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  1. Re: Tennis: 6th February to 12th February ARGENTINA to beat GERMANY and SWITZERLAND to beat USA (1.81 at BWIN) (9/10) I´ve been thinking about this one a lot and IMO it deserves a BIG STAKE. In first place, i dont understand why Germany choose clay to play Argentina. No german is a clay courter player and Monaco, Chela or Nalbandian feel really good in this surface. Argentinian doubles has grown a lot since Schwank is playing with Nalbandian so the south americans are clear favourites to me. As if this wasn´t enough, Kohly wont be playing so i cant see Germany winning. Since Argentina got back to the World Group, never lost in 1st round. Then we have Federer and Wawrinka playing in clay vs. Isner and Fish. This might have been tough in any other surface but not in clay. Federer will easily win 2 singles and i expect Stanislas to do the same. In fact, one of the Bryan bros wont be playing so even the doubles is not an easy point for the americans. GL!
  2. Re: Tennis 09-16 October F. Mayer to beat F. Lopez @pinnacle 