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  1. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season Ive read plenty of good things about Ross Hannah and he deserves his chance at a higher level. If I was a manager of a League 2 club Id be very happy to have Tubbs/Akinde up front for me. I should say I have had an each-way double on Crawley and my fancies for the BSP in a bid to boost the returns.
  2. Re: Cycling 2011/Giro D'Italia 2011 In my view though Thor will be too far behind to be worrying about gaining points in the mountains. I dont see him finishing as high as 2nd in a sprint finish. The only way Cav wont win green is if he falls off, gets ill, or gets disqualified again.
  3. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season The old debate about if good non-league strikers can make it in the League and always on the negitive side. Why dont you have a look at how Steve Morrison has done since he left Stevenage? Sometimes strikers have fluke seasons and score lots of goals I would say Fleetwood was one of those, but there are others like Morrision who are proven goalscorers season after season like Tubbs. For me Akinde offers a lot more than his goals and he was also only 18/19 when playing for Ebbsfleet and he is only 21 now which suggests plenty of scope for improvement. I think he made the mistake in leaving Ebbsfleet to soon but I think Crawley could be the perfect club for him.
  4. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season Jase that is a very sensible post. Nice call on Plymouth as well who could very well do a Stockport. Thing is there is so much deadwood in this League it would be nice for two of them to go down. I think the only question with Crawley now is are they value at the current odds and my view is they are probably around the right price.
  5. Re: Cycling 2011/Giro D'Italia 2011 Only just read about the new points system and it looks suited to give Cav the green jersey. Hes an even bigger cert than I thought he was before, however given its a three week bike race I never like to go big on odds-on chances.
  6. Re: Barney Curley - How does he get away with it? Yes but how many classified races are there? Very few. I suppose he could still do it, but it would encourage more horses to run to their merits because you wouldnt be trying to get them well handicapped. Also if they are all running of level weights and you had a horse who had dropped down the grades that horse probably wouldnt be a massive price anyway. Sadly it will never happen because the bookies would hate it.
  7. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season I know exactly what the market is for but I was just pointing out how much easier it is to get promoted which is what you were talking about. In my view Crawley had a side that would have held there own in League 1 last year. Not sure of the exact double promotion numbers but obviously Stevenage did it this year. You mention Notts County's money ran out but didnt they also win the league? Im with south eastern ram on Akinde. I watched him a fair bit when he was at Ebbsfleet and it was clear how good a player he was, I think him and Tubbs will be a fantastic partnership in this league. If Crawley did pay £275000 for Brodie (its a figure that has been suggested was actually a fair bit lower than that) then it was a bad buy and it speaks volumes theyve loaned him out for a season. Also Akinde and Thomas were both on a free so in my view thats pretty good value for money. There really isnt that big a step up from the BSP to League 2.
  8. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season Crawley already had players more than good enough for this league and I think the signing of Akinde was a superb one. I dont know much about Thomas but given he scored plenty in League 2 last season he looks a decent buy. Its easier to get out of League 2 than the BSP as there are 4 promotion places to go for compared to just 2 in the BSP. Look at what the promoted sides have done in previous years as well and Crawley have to be the strongest team yet to have gained promotion. Also worth considering that come Jan they will be in a strong position to get new players whereas the others wont have as much money to do that.
  9. Re: Barney Curley - How does he get away with it?
  10. Re: Cycling 2011/Giro D'Italia 2011 Find it very hard to Cav not winning Green this year but I doubt he is going to be much value to do so. Id be surprised if hes much bigger than 4/6.
  11. Re: Barney Curley - How does he get away with it? He does what probably most trainers in the country do but just better than most. Everyone who has an average/poor horse wants it to be handicapped to win. The other thing he does differently is he likes a massive gamble. Again in my view nothing wrong with that given the low levels of prize money in this country. There is a simple way to stop this and that is to do away with handicaps. Mark Johnson mentioned it in an interview I saw a few weeks back and to be honest I can see where he is coming from.
