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  1. Re: CONCACAF Gold Cup: 5-25 June San Marino were about 41.00, the Faroe's nowhere near that, Bounce. On Mexico myself. Have you had a look at Costa Rica's goals against Cuba? (y'can see 'em on Youtube). Cuba looked like a pub team, they really did.
  2. Re: International Friendlies > 7-9 June How can you provide a match report when you only saw fifteen minutes? :unsure
  3. Re: International Friendlies > 7-9 June Goal.com has this down as a 5-0 win for Brazil in their preview :loon and their predictions are usually quite decent. Also a lil bit further info: http://www.goal.com/en/match/59878/brazil-vs-romania/preview Think I'll probably do something I never do and get on this based on the strength of support on here for the home team.
  4. Re: Seeds for European zone qualifiers for WC 2014 Have Scotland gone up, or down in the rankings then? :lol
  5. Re: Seeds for European zone qualifiers for WC 2014 At least Scotland will avoid Albania :lol
  6. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers: 7-8 June Anybody have any thoughts on this? Azerbaijan AH + 4.5 @ 1.19 (Bet365) Germany CS 5-0 @ 12.00 (Victor) Basically, with the right stakes, providing Germany don't win 6-1, 7-2 or any other score with a five goal deficit, a profit is locked in. Same could probably be done with San Marino.
  7. Re: CONCACAF Gold Cup: 5-25 June Just checked the Jamaica squad, and I think there's two English-based guys. What the hell happened to the days of them pilfering half the Premiership?! Hoping to see a team loaded with Robbie Earl-type call ups :sad
  8. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers: 7-8 June You may be correct in that bet, but the problem for me is a side like Germany always has the potential to score several. Russia was a good example of that yesterday, beating the -1.5 out of nowhere. There's always the chance Azerbaijan could score too. Have you looked at Betfair for this bet, by the way, Mustafa? I find Betfair always have better odds than Bet365. Some other sites like Hills do to, on occasion.
  9. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Wins: Norway AH + 1.5 @ 1.80 Israel AH + 0.5 @ 1.50 Losses: Half-time/Full-time England @ 2.06 Montenegro @ 1.99 Iceland AH + 1.5 and half time/full time Slovakia @ 1.71 Half time/full time Slovakia @ 1.25 Winning margin Russia by one goal @ 3.50 Not sure what happened with Slovakia, but they must of done well to of waited until twenty-five from the end to open the scoring :eyes Apologies to anyone that followed. England was stupid, in hindsight, especially with no Young from the start.
  10. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Sorry, dudes, that's AH 0 :ok
  11. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June No time to do a decent write-up, but Israel AH + 0.5 @ 1.50 (Bet365) Latvia pretty average, lsoing at home 3-0 to Croatia and drawing 1-1 with Georgia. Israel having a good campaign and although missing Barda and Kayal, should still avoid defeat.
  12. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Norway AH + 1.5 @ 1.80 (Bet365) Gonna go back on my initial assessment of this one and back the group leaders. Portugal showing a massive improvement under new coach Bento, beating Denmark and Iceland 3-1, and spanking Spain 4-0 in a friendly. Even so, I think Norway may slow that momentum today. They've done well to get to the top of the group, and I think Olsen's organised outfit can surprise.
  13. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June A team like Slovakia doesn't have a bunch of absolute stars, but they have more than enough to see this bet through. In recent qualifiers they've put seven past San Marino, twice, and although Andorra aren't as bad as San Marino, they're not a million miles away.
  14. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Winning margin Russia by one goal @ 3.50 (Bet365) I agree with your angle on this, Mustafa, but am taking a slightly different bet. Russia probably will win, but it'll probably be a scrappy victory, and pretty tight.
  15. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June It's still a miscalculation. Ht/ft in this scenario is pretty much the same as betting on the outright result, which is 1.01 in most places. Highest is 1.03 at Betfair.
