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  1. Re: Ligue 1 > September 28-30 I don't tend to post my bets up on here, mainly for time reasons but since it was only French games I bets on today I thought I would list what I have: 1pt on Reims @1.70 with William Hill 2pts on Marseille @2.40 with Pinnacle 1pt on Lyon @2.14 with Pinnacle Fingers crossed!
  2. Re: Matched Betting Query... Great thanks. You know when you are right but I thought I better just run it past first.
  3. Hi folks, One of my other projects this season is to open up betting accounts with as many bookies as possible, giving me a range of odds to pick from when I bet using the free bets supplied by Matt and myself on Soccer System Builder. As part of this, it's been great milking all the free bets that are offered to new customers. I did however have a sill question and I wanted someone to ratify my thinking (or show me an alternative). My question is based around me using the excellent Match Betting calculator available at The question is also based on the Free Bet part and we can as
  4. Re: Andy's Draw System (SSB) Sadly work commitments have meant I've not found the time to improve the system further but based on my original system, these two bets have been highlighted for the weekend: DATEDIVISIONHOME TEAMAWAY TEAMODDS03/12/2011Scottish Premier LeagueKilmarnockAberdeen3.5003/12/2011Scottish Premier LeagueSt MirrenInverness C3.50 Again, not many draw bets being highlighted but keep an eye on these. I've noticed a fair few of the games that have been previously highlighted have finished under 2.5 goals. Lets see what happens here. Both bets are with Victor Chandler.
  5. Re: Andy's Draw System (SSB) And the first set of bets: DATE DIVISIONHOME TEAMAWAY TEAMODDSBOOKMAKEROUTCOMEP&L05/11/2011English League 1OldhamBury FC3.5Ladbrokes0-2-105/11/2011Scottish Premier LeagueSt MirrenHearts3.3Ladbrokes0-02.307/11/2011Scottish Premier LeagueSt JohnstoneAberdeen3.3Ladbrokes PostponedPostponed There are no bets highlighted for the next round of fixtures but that's hardly surprising since the main difficulty this system has is generating a large volume of bets. I'll keep you posted if anything changes. Andy
  6. Re: Andy's Draw System (SSB) So, while we wait for tomorrow nights glamour clash of St Johnstone v Aberdeen I thought I would do some digging around the "spikes" in the data. Interestingly enough, the 2006/2007 season highlighted that the were a large amount of qualifying bets within the French League 1, 68 in total. What was stranger still, is that without altering the criteria of my system, this turns out to be the ONLY season where there have been any qualifying bets from the French League 1. SSB helpfully shows the last 50 qualifying bets, and checking these the data is accurate. So wh
  7. Re: Andy's Draw System (SSB) Thanks! It's always nice to get off to a reasonable start, even if it was my own team that dropped points! I'm only going to be carrying out a paper trial with this system (as I am already betting using the SSB Free systems), however if it proves to be successful I might start putting some money behind it.
  8. Re: Andy's Draw System (SSB) I'll run the final figures on Monday night after the St Johnstone - Aberdeen but it was good to see that I called at least one right at 0-0....even if it was the Jambos :(
  9. Re: Experience with Soccer System Builder Very kind of you to day this mate. Matt has put a lot of hard work into this and it's great to see it paying off. It puts the tools at the fingertips of people who otherwise wouldn't be properly equipped to bet long term and make a profit. I've mentioned this a few times over the last few weeks and being involved with SSB I can't understand if people take my opinion with a pinch of salt. So seeing your comments here really hit the mark. Thank you. And I cannot emphasise enough, It took me MONTHS to develop in Excel/Access what I developed in an af
  10. I think you're right. It might be worth having a look and trying to pin point if there is a specific league or area that spikes or if it is the data from these years in general. I would think it would be a specific league but it would be worth validating that. The good thing so far is that this checking will hopefully make the model more successful as the results it's thrown up so far seem quite favourable? --- I am here:,-3.313506
  11. Re: Best Statistical Analysis software to use Is Matt paying you?? :D kidding...glad to see that someone out there is getting good use of it, well done man!
  12. Another cracking point and one that didn't pass me by. I actually thought the spike was due to more leagues coming online during those seasons but like you I thought it was odd that the volume then dropped? I wasn't going to run analysis on those two seasons individually as I didn't want seeing that to influence my criteria (was worried I would inadvertently cherry pick data based on what I found). I think perhaps it's worth checking? I had initially thought it was due simply to there being more games in this two year period that met my criteria. The only example I can think of is that I'm a