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  1. Division 1 - Week 5 Selections

    Huddersfield @ 4.50 Arsenal @1.40 Juventus @ 1.20 £10 Treble
  2. Division 1 - Week 3 Selections

    Liverpool vs Arsenal 1.50 - BTTS Chelsea vs Everton 8.00 - 2 15 pts double thanks
  3. Div 1 - Week 1 Selections

    Newcastle - Tottenham BTTS YES 1.73 Brighton - Manchester City OVER 2.5 1.62 Double Stake 50 pts
  4. Not sure but try this code;

    Code: 994281-260846

    1. sniperthebest



      You are talking about the fantasy league, right?




  5. The sign ups are still available for this?
  6. Meridianbet complaint

    I had this complaint against Meridianbet... ------------------------------------------------------------ On 6th September 2015, 19h58 GMT+1, I made a bet on Croatia to win (moneyline) the basketball game between Croatia and Greece for the Eurobasket competition, 200 EUR at the odds of 2.45. At the second half of the game, I wanted to do some arbitrage, consequently I selected the bet Greece to win (moneyline) and submit the bet in the bet slip more than a dozen times, from 21h00 GMT+1 to 21h40 GMT+1 and the ticket it was rejected, systematically, with no reason, because the odds were steady, there were no odds oscillations during the submission, in a large number of bet submissions – because it was timeout time or other times because there was long attacks without Fgs or Fts. Besides the odds oscillations could not be the reason to systematically block the client´s bet on Greece ML because when that happens the client receive a notification that the odds changed and several times the client had only received the warning it was rejected and this happens over and over from 21h00 GMT+1 to 21h40 GMT+1. I had submitted systematically bets on Greece to win (moneyline): 120 euros at odds of 3.50, 4.00; 90 euros at odds of 4.00, 4.50, 5.00; 80 euros at odds 6.00, 70 euros at odds 7.00 and só on. Before that game I had made arbitrage no problem and in my opinion Meridianbet.com deliberately wanted to prevent the client to earn even more money at Meridianbet.com – with that bet the clients profit it would rise to more 1100 euros and that was the reason why Meridianbet rejected the clients bet submission systematically until the end of the game - more than a dozen times, an odd and unusual situation based on my more than 10 years betting experience - preventing the client to earn even more money. The bottom line is Meridianbet artificially rejected bets based not on a sport event but based on the will to avoid the client to earn more money at the Meridianbet.com and that was a clear violation of the legal application of rules of transparency and Meridianbet artificially boycotted and blocked the bet of the clients in order to manipulate the betting outcome of the client. ---------------------------- Meridianbet replied me with "Your bet is not accepted in accordance with the conditions described in our Rule Book: 3.3 Meridianbet reserves the right to refuse any bet or part of a bet without giving a reason at any time." ---------------------------------------- Is the 3.3 rule a silver bullet or I have any chance presenting this to the regulator (MGA) and Sportsbookreview?
  7. Safe betting

    Can I bet with in the same basketball event that team A will win and that team B will win, with the same bookie without having problems or the bookmaker can suspend my account because that?
  8. Re: Punters Lounge "Paddy Power Last Man Standing Comp" - Win £500 - PL Exclusive! "Done. :ok 12 mins left. ;)" --------------- well i am out! At 12.34 it was already unavailable... why you keep the thins so complicated? why you schedule the dealine much earlier then the kick off? Why you didnt post the code on forum, like somebody else? A prize of 500 euros to a competition of 30/40 people max it was not, properly, a marketing sucess...
  9. Re: Punters Lounge "Paddy Power Last Man Standing Comp" - Win £500 - PL Exclusive! Can u send me the code paul
  10. Re: Punters Lounge "Paddy Power Last Man Standing Comp" - Win £500 - PL Exclusive! Code pleasecode