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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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  1. Re: Tennis (11-17 October) laying both rafa and fed 2-0 with betfair. GL:hope
  2. Re: Tennis 4-10/october well, that's 1 right so far. Well done NOLE!:cheers That's 2 titles defended in the same year :clap .......LETS GO WOZ!!!
  3. Re: Tennis 4-10/october is woz and djoko will win their respective matches, GL to all :)
  4. Re: Tennis 4-10/october woz's match 2-0, i think she is in great form. beat ana in 2, no reason why she cant beat peer in 2.;)
  5. Re: Tennis 4-10/october well i bet on Na Li yesterday and today, made a nice profit. Yeah today a few problems were evident (tie breaker in the 1 set) etc. but overall happy with the win :).
  6. Re: Tennis 4-10/october im going for a na li win! h2h only
  7. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October well that was crappy input by me, sorry guys, hope NO ONE followed me.
  8. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October live tips: nieminen to win, golubez to win just thought i'd add some input
  9. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October am i right in saying that rafa should win the semi today?
  10. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October im going to play it safe again to day with outright wins for soderling @1.08, verdasco@1.3, wozniacki@1.27 and i'll probably have a nibble too at the Nadal U19 games. although davvy "safe" win wasn't so so safe :sadbut the rest of my day was :clap:nana
  11. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October Okay, right. Well, i can only hope that the government changes the law sometime (soon) hopefully.
  12. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October b10111, that is a fair thing to say. i agree also with you. i don't gamble a lot, but when i do, i do it for fun ;) i reckon that: davvy will beat andreev gulbis will beat schuettler too. in terms of strength of bet, i'd say that davvy's is stronger, (cause i staked more on him).
  13. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October do any of you here have access to live-online betting? i wish i did but in Australia we don't get it here because of the law etc. do you use it? does it help in covering bets and stuff? i know this is sort of off topic
  14. Re: Tennis - 27 September - 3 October yeah, totally agree with you, i took him for an outright though, you never know, it might be a tight one though. i'm just being on the safe side.
  15. Re: Tennis - 13-19 September if that's true then berdych should beat troicki and set up a final with france. serbia have done very well to reach the semis. but if djokovic is playing then i reckon djoko and tipsy will win, tipsy on fire after the singles rubber win and djoko with his match time should be enough to get used to the court. also janko probs told djokovic some things about berdychs game. don't quote me on that though :P EDIT: just heard on the radio that Djokovic is playing against Berdych.
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