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  1. Guaranteed breakaway today. Mathews says he want this and is feeling a lot better. He has to be a man for the break 50/1 is huge. My other picks are Jungles 66/1, Gallopin 25/1 and Bakelants 35/1.
  2. Nice winner yesterday with Van Avermat. Again a break has a serious chance if the right men get involved. My picks today. Rodriguez 7/1 win Galloping 33/1 Vuillermoz 33/1 Kangert 66/1 all e/w
  3. if you have followed me from the start we are up a nice profit at the moment. picks for tomorrow Stybar 18/1 Van Avermat 20/1 De GEndht 66/1 Geschke 80/1
  4. It was a great effort by Dan but I knew it was a bad move trying to bridge across in that heat. He should have waited for another day when he missed the initial break. At least Froome didn't get to win anyway. If a break doesn't stay away today, he wins easily again, so I,m praying for a strong break. I'm going to go with the breakaway riders as the odds are better value even though I think it will be 50_50. Yesterdays break was weak with only Majka and Martin real mountain men. Hopefully today we see some of Rolland, Rogers, Valls, A Yates, Rodriguez, Bardet, Pinot, Talansky, Peraud Hesjedal
  5. Today is made for a strong breakaway and they should go close unless Froome goes ape shit again today. Rolland would be my big favourite for today,he will be going for the KOM and he looked very strong yesterday. Also he is that bit down on GC now. Adam Yates ticks all those boxes as well, he is another that I expect to go well today. There are so many good climbers far down on GC that you have up to 30 genuine contenders for todays stage. My other 2 picks are. Valls and Fugslang. 2pts e/w Rolland 16/1 skybet. 1.5pts e/w A Yates 33/1 general 1pt e/w Valls 40/1 1pt e/w Fugslang 40/1 general
  6. First big mountain top finish tomorrow. Froome is a worthy favourite but a bit short for me. Bastille day tomorrow so I expect the French boys to go for this. I'm going all French in my betting. I think a break has a very good chance tomorrow if the right men can get in it. Pinot, Rolland, Barguil, Peraud, Bardet, Vuillermoz, Geniez, Gautier and Cherel would be the big French favourites. 1.5 pt e/w Pinot 25/1 generally. 1.5pts e/w Rolland 40/1 boyles 1 pt e/w Vuillermoz 55/1 corals 1pt e/w Geniez 150/1 generally.
  7. Could be the first chance for a break tomorrow with the big teams all keeping their powder dry for the TTT. If the break doesn't succeed,Rodriguez, Martin, and Gallopin would be my favourites. If a break can stay away expect a few of, yates brothers, Simon, Chavenal, Morabito, Gautier, Pauwels, Pozzato, Wellens, Elmiger, Meintjes and Voeckler. being in the break. My bets 1.5pts e/w Gallopin 12/1 VC. 1pt e/w Martin 18/1Corlas 1pt e/w S Yates 33/1 generally. 1pt e/w Gautier 100/1 Ladbrokes
  8. Coquard gets the e/w money. Agree with Addpea on Sagan, he also is happy just to get those points for the green jersey. Today anyone can win it in my opinion. Just going to have a small bet on Kristoff 8/1 and Coquard.. 33/1.
  9. sagan for today. this finish suits him perfectly, he is very strong and surely he can win this. My outside picks. Coquard 33/1 Albisini 50/1 Gallopin 16/1
  10. Thank you Tony after costing me a fortune on Saturday,the finish worked out perfectly thank god. I agree with 9coconuts hard to find value today. Cavendish should win if he waits to bide his time behind Renshaw. I wouldn't touch Greipel with Henderson injured. I think Kristoff and Bouhanni will go close today, but they are no more than token bets with wind weather etc. 1pt e/w Kristoff 6/1 generally 1pt e/w Bouhanni 10/1 generally.
  11. The rain doesn't look like coming today so I don't think the cobbles are not going to be a huge issue. This is not the Paris Roubaix and the cobble sections are not that difficult with the last section being 13K from the finish. I expect a group of the powerful strong riders at the finish in a reduced sprint. Degenkolb has to be favourite with Kristoff, Sagan and Greipel fancying there chances. The 4 I'm taking are. Griepel 16/1 is looking strong doesn't fear the cobbles and will go very close in a sprint. Gallopin 50/1. Looked super strong yesterday in a stage that didn't suit, has a very str
  12. hard to see past Valverde tomorrow. Purito and Martin should be his nearest challengers. I like the 2/1 on Valverde taught it would be shorter.
  13. Cav should win tomorrow but a bit short for me considering wind and weather.. I'd rather have Kristoff 6/1 e/w and Degenkolb 20/1 e/w both with betfred 2pts e/w Kristoff 6/1 1pt e/w Degenkolb 20/1
  14. Hello again haven't much time for write ups this year, I have a life now thank god. laugh4 :lol. Looking at GC, people talk about the big 4, I'd say big 3. Nibali has no chance in my opinion unless the other 3 crash out (which is a big chance with Alien and Bertie). At the prices I don't fancy any at the moment. Contador had a hard Giro and it is next to impossible to win both unless you are the super human Pantani, or the legendary Hinault or Merckx. Froome eventhough he had a good Dauphine he is a liability on a bike and at the price can't be touched. Quintana hasn't had a great year overall
  15. Re: Giro D'Italia Cycling 2014 > May 9th - June 1st A few for today. 50-50 whether a break will stay away or GC guys will take it. If the GC guys light it up expect Porte to win a sprint between them. If they take it easy and a break doesn't stay away Ulisi should win this handy. 2pt win Ulisi 16/1 Lad.This stage suits him perfectly and he took easy yesterday. He will be going all out today. 2pts ew Visconti 40/1 Lad. He looks in great shape and this stage should suit would hope he gets in the break but would be well able for a late attack. 1pt e/w Hesjedal 80/1 PP Took it easy yeste