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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
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  1. Re: La Liga > September 22-26 Anyone advices the Asian Handicap?
  2. Re: Champions League > September 19th I like your stats of the teams, how can u calculate km's and predict the weather etc..???
  3. Re: Champions League > September 19th The fact it's that Celtic plays againt a weak team tomorrow, Benfica lost 4 men of the great defense they had last year (Javi Garcia to City, Witsel to Zenit, Luisão suspended for 3 months and Maxi Pereira). Melgarejo it's the left-defender but i've seen all the games this year and i can tell that he has to grow very much.. he is good attacking, but terrible in defense (!) that it's very much important for this game. The only member in defence that i can tell it's good in the moment it's Garay (ex-Real Madrid) Miguel Vitor will substitute Maxi Pereira, i like the "kid" but he don't have the experience to compete in Champions League in this moment (last year he was in the bench all the time) and Matic (the substitute of Javi Garcia) needs time to raise as a player. Celtic it's strong in home and i can tell that a draw it's the more likely result to this game, or a Celtic win? Lay Benfica 2.2@ (I see the odd get to 2.7@ at least before the game begin)
  4. Re: Norwich V West Ham > September 15th Norwich has very good occasions to score. A draw at the half time 0-0 :)
  5. Re: Sunderland v Liverpool > September 15th It's a game were we can expect both teams to play well, i can't tell if Sunderland or Liverpool will win. I think we need to wait for the game to begin :ok
  6. Re: Liverpool v Man City > Sun 26 August City with a lucky draw :notworthy
  7. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores 2012 Today there are more games right? In about ten minutes..
  8. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday 15 March Must look the odd of Sporting, the team that beat MAnchester City to winning the Europa League it's 14@! I think it's very good and the odd may decrease.
  9. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores 2012 Yes it will play, the only thing it's the condition of the pitch...
  10. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores 2012 Juan Aurich vs Santos Back Santos 1.9@ :clap Neymar will play?
  11. Re: Man Utd v WBA > March 11th Thanks ;) Now i understand.. I will bet in Asian Handicap in the game of Manchester Utd v West Brom and Swansea vs Man City.
  12. Re: Man Utd v WBA > March 11th I can't understand how the Asian Handicap works, isn't like a difference of goal margin? How the TEAM +0.5&+1.5 works? or TEAM +0.5&+1? It gets me confused..
  13. Portimonense vs Benfica Benfica it's one of the best team from Portugal, but next week they have a crucial game in Champions League and i ve already read that some important players will not play to rest for that game. So i think the odd it's very low, 1,25@ it's for favourite teams that will definitely win but in this game i know that Portimonense it's not so weak to let them score easily ;) Lay Benfica 1,25@ (maybe doing some trade waiting for the odd to increase)
  14. Friendlies Porto x Mgladbach Look at the great odd of Porto@2.24 Porto it's starting with the same team of last year that win almost everything, they have played this season two friendlies and in the last game they won 10-1! Today the team it's a still stronger but Hulk it's in the team with more good players they hired this season. My bet it's for Porto and with this odd it's for sure!
  15. Re: Stop the winning streak Good match for you it's to stop the Porto consecutive wins ;)
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