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  1. Perhaps the value could be in backing La Fiorita on the handicap? A number of bookies are offering around evens (2.0) for La Fiorita +2.5
  2. Palace don't have to win - a draw is enough
  3. After Friday night's win for Aberdeen, I believe Celtic will win the title if they win at Hearts on Sunday. Odds are currently 1.5 with several firms. I suppose that could be some value if Celtic really go for it on Sunday.
  4. I believe the only way it would go to extra time is if Tottenham are leading 1-0. If they are leading 2-1, Gent would go through on away goals.
  5. I would try: 1. Set your bank (say £100) 2. Set a percentage stake for each bet - say 5% = £5 per bet 3. If you feel you are losing and things are getting out of control, REDUCE your stakes. Say from 5% to 3%. 4. Keep reducing your % stake until you feel you are in control. 5. Then you can gradually increase the stakes if you want. 6. In general, the lower the stakes, the less the excitement, but the easier it should be to feel in control.
  6. European Handicap is a 3-way market Asian Handicap is 2-way But as long as you compare like-for-like, comparing bookmakers' handicap prices is a good thing to do and a simple way to improve your returns.
  7. Perhaps this should be in the Glory Hunters section?
  8. How do you deal with the common problem of chasing losses?
  9. Waggy - not sure if you know, but if you move your mouse over a user's name, you can find an 'Ignore User' option.
  10. Results Bournemouth v West Brom won, returns 3.96 Crystal Palace v Stoke lost Leicester v Everton lost Tottenham v Southampton won, returns 3.82 Total stake: 8 points Total return: 7.78 Profit/loss = -0.22 points
  11. Good to see you back jtw, and refreshing to read about your 'indiscipline' problems, and reassuring to know I'm not the only one
  12. Sat 7th to Sun 8th May 2016 In the last but one full round of matches this season, Lawro sees possible team value in West Brom, Stoke, Everton and Southampton. Bournemouth v West Brom 2.0/4.38 Lawro: 1-1 West Brom +0.5 1.98 Bet365 Crystal Palace v Stoke 2.1/4.0 Lawro: 0-1 Stoke +0.5 1.85 Bet365 Leicester v Everton 2.0/4.55 Lawro: 1-1 Everton +0.5 1.98 Bet365 Tottenham v Southampton 2.05/4.0 Lawro: 1-1 Southampton +0.5 1.91 188Bet Stake: FOUR bets @ 2 points = 8 points
  13. Results West Brom v West Ham lost Man Utd v Leicester won, returns 3.7 Total stake: 4 points Total return: 3.7 Profit/loss = -0.3 points
  14. Sat 30th April to Mon 2nd May 2016 Lawro sees possible team value in West Brom and Leicester this weekend. West Brom v West Ham 4.08/2.2 Lawro: 2-1 West Brom +0.5 1.89 188Bet Man Utd v Leicester 2.15/4.0 Lawro: 1-1 Leic +0.5 1.83 188Bet Stake: TWO bets @ 2 points = 4 points
  15. Possible lessons from this thread so far ... Waggy can spot decent bets in a variety of sport Waggy can easily lose discipline in his betting and get swept away in the emotion of chasing winning or losing bets, and will sometimes stake huge slices of his bank purely because some recent bets lost Letting emotion control your betting like this can very quickly see you lose all or a lot of your winnings built up over a period In general, people don't like criticism People like following a high-risk adventure which has ups and downs. It's exciting, and Waggy's betting style is entertaining viewing. Is there a correlation between entertainment and success? If so, it might be 'inverse', meaning the wilder and more entertaining it is, the less successful it is in the long run. Following Waggy the hare is more fun than observing Waggy the tortoise, although Waggy the tortoise might find more long-term success ...
  16. Results Sunderland - Arsenal won, returns 4.4 Leicester - Swansea lost Total stake: 4 points Total return: 4.4 Profit/loss = +0.4 points
  17. In your first post you said you have trialled your system over a long period and showed a good average profit. So why limit your number of bets that way? Just choose the bets that fit your system. Some of your questions sound as though you think this is a high-risk gamble. But if you continue to show a decent average profit and maintain strict money management you should do well.
  18. I don't think there is a best staking plan specifically for Asian HC bets. I would keep it very simple and conservative. Stake around 2% of your bank on each bet. Singles only. You can increase your stake as your bank grows. I would wait until your bank doubles. So if you start with a bank of 100 units, your stake will be 2 units per bet. If and when your bank size reaches 200, then increase your stake to 4 units (2% of 200).
  19. Sat 23rd to Mon 25th April 2016 This weekend, Lawro sees value in Sunderland and Swansea in Sunday's games. Sun 24th Sunderland - Arsenal 5.0/1.88 Lawro: 1-1 Sunderland +0.5 2.2 188Bet Leicester - Swansea 1.85/5.75 Lawro: 1-1 Swansea +0.5 2.21 188Bet Stake: TWO bets @ 2 points = 4 points
  20. Results Bournemouth v Liverpool lost Total stake: 2 points Total return: nil Profit/loss = -2 points
  21. Sat 16th to Mon 18th April 2016 This weekend, there could be value backing Bournemouth going from Lawro's forecasts. Sunday 17th Bournemouth v Liverpool 3.75/2.23 Lawro: 1-1 Bournemouth +0.5 1.8 188Bet Stake: ONE bet @ 2 points
  22. Friday 15 April 2016 Home Draw Away BPP Chelsea U19 v Anderlecht U19 (12:00 BST) 2.42 3.7 2.92 102.60 % Real Madrid CF U19 v Paris Saint-Germain U19 (16:00 BST) 2.68 3.6 2.64 102.97 %
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