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  1. Just checked through my Betfair account and am a bit shocked to see that I am being charged 10% commission on a lot of Australian markets. Wendy on the helpdesk couldn't provide an explanation - can anyone here? Here's Wendy's version: You at 22:08, Jan 25: Hi, why did I pay 10% commission on some races overnight?Read Info at 22:09, Jan 25: We are currently dealing with high volumes of contact, one of our agents will be with you in a couple of minutes. Let us know how we can help. Info at 22:09, Jan 25: Wendy has received your message & will usually be with you within 2 minutes. Wendy at 22:11, Jan 25: Good evening Ian, Welcome to our messaging service. Checking into it, one moment please. You at 22:16, Jan 25: Hello?Read You at 22:16, Jan 25: Anyone there?Read You at 22:20, Jan 25: Wendy, are you there?Read Wendy at 22:22, Jan 25: Yes still here I've had a look into your last few bets, from my end it's showing 5% commission, can you provide me one bet id as an example so I'll be able to look into the reason of 10% commission please? You at 22:22, Jan 25: OK,Read You at 22:24, Jan 25: Bet XXXXXXXXX, £5 win, 50p commissionRead You at 22:24, Jan 25: This has been happening for a whileRead You at 22:25, Jan 25: XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX etcRead You at 22:27, Jan 25: bet XXXXXXXXXXX on 10th Jan etcRead Wendy at 22:29, Jan 25: Thanks for the bets. I'm checking into it bear with me for a moment please. You at 22:29, Jan 25: I can't find anywhere saying you charge 10% to UK customers (or any customers)Read You at 22:32, Jan 25: XXXXXXXXXXX on 5 Jan, 10.4% on XXXXXXXXXXX and others 1st JanRead Wendy at 22:35, Jan 25: The standard commission rate is 5%, however some markets may have different commission. I'm just checking on the markets. You at 22:39, Jan 25: "The 'Market Base Rate' (MBR) is the maximum commission rate you pay on a market and is determined by your country of residence."Read You at 22:40, Jan 25: https://support.betfair.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/412/c/483/Read You at 22:41, Jan 25: Max anywhere is 7%Read Wendy at 22:45, Jan 25: I'm afraid that commission rate was because it was an Australian Market. All the bets you have provided are on an Australian Market hence why the 10 % commission. In this case what I can do is run this by the management and see if there's anything we can do in relation as I'm afraid that Australian markets may have different commission rate, it would be available on the information centre when you access the bet (i). Bear with me a little longer please. You at 22:47, Jan 25: Your help says MBR is determined by country of residence, nothing about where events occur...Read You at 22:50, Jan 25: 10% is excessive imoRead You at 22:53, Jan 25: Other Australian markets have charged 6%?Read Wendy at 22:56, Jan 25: I've tried to access the markets to check on the % but I'm afraid it's not letting me access those specific markets. What I can do in this case is raise it over to our team to have these markets looked into thoroughly. From there I can get back to you with what happened in relation and what we can do about this to sort it out, if that's ok with you. You at 22:57, Jan 25: Sure. I'll check on the betting forums to see whether it has happened to others - someone will have an explanation.Delivered
  2. Hopefully someone managed to follow the instructions for the long list. If you did this is what you should have got: TimeTrackHorseBF11AMBFSPChangeRESULTP/L13:05:00ThurlesHe Is Top Class (IRE)8.2012.304.10WNo Bet(Odds)13:10:00Market RasenStormin Tom (IRE)5.705.50-0.20 LNo Bet (Steamer)13:30:00MusselburghMy Betty (IRE)6.8015.708.90LNo Bet(Odds)13:35:00ThurlesVic Approach (IRE)5.00N/R N/R13:35:00ThurlesOne Fine Morning5.506.000.50L0.9513:35:00ThurlesSpringbelle (IRE)8.807.73-1.07 LNo Bet (Steamer)14:05:00MusselburghSacred Square (GER)5.8013.507.70LNo Bet(Odds)14:10:00ThurlesBlazing West (IRE)2.441.94-0.50 WNo Bet (Steamer)14:10:00ThurlesHello