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  1. A couple of bets have caught my eye so far , Alex Munoz (+200) His opponent has the better striking but if Munoz can take him to the ground then he will look incredible value as a 2/1 dog. Yana Kunitskaya (-190) I just think her higher level of experience will get her through this fight. Any bets @money44
  2. Man United (2) 2,2 Napoli (1) 1.53 10 points please
  3. Brentford (2) 1.83 Rio Ave (1) 1.52 Napoli (1) 1.52 8pts please
  4. Hello all , can someone in the home game please post a screen shot of the results tonight ? I'll try sort out leaderboard before Leg 3
  5. @glavintoby This was exactly why I was saying that we should not make a big deal of late reg because we do have members around here that have jobs that don't finish at the same time every day , and I would like people like you to still feel welcomed to play in the league. So I for one would welcome you still join the games where possible even if after 45 minutes and hope others accept that you would join on time if possible. Stay Safe people
  6. Cardiff (2) 2.45 Brighton (2) 2.35 Chelsea (1) 1.40 10pts please
  7. Unfortunately there is no option to run a Home Game with no late registration , the only reason i'd late reg is if rushing home from work or genuinely forgot about it being a Wednesday evening. Again I'd say any winning volume player that only joins for the added league prizes would still have a bigger edge registering at the beginning of our weekly game , and if they play a much higher ABI they are unlikely to be that interested in abusing our league. I do concede that in the interest of avoiding any disagreements we stick to trying to make sure we're all registered with the 1st 15 minutes , if everyone has 1 week in which they can still get league points despite late reg maybe this is fair but if it's every week we can ask them for an explanation in advance or potentially limit their points. Another option is possibly that if you enter and say is 14 entries already but 4 of them are already out you are not guaranteed 11th of the 15 but instead if you don't outlast anyone you actually get the zero points for 15th and the other 4 are bumped up a place , of course after they outlast 1 player they will gain points but they will not be guaranteed higher points ....... of course its possible they can likely fold to avoid this most the time but that will further deplete their EV and stack in the process.
  8. @ian309 At no point have I said this didn't apply to me , I was literally just stating my thoughts on the comments you brought up. With regards to your meme we disagree on the potential impact of late registration on the league and I raised my opinion on it , there is a difference between arguing and providing an opposing opinion to what you believe.
  9. My point is they didn't gain any monetary advantage by late reg being extended and by default didn't really gain advantage in the league due to it , I don't really want this to become toxic because like I previously stated this is supposed to be a friendly home game and not just about the added money. But policing when people enter to exclude them from the leaderboard seems unnecessary and against the friendly spirit I thought this league was set up for. When forum members play other MTTs online I suspect that most of you reg near the start and not wait till the end of late reg , if you gained advantage everyone would reg at the end of registration period. Yes this was a Stars decision and not a PL decision but maybe we could be a little more accepting of changes that are out of our control and only if there is clearly evidence we can adapt in future but complaining based on a sample size of 1 tourney really has no merit.
  10. Wishing a speedy recovery to Helen @avongirl As far as the league is concerned the other Admins are @Bart(UK) , @andybell666 (MVP) @teaulc , is it possible that one of you can take control of this ? Or I'm free to set up the Home Games if one of you makes me an admin on Stars.
