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  1. Unfortunately not to be , I was on Silva as well at 2.3 but Lee messed up and lead me to a losing night could of been so different if he managed to sink that the rear naked choke in 2nd but Al was way more game than i expected. Will hopefully see you around for UFC 232 predictions
  2. Also have 4 Units on Rob Font to Beat Pettis @1.66 with Marathon Bet
  3. good to see someone else posting in this section different views are welcome @money44 I respectfully disagree Kevin Lee is the stronger fighter and better wrestler who will almost certainly weigh more when they enter the cage , I actually have a small wager on Kevin Lee outright in a parlay and also in rounds 1/2. Lee , Font & Oliveria all to win , 4 units @2.83 with Marathon Bet Lee win in Rds 1 or 2 , 2 Units @3.02 with Marathon Bet
  4. Preston (1) 2.00 Dusseldorf (1) 2.60 Caen (1) 2.50 10pts please
  5. Chelsea (1) 4.2 Middlesbrough (1) 1.7 Lazio (1) 1.44 10pts treble
  6. I used to feel that they was a big difference but given I virtually only play on Stars the fields in No Limit tourneys are still bigger than most of the series on other sites. Maybe the fields are softer if the promotion manages to get a few more casuals to see them as more than just a regular tourney , but the more I play the less I've become worried about if it's part of a series or not
  7. Unlucky ,sure your be back in a big spot soon
  8. Also notice it is still Top 100 players getting points according to the post on event details , I think that's good news for a team event
  9. Huddersfield (1) 2.37 Braintree (1) 3.1 Charlton (1) 2.1 10pts
  10. only game entered since the score last week and we pick up a small win in PLO8 $62,46 small but satisfying
  11. good luck in future freerolls , variance can be big in twisters / spin n goes but worth a shot if trying to spin something from nothing to get you started
  12. AFC Wimbledon (1) 2.5 Over 2.5 Brighton vs Leicester 2.2 Wrexham (1) 2.7 10pts
  13. Looks like a reasonable schedule , Hopefully I only end up playing PLO and Team Events
  14. I'm booked in all weekend , anyone seen any schedule for the side events ?
  15. Albania (1) 3.0 Leyton (1) 1.66 Sunderland (1) 1.61 10pt
  16. you paid the extra £20 for the one closest? , I stayed in the South Shore one last time only 20 minute walk in the fresh air so not too bad either way i'll probably stay Travelodge again this time
  17. Newcastle (1) 2.7 Barnsley (1) 1.33 Blackburn (1) 1.66 10pts treble thanks
  18. Leicester (2) 2.1 Brentford (1) 1.83 Flyde (1) 2.37 Treble 10 pts please
  19. Fulham (1) 2.8 Birmingham (1) 1.8 Barnsley (1) 1.55 10pts please
  20. Yeah I noticed this and we are probably the only reason they changed it because the structure has been top half of the field since this event start if my research is correct. So guess the plan is to make day 2 everyone I believe a comprise could of been a top 100 , I can definitely see some tanking and very short stacks folding there way to day 2 , creating a new issue that is potentially worse than a runaway winner , now teams that have just 2 players run up stacks for Day 2 will have a better chance to still be in with a shout , so while it keeps it exciting till end up often I think it relies a little less on team performance overall , just my IMO and looking to build a stack for FT either way.