  16. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers: Friday 3 June Lay Belgium @ 2.30 Win Italy -1.5 AH @ 1.55 Win France @ 1.56 Loss Moldova + 2.0 @ 1.71 Loss Watched Italy 'til they scored, and they looked very good. Lucky with the penalty miss in Turkey, but still stand by what I said about the Belgians. France was silly, and they may as well of played with a fly goalie. At the same token, they haven't worked the Belarus keeper, which is poor. Moldova was fcuked by the early strikes :lol
  17. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers: Friday 3 June Still £55 up on the night ;)
  18. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Half time/full time Slovakia @ 1.25 (Bet365) Oddly, this is 1.07 on Betfair... Not gonna give any reasoning as I'm sure the mods appreciate it isn't necessary. Seems like Bet365 may of made a boo boo here.
  19. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Iceland AH + 1.5 and half time/full time Slovakia @ 1.71 (Bet365) Start by saying not gonna explain the Slovakia one, which hopefully will come through with little problems. Iceland haven't done too badly to this point, holding leaders Norway until fifteen from the end, beaten at the death in Denmark, a draw in Cyprus and defeat to Portugal. Against a Denmark outfit that has been a bit up and down so far, I quite like them to at worst suffer a one goal defeat.
  20. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Montenegro @ 1.99 (Betfair) Obviously the Montenegrins having a dream qualifying, and I see no reason for them to let up. They also have been boosted going in to this one by the returns of highly rated Fiorentina striker Jovetic, Drincic and Fatic, all of whom have been missing up to his point. The Bulgarians have a new coach in Lothar Matthaus, who thus far has overseen just the win over Wales, but Bulgaria are an average side, as English fans saw at Wembley, and I see no reason why Montengro can't repeat their earlier group victory.
  21. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 4 June Half-time/Full-time England @ 2.06 (Betfair) Fairly confident in our lads tomorrow. Very impressive start to the campaign was tainted by the unacceptable draw with the Montengrins, but the side bounced back with a very comfortable win against the Welsh. No Rooney, but I like a front three of in-form Villa pair Young and Bent, and either Milner or Walcott, backed up by a very solid looking first choice back five, and a midfield three of Parker, Lamps and Wilshire. The Swiss have got back on track a little, beating the Welsh and drawing in Bulgaria, but they still don't look particularly threatening. They're also having problems up front, with first choice pairing Frei and Strellar retiring since their last match. Darren Bent to score first and result: England @ 5.00 (Bet365) Bent in form for both club and country, and looking to make it four games scoring on the bounce. I think he has as good a chance as anyone to open the scoring.
  22. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers: Friday 3 June If you have the funds and they're highly likely to do it at 1.18, why not? Fairly straightforward £18, if you stuck £100 on it say. Or 10,000 units :tongue2 Clean sheet market is ''teams to score'' I think, and Italy and the win is 1.61 or so, I believe, mate.
  23. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers: Friday 3 June Lay Belgium @ 2.30 A few drumming up support for the Belgians, but I'm still not convinced by them. Their campaign was fairly average up until the last two games, when they won in Austria and beat Azerbaijan 4-1, but one swallow does not a summer make, for me anyway. No Sahin or Altintop for the Turks, and some dodgy comments from Hiddink about his future are concerns, but Turkey had a big win last time out against the Austrians, and I still think they'll continue that momentum. Italy -1.5 AH @ 1.55 (Bet365) As I mentioned earlier in the thread, Prandelli has got Italy playing again after the World Cup saga, and they're looking strong in this campaign, with the highpoint being a win in Slovenia. Estonia have been up and down, and can't be underestimated with the Italy and Serbia results, but aren't as sound defensively away as at home (they lost 7-0 at Bosnia in the last campaign) and I believe the Italian forward line can exploit that. France @ 1.56 (Betfair) Similar to Italy, France are also in the midst of a recovery. They haven't been spectacular, but are looking solid. I think the Bosnia result is a good gage for this one. Belarus, as we know, have a lot of injury problems, but would of struggled against such a talented side regardless.
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