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  1. Re: What's gone on at Perth & Worcester today!! The BBC stopped using William Hill for their Ceefax pages back in 2007.
  2. Re: paddock/parade ring There are some people who are very knowledgeable in this area and it I think it is a part of trying to find the winner. Some horses do just naturally sweat and people will learn these traits after seeing them a few times. A coat can also tell what sort of health a horse is in and you want to be looking for a nice shiny coat. If its dull then the chances are they wont be at their best. You also want a horse to be nicely on his toes, one that looks up for it. If it gets to buzzy beforehand then they will be wasting to much energy. Like I say its a part of trying to find a winner and is more important in some races (2yo maidens) than others. Given that mileni4uk is in Bulgaria its no surprise to see that he rubbishes paddock watching as he wont have the chance to see the horses up close.
  3. Re: Cycling 2011/Giro D'Italia 2011 It will be interesting to see what the teams do about the intermediate sprint. Im not sure it will make too much difference but we shall see. Having looked at the route its like they dont want sprinters to win stages. Cav is 9/5 to win over 4.5 and he could do but for me there is little margin for error, but its a bet to consider. Gilbert could be interesting given he could win 2 or 3 stages and it will be interesting to see what price he is although he could be more an each-way play as Im not sure he can win.
  4. Re: Food at racecourses Some bookies do offer best odds on track but I guess it wouldnt be at all courses. If its a big meeting like Ascot or Cheltenham it doesnt make any sense to bet on track as not only is it hard to get a bet on the bookies offer huge prices in the morning, Fame And Glory being a prime example last week. As for the food I think its about getting value for money and Im not sure paying £8.50 for fish and chips is. However its like the motorway service station factor they can charge people those prices as people need to eat. Like I say I have hardly ever brought food at a racecourse as I dont like getting ripped of for very average food.
  5. Re: Gary Wiltshire on BBC today Up to you what you believe but its a brilliant story if it is true.
  6. Re: Gary Wiltshire on BBC today PM them and I will tell you if you are correct. Its funny how this thread started talking about the BBC coverage and has now moved to who shags who lol.
  7. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season
  8. Re: Cycling 2011/Giro D'Italia 2011 Before every Tour it seems Cav isnt quite at his best and people write him off and then come the Tour his different class to everyone else. He may well be off to Sky but I dont agree with your argument at all. They will obviously try and stop him winning but I cant see them being anywhere near good enough to do so.
  9. Re: Food at racecourses I take my own food and either have it before I get in or whilst there, although some courses wont let you bring you own food in now.
  10. Re: Gary Wiltshire on BBC today I have been told but I cant remember and its no one well known but he does work in the industry in some capacity he might even work at ATR. I have a great story about Kirsty and how she got her nickname milkshake but I really dont think I can share on a family forum like this lol. I am also led to believe that a certain high profile trainer just lets his wife shag whoever she likes and that another Irish trainer caught his other half at after putting CCTV in the house and going on holiday. She was the one who was really training the horses and her leaving meant a downturn in the stables form. I think the reason why it goes on is because none of them get time to socialize away from racing so it makes it a different sort of environment to what we live in.
  11. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season I see it looks like Gillingham are going to sign Danny Kedwell.
  12. Re: Gary Wiltshire on BBC today From what I heard he didnt even last the honeymoon.
  13. Re: Gary Wiltshire on BBC today The Jamie and Hayley thing is pretty common knowledge but I must admit I never knew about Alex and AP nor about the fact she was with Hannon Jnr, who of course was married very brifely to Zoe Bird.
  14. Re: French Champion Hurdle The industry price is a general bookmakers price and is offered on any French race that is shown on SIS now. You can still ask for a PMU price however, just in the same way you can either bet on the tote or take a price over here.
  15. Re: French Champion Hurdle
  16. Re: Gary Wiltshire on BBC today Spot on about Persad there. Its fairly well known that the only reason he got the job is because of the colour his skin, its a bit like Gina only getting the gig on ATR because shes female. I find Carson funny at times although mainly for the wrong reasons and I think they could probably do with getting Weaver on instead. Darley has improved from what I have seen of him this week and as for Fitzy he clearly knows nothing about Flat racing but it should be remembered that C4 use an ex jump jockey on Flat racing as well. I think the rest of what you say is right as well, the fashion annoys me especially this year as I actually liked Sherwood because he would slag people off which is always funny to watch, but as you say there will be people interested in the fashion and I understand why it needs to be covered.
  17. Re: French Champion Hurdle According to the RP site its on ATR as well, would be nice if c4 decided to show it too. You should be able to bet on the PMU rather than take the price if thats what you want its just the same as betting on the Arc. How on earth can anyone possibly back Chaninbar given his dreadful record of starting races? Grand Crus does seem to have a lot in his favour but this surely has been an after thought and its hard to tell if he will be at his best tomorrow.
  18. Re: The Filly Factor But why should it have been broadcast on the TV or in the betting shops? To be honest if I turned up to Bath and Doncaster at the weekend and had to put up with 4 commentories like that I would not have been happy.
  19. Re: The Filly Factor From what Ive heard tonight the winner might get a place on the training course but it wont be going any further than that. I think they hoped that they might find a great new talent but sadly for them that clearly has not happened.
  20. Re: The Filly Factor Just heard them all on ATR and Hayley sounded much better than the others. Totally agree with what Lee Mottershead was saying as well. Its a total gimmick and none of them really sounded good enough. Why should women be given these sort of chances just because they are female.
  21. Re: The Filly Factor Im surprised Emily was fav as I didnt think she would be any good at it. Not sure what races they all did but Im sure Hayley's job at Donny was harder given the amount of runners there today compared to Bath.
  22. Re: The Filly Factor Im surprised Gina didnt enter but thankfully she didnt.
  23. Re: England > Non-league antepost > BlueSQ Bet Prem 2011-12 I for one hope that BS dont get any money from the league as we didnt when we were placed in the North.
  24. Re: England > Non-league antepost > BlueSQ Bet Prem 2011-12 Rusheden have been kicked out, Southport are back in the BSP, Thurrock are back in the BSS and Bishops Stortford have been moved to the BSN.
  25. Re: Barney Curley - How does he get away with it? Im with erhaab on this. Given how many horses he is bound to have some bad ones and so what if he chooses to get them fit on the racecourse everyones methods of training are different.
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