Sweetie2.963.050.09L0.9514:10:00ThurlesCherry West (IRE)8.0012.704.70LNo Bet(Odds)14:15:00Market RasenMaster Neo (FR)3.553.45-0.10 LNo Bet (Steamer)14:15:00Market RasenMidnight Cataria6.207.000.80L0.9514:25:00TowcesterGreat Choice (IRE)4.203.80-0.40 LNo Bet (Steamer)14:35:00MusselburghSwing Hard (IRE)4.304.10-0.20 LNo Bet (Steamer)14:40:00ThurlesPerfect Woman (IRE)2.502.10-0.40 WNo Bet (Steamer)14:40:00ThurlesBoherna Lady (IRE)8.008.920.92L0.9514:55:00TowcesterMidnight Silver6.207.391.19L0.9515:05:00MusselburghAndhaar4.607.152.55L0.9515:05:00MusselburghCraigdancer (IRE)5.606.611.01L0.9515:05:00MusselburghSolway Prince6.004.90-1.10 LNo Bet (Steamer)15:20:00Market RasenLarkhall3.653.650.00L0.9515:20:00Market RasenMolko Jack (FR)6.003.45-2.55 LNo Bet (Steamer)15:30:00TowcesterXenophon6.006.910.91L0.9515:30:00TowcesterCombustible Kate (IRE)6.207.601.40L0.9515:40:00MusselburghAlta Rock (IRE)6.206.600.40L0.9515:45:00ThurlesOmega Springs (IRE)6.606.20-0.40 LNo Bet (Steamer)15:55:00Market RasenTemplate (IRE)4.4011.507.10WNo Bet(Odds)15:55:00Market RasenPinotage5.305.470.17L0.9515:55:00Market RasenSamoset8.607.10-1.50 LNo Bet (Steamer)16:05:00TowcesterAnne Of Brittany (FR)7.0011.004.00LNo Bet(Odds)16:35:00Chelmsford CityWilsons Ruby (IRE)2.963.700.74W-2.70 18:50:00Chelmsford CityHead Space (IRE)5.604.51-1.09 LNo Bet (Steamer)18:50:00Chelmsford CityGreyfriarschorista6.207.401.20L0.9519:20:00Chelmsford CitySeven Clans (IRE)6.806.68-0.12 LNo Bet (Steamer) Profit on Day 9.65
  3. Another disappointing day for the shorties: TimeTrackHorseBF11AMBFSPRESULTP/L14:10:00ThurlesBlazing West (IRE)2.441.94W-0.9414:15:00Market RasenMaster Neo (FR)3.553.45L0.9514:25:00TowcesterGreat Choice (IRE)4.203.80L0.9514:35:00MusselburghSwing Hard (IRE)4.304.10L0.9514:40:00ThurlesPerfect Woman (IRE)2.502.10W-1.115:05:00MusselburghAndhaar4.607.15LOutside Range15:20:00Market RasenLarkhall3.653.65L0.9515:55:00Market RasenTemplate (IRE)4.4011.50WOutside Range16:35:00Chelmsford CityWilsons Ruby (IRE)2.963.70W-2.70 Loss on Day: -0.94
  4. I don't suppose that this counts as reasoning but this one has popped up on a system I created a few years ago to identify overpriced outsiders, may be worth looking at if it steams just before the off: 2:55 Towcester Cosmic Diamond 26.0 William Hills
  5. Change of tack today. I am appending my long list below. Lay horses which have a BFSP above the 11am price shown but under 9.2. This has worked ridiculously well the last few days (29 winning lays from 30), but I don't know whether this is significant or just a blip. My standard selections are shown in bold.No bet over 5.0 as usual. EB TimeTrackHorseBF11AM13:05:00ThurlesHe Is Top Class (IRE)8.2013:10:00Market RasenStormin Tom (IRE)5.7013:30:00MusselburghMy Betty (IRE)6.8013:35:00ThurlesVic Approach (IRE)5.0013:35:00ThurlesOne Fine Morning5.5013:35:00ThurlesSpringbelle (IRE)8.8014:05:00MusselburghSacred Square (GER)5.8014:10:00ThurlesBlazing West (IRE)2.4414:10:00ThurlesHello Sweetie2.9614:10:00ThurlesCherry West (IRE)8.0014:15:00Market RasenMaster Neo (FR)3.5514:15:00Market RasenMidnight Cataria6.2014:25:00TowcesterGreat Choice (IRE)4.2014:35:00MusselburghSwing Hard (IRE)4.3014:40:00ThurlesPerfect Woman (IRE)2.5014:40:00ThurlesBoherna Lady (IRE)8.0014:55:00TowcesterMidnight Silver6.2015:05:00MusselburghAndhaar4.6015:05:00MusselburghCraigdancer (IRE)5.6015:05:00MusselburghSolway Prince6.0015:20:00Market RasenLarkhall3.6515:20:00Market RasenMolko Jack (FR)6.0015:30:00TowcesterXenophon6.0015:30:00TowcesterCombustible Kate (IRE)6.2015:40:00MusselburghAlta Rock (IRE)6.2015:45:00ThurlesOmega Springs (IRE)6.6015:55:00Market RasenTemplate (IRE)4.4015:55:00Market RasenPinotage5.3015:55:00Market RasenSamoset8.6016:05:00TowcesterAnne Of Brittany (FR)7.0016:35:00Chelmsford CityWilsons Ruby (IRE)2.9618:50:00Chelmsford CityHead Space (IRE)5.6018:50:00Chelmsford CityGreyfriarschorista6.2019:20:00Chelmsford CitySeven Clans (IRE)6.80
