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  1. Turkish Super Lig > 2016/17

    KAYSERİSPOR-GAZİANTEPSPOR : This is the most guarantee match at this weekend. From the beginning of the second half of the league, Kayserispor is rising their form.Their coach,Sergen Yalçın was one of biggest footballer of Turkey. He made 8 new transfer in the half and these 8 new players d been played in all the games from the half. In those games the team played against the three biggest team of the league which are Beşiktaş-the leader-,Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe. They beat Galatasaray and Fener,against Beşiktaş they got a draw at away. I dont think that Gaziantep could be a conterder against Kayserispor. @1.85 home wins(5/5) Guaranteed Bet...Do not miss...
  2. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 FENERBAHÇE-GALATASARAY Big derby day...Two biggest team will be on the field after 40 minutes. Each team 11 has been cleared... Fenerbahçe: Volkan-Gökhan,Alves,Egemen,Caner-Emre,Mehmet,Christian-Sow,Webo,Kuyt.. Galatasaray: Eray, Eboue, Semih, Chedjou, Dany, Melo, Selçuk, Ceyhun, Bruma, Burak, Drogba I have some words to say about the game.First Galatasaray;as most of you know that Mancini had became to be coach of Galatasaray just few weeks ago.Yes I agree he is one of most popular coach of Europe,but he needs time to get know the team.It is not easy to get the team in moowho ever you are in a new company.Galatasaray had very spectecular games before the season started.They got the Emirates Cup.They defeated Fenerbahçe in Super Cup butwhen the season had strarted something happened to them.They couldn't get good scores in the weeks.They had a row without a win in 3 games until they defeat Beşiktaş in an eventfull game.The reason of this unsuccesful starting was the bad realitionship between the president of the clup and the last coach Fatih Terim.The president After few weeks the president had fired Fatih Terim,this was an unexpected event.The supporters were disappointed and so the players.After this event team could not get boomed.And now team is not playing well.They have big problems in defence.They conceded in many of the games.The forms of the skilled player such as Selçuk,Burak,Melo,Semih is very poor.The midfielders Selçuk,Melo are so bad.They could not show a positive effect in the previous games.Burak is away from the form of last season.He could not score in many of the games.And todays' big problem is they will be without by Sneijder and Muslera.Without Muslera they will have problems in their goals.He saved the team in so many games before.And tonight they need so luck against to the Fenerbahçe's wild forvets Sow ,Webo...Yes they have Drogba -the god of the goals-but even Drogba cant do anything..because the midfield is not good enough to support him.Neighter Selçuk nor Melo can give him effective passes with in these forms. Not so much to say about Fenerbahçe.They are in good form.And they have not been dfeated by their rival since 1999 in their home. Fenerbahçe @ 2,08 8/10 Bets10 Fenerbahçe-1 @ 3,40 6/10 Bets10
  3. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 Half time score 3-0 Kasımpaşa...One more goal to get triple win...
  4. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 KASIMPAŞA - GAZİANTEP Kasımpaşa is realy a good team. They have many skilled players such as Ryan Babel,Tabare Viduez,Ryan Donk,Oscar Scarione,Andre De Castro,Adem Büyük and Andreas Isaksson.All of them will be on the field today.Kasımpaşa has a tactical that based on attacking football.They can score easily, no scoring problem.Played 10 matches in the league and 8 of them finished 2,5 over.At home only one of the 5 matches had finished under 2.5 which they lost against Eskişehir 0-2.In the rest of the 4 games they scored 2 goals and more.Kasımpaşa is focused on to this match.They played Turkish Cup qualification match against a second division team last wednesday and eleminated.This was not a suprised for me because they want to finish the league in such a position that they can go to the CL.For this reason they are exactly focus in the league and cup games are not important for them.Playing at home always give an advantage and Kasımpaşa has played perfect at home.Babel,Scarione,Castro,Viduez and Adem are very skilled players and during the game they easily get the score by making extraordinary move.. Gaziantep is not in a good position,they have many problems that couldn't be solved since the beggining of the season.Because of the financial problems they couldn't made good and direct transfers.They started the season poorly and after 4 weeks when the last day of transfer season came they bought 6 players who were not which the coach Bülent Uygun wanted.The team not exactly shaped.Many problems continue after the defeat of Sivas at home neil to 4,the supporters cried the management to resign.The team's morale is very poor.Today they want to take points from Kasımpaşa but ıt won't be easy for them.Their defence is not strong enough so that they conceded 21 goals after 10 games. Today i'm expacting kasımpaşa's win.And will see number of goals in the match.2.5 over 1,72@ bet365 not bad... Kasımpaşa -1 1,92@ 6/10 bet365 2,5 over 1,72@ 8/10 bet365 3 over 2,20@ 5/10 bet365
  5. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 ESKİŞEHİR WİN 2-0
  6. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 Eskişehir is one of the tough teams of the Turkish League.they have skilled players in the midfield like Erkan Zengin,Erman Kılıç,Andreas Jorquera.It is very hard to beat them at home.Their supporters can take part to push the team during the games and this fact can effect negatively on the away teams.Team defence is most important thing for the coah Ertuğrul Sağlam.And this is the reason of why they are the least number of goal conceded.The only problem of Eskişehir is;not having a skilled striker...Forvets; Kamara( 2 goals 9 matches), Bienvenu( 1 goal 5 matches) are not good strikers.Midfielders like Jorguera and N'Diaye had scored more than forvets. Because of the forvets when Eskişehir had played against defensive team,they could have problems to score easily. Akhisar is such a team which pferefers to play defensive at aways matches.They could not scored yet in 5 games at away.They play contra attack and their forvets are compatible for this tactical,very quick,very fast..but not enough skilled...Tonight,probably Eskişehir will win the game but ı have question marks on my mind because of Akhisar is a very tight defensive team at away and Eskişehir is not a team that can score easily to finish the match earlier.So the best bet is under 2.5 goals at 1.73@Bet365 for me ... Eskişehir win 1,61@ 3/10 under 2,5 1,73@ 6/10
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League > 17th - 18th August Zenit is the formest team in Russia and their attack force is better than French team.In last 5 league matches Zenit had scored at least 2 goals until their last match against D. Moscow.I think that Russian team will score at least 2 goals.Odds for Home 1.5 over is value enough.... Home over 1.5 @ 2.oo Sportingbet