liverpool avances to next round but if Napoli scores at least one goal, Liverpool must win by at least two goals of difference
  10. no no Dr0, Liverpool needs to win 2-0 to advance and I am not sure if a 3-1 or 4-2 is enough for them, but what is sure, is that they need to win by two goals of margin and 2-0 is enough, but I don't know the other scores
  11. thanks money44 for your answer. Really do you think Napoli is favourite here? In my opinion Napoli have some great players but as team, I think Liverpool is superior and more used to play this kind of matchs and playing at Anfield, you know what it supposes for the rival team. The only problem I see (it is big) is that Liverpool need to win by two goals of difference and this can make that they lost their mind in any moment during the match
  12. what is your opinion about the big match of the date in Anfield?
  13. anybody know if Monaco and Dortmund are going to take their match seriously? I mean, do you know if Henry will continue using most of young and unexperienced players? And I see Monaco have many possible missings And do you know if Dortmund will use their best players available here trying to get a win for fight for the first place? But I am not totally sure about their intention of get first position of the group, because they couldnot win to Brugge at home last match
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