  6. LOL, It was at 2.31, and then it went to pieces: TimeTrackHorseBFSPResultP/L12:55:00FairyhouseRock On Fruity (IRE)3.39L0.9513:25:00FairyhouseTomcoole Lad (IRE)4.07L0.9513:35:00WarwickPure Poteen (IRE)4.7L0.9514:30:00FairyhouseCrown Of Gold (IRE)5.18LOutside Range14:40:00WarwickBallyalton (IRE)3.75L0.9515:10:00WarwickNet Work Rouge (FR)3.67W-2.6716:05:00FairyhouseMisdflight (IRE)2.6W-1.616:40:00KemptonDuchess Of Marmite (IRE)3.49W-2.4917:10:00KemptonQamarain (USA)N/R 18:40:00KemptonMansfield2.54L0.9520:10:00KemptonGrand Facile5.3LOutside Range Loss on Day: -2.01 Bank107.64
  7. I checked my long-list yesterday (under 9.0) and had 18 losers from 20 for 9 pts profit but I'm not really comfortable with the higher odds - two more winners would have put me in debt. Does anyone have a view on this they'd like to share? Todays selections: TimeTrackHorseBF1112:55:00FairyhouseRock On Fruity (IRE)2.613:25:00FairyhouseTomcoole Lad (IRE)3.213:35:00WarwickPure Poteen (IRE)4.814:30:00FairyhouseCrown Of Gold (IRE)3.614:40:00WarwickBallyalton (IRE)2.6815:10:00WarwickNet Work Rouge (FR)3.816:05:00FairyhouseMisdflight (IRE)3.316:40:00KemptonDuchess Of Marmite (IRE)4.617:10:00KemptonQamarain (USA)1.9918:40:00KemptonMansfield2.3820:10:00KemptonGrand Facile5.3
  8. 3.20 Chepstow Interesting racing just over the river from us in Chepstow today with quite a few making their seasonal debut. One who isn't is The Eaglehaslanded who won by a neck at Exeter last month. Should be thereabouts IF he gets round and there's the nub - his jumping isn't the best so I'm giving him a swerve. The Hobbs' horse, Sykes, also won last time out but can race a bit keen and hasn't performed on the soft going. There has been a LOT of rain overnight here which will probably affect the going, so I am going to select Tea Time Fred who is almost a stone lighter than most of the fancied horses and has won here on soft ground earlier in the year. You never know with first runs of the season, but the price is right. 3.20 Chepstow Tea Time Fred 17.0 Ladbrokes and elsewhere.
  9. Tuesday's results - I always get a winner TimeTrackHorseBFSPResultP/L12:40:00SouthwellSchottische4.25L0.9513:00:00RedcarJe Taime Encore4.50L0.9513:20:00ExeterWalking In The Air (IRE)2.98L0.9515:30:00RedcarDew Pond4.00L0.9515:40:00SouthwellYul Finegold (IRE)3.84W-2.8416:40:00WolverhamptonKelvin Hall4.60L0.95 Profit on day1.91 Bank 109.65
  10. Tuesday's Picks: TimeTrackHorseBF11am12:40:00SouthwellSchottische3.6513:00:00RedcarJe Taime Encore4.8013:20:00ExeterWalking In The Air (IRE)3.4515:30:00RedcarDew Pond3.1015:40:00SouthwellYul Finegold (IRE)4.4016:40:00WolverhamptonKelvin Hall5.0
  11. Redcar 1.30 Champagne Bob 4.5 William Hills Posting up now as I think this will shorten considerably tomorrow (already under 4.0 in some places). Won two similar races on soft ground and straight tracks at Leicester & Salisbury last month, both fairly comfortably running on. Turned out quickly, albeit under a penalty for last week's win, but should go close.
  12. TimeTrackHorseBFSPResultP/L13:40:00LudlowMinella Bliss (IRE)4.5W-3.5014:10:00LudlowHelium (FR)5.86WOutside Range14:30:00KemptonLow Key (IRE)6.46LOutside Range15:15:00LudlowMichigan Assassin (IRE)6.7LOutside Range15:30:00PlumptonKillabraher Cross (IRE)2.79L0.9515:40:00KemptonHatters River (IRE)5.4LOutside Range15:50:00LudlowMr Mafia (IRE)4.98L0.9516:10:00KemptonArty Campbell (IRE)2.33L0.95 Loss on Day -0.65
  13. Monday Selections: No Lay over 5.0 TimeTrackHorseBF11am13:40:00LudlowMinella Bliss (IRE)514:10:00LudlowHelium (FR)5.114:30:00KemptonLow Key (IRE)5.115:15:00LudlowMichigan Assassin (IRE)515:30:00PlumptonKillabraher Cross (IRE)3.115:40:00KemptonHatters River (IRE)6.215:50:00LudlowMr Mafia (IRE)3.9516:10:00KemptonArty Campbell (IRE)2.82
  14. Results for Sunday 1 November: TimeTrackHorseBFBFSPResultP/L13:00:00CarlisleVintage Clouds (IRE)3.33.46L0.9513:15:00HuntingdonA Little Bit Dusty2.582.42L0.9513:20:00CorkOkotoks (IRE)2.981.99W-0.9913:30:00CarlisleSouriyan (FR)4.34.75L0.9514:30:00CorkListen Here4.18.04LOutside Range16:35:00CorkPride Of The Braid (IRE)3.653.28L0.95 Profit on Day:2.81 Note: Okotoks was a big steamer Bank:108.39