  11. Honestly I don't think anyone is exploiting the anything in the Home Games , and personally I have no objections to anyone late regging are they likely to be guaranteed a minimum point score yes but if they register all 4 weeks at the 39 minute that you have pointed out as starting with 30BB , for 1 they will play only 1 or 2 hands before this becomes 20BB and also say a third of the field is out they start with 2/3s of the chips of the current average stack and likely 1/3 of the chips of the chipleader at that point. So be honest if you have to start every week at the same part of the registration what point of the tourney would you enter to give yourself the best possible chance of maximising your points to get a Top 3 position on the leaderboard , because I know my ROI is much better when I register with nearly a full average stack compared to already being at a chip advantage at the point of registration. Another point that I think actually helps the league not be exploited is the fact that is best 3 weeks our of 4 , and therefore it requires 3 pretty decent results which jumping in late won't help achieve. If 10 minutes was a courtesy , why would you not accept the same courtesy to someone that might not get home till 8.45pm am I abusing the nature of the Home Games if I jump in late because my job finished at 8pm and takes me 45minutes to get home. Not sure why you had 2 words highlighted in bold but think my points cover why I think that it's really not an issue we need to worry about as a forum and I would suggest that the focus is on maintaining a friendly environment for those that want to play , I understand that your posts are likely done with good intentions but you have in a way created the thought that this weeks late reggers done so in a way to create an advantage I don't know who the latest register was as I wasn't in the game but as far as I know all 3 cashers were regulars when the home games had 10 minutes so I would assume that is a high chance either they were busy or forgot about the game until that point.
  12. I didn't get involved last night , but @ian309 how do you think that late regging is an advantage ? I'd love to hear why you disagree with it for me the only time that late regging might be used to manipulate the league in your favour is the final week if you know that you only have to outlast certain people to get in the Top 3 , for any average week indeed this week being the first week I would say it's just a coincidence that the 2 late reggers both made the top 3 they gained no advantage to cashing the game if anything they're entering at a slight disadvantage assuming everyone is of equal EV
  13. Southampton (2) 2.75 Millwall (2) 2.80 Genoa (2) 2.40 10pts please
  14. Personally I think the structure worked quite well for the game as is intended , some of us will be happy to have a longer game that takes to midnight but for others 2 hours is a perfectly good compromise on a work night and maybe those who have kids that wake up early etc. I'm guessing this is the regular structure if we do 5000 stacks the game should still finish in about 3 hours if we want to extend the game a little bit. Also the 1 hour late reg shouldn't really impact the play too much in i'm happy for a late comer to reg late with 20 Bigs and in the unlikely event is an obvious infarction this can be dealt with but I trust that any regulars will keep to the fair spirit we expect from our community here. Either way hope see you all back at tables next month and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts
  15. Getafe (1) 1.75 Atalanta (1) 1.30 15pts Double please
  16. Robertson to win -110 I was already leaning with Robertson but this got to be a slam bet now in a pick em with how bad Casey looked at the weigh ins
  17. Rohskopf to win by Submission +210 This guy is a specialist in this aspect of the fight game and if he wins this is his key route
  18. interesting that you think Good is significantly stronger if their are grappling exchanges I expect Muhammad to have to better of this part of the fight , Good is more likely to get an early knockout but it won't be easy to get out Muhammad out of there and I expect Muhammad to have the better cardio by Round 3. That said no bet so far on this card. Will post up later or tomorrow my review
  19. Barcelona (2) 1.28 Werder Bremen (2) 2.20 10pts please
  20. bad beat entry based on the fact that it ruled me out from winning the league , wrong night to be card dead this was all in on the flop. Good Luck all on the Final Table
  21. RIP Paul , Only met you twice and unfortunately wasn't able to be at the meet up in Feb due to being out of the country. The first time we met was the 1st PL poker event I attended and even though I didn't know anyone you made every effort to make sure every member new and old had a good time. I hope the Punters Lounge continues in the good spirit and example that you lead by.
  22. I agree with Paul that you should be able to win the bounty Helen if you win the tournament. As for the idea of rotating the bounty and it being the previous week's winner this could become complicated for insistence when I go back to work I might only be free to play on one Wednesday evening a month , whereas Helen is consistently in the games. That said for this month it would probably work and I don't mind being the bounty next week Also while it does have some disadvantages to being the bounty it's not all negative , if your making good hands will be easier to chip up as people will risk it more for the bounty of course if not making hands is harder to bluff it just changes to dynamic.
  23. Fun game tonight 😉 Ian think your 71% fave preflop has already been beaten. Helen had her Aces cracked by my 76o preflop for the bounty run to continue got 2 bounties last month maybe i can get podium finish this time