  12. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season I think Stevenage look worse than they actually are. I was never that impressed with them the year before when they won the BSP but actually they just dont play pretty football, but what they do is not concede goals and you have to admit they do that very well. Crawley were a bit unlucky not to go through last season unbeaten and given they have improved the squad already I cant see past them not winning. Also worth remembering they outplayed Torquay in the FA Cup and given they ended up in the play-offs it shows that even last season they had a team that would have gone close to winning League 2. As for their crowds they already have gone up. They were getting over 3000 per game in the later part of last season and there ground only holds around 4000 so not much scope for it to go higher. Id imagine they will get over 3000 for most matches next year.
  13. Re: BBC Coverage & Sam Hitchcott's Tattoo But how often is the Queen going to have a runner in the race, I cant even remember the last time before Saturday. Its hardly the same as Frankie and McCoy as they have a ride in the race every year.
  14. Re: evo stik prem ante post 2011-2012 Youl be waiting a little while yet its a bit early for those leagues at the moment. Ships will probably know better but Id have said its July before they get priced up.
  15. Re: Sam Hitchcott - Tattoo Liam Treadwell wasnt complaining anyway as he got a new set of teeth for free out of it. Lets be fair its quite funny if someone has a mis-spelt tattoo.
  16. Re: BBC Coverage & Sam Hitchcott's Tattoo I agree I thought the coverage of the other races was very poor. The Diomed they gave more attention after the race than before but most people watching the BBC coverage probably would rather more in depth stuff before the race. To be fair what else was the BBC meant to do about Carlton House. It was the fav and owned by the Queen and a lot of people would have been watching just to see how the horse got on and I dont see how they could not of covered it any other way. You have to remember that the BBC have to cater for all and if you dont like that side of things then watch Racing UK. The BBC could do with better presenters though, I would axe them all apart from Clare and Bartlett.
  17. Re: BBC Coverage & Sam Hitchcott's Tattoo Why the BBC keep wanting to employ people who know nothing about racing to do the racing coverage I dont know also why is Fitzy doing Flat coverage? I think Clare is good and actually there are often over 100000 people at the Derby because its free in the centre of the course so what she said there wasnt really wrong.
  18. Re: Harry Findlay worried about sharing Scoop 6 bonus Like I say he sold most of his horses before the BHA stuff.
  19. Re: Female Racing Commentators I cant stand Tony Ennis but everyone has there own favourites, I know one person who really likes Lee McKenzie! I was more talking about the young commentators who arent on the list yet for example Gareth Topham is very good and in my view more than good enough to be on the list already but he is a 1.01 chance to be on it at some stage.
  20. Re: Female Racing Commentators There are some decent young commentators out there but they dont get a look in which is why I hope this female business is a one off because I can see someone getting a job as a token women. Thommo has no chance of getting kicked off the list anytime soon and hes not the only one not up to the job.
  21. Re: Harry Findlay worried about sharing Scoop 6 bonus Lets just say I think it says plenty that he had to sell his horses and he had a lot less even before the stuff with the BHA.
  22. Re: The Other Side Of The Fence Never be put off by the price, just because a horse is 5/4 doesnt mean that it isnt value. I focus on hunter chases and very often horses are priced up bigger than they should be and that includes odds on chances. Its the same thinking if you fancy something at a big price, if you think youve found something that other people have missed then go for it.
  23. Re: Harry Findlay worried about sharing Scoop 6 bonus To be fair I have heard it mentioned that he could do with the money.
  24. Re: Female Racing Commentators Ive been told about 15 have applied so far including a trainer and a broadcaster. If one is good enough then I havent got a problem with it but it annoys me that a female could be fast tracked just for the sake of it.
  25. Re: Jumps Racing ~ Friday May 27th As Ive mentioned Id be very careful about that Newbury form as he beat little that day. I wouldnt be certain he will stay and his jumping is a concern as well but certainly one of the possible winners my feeling though is theres a couple in the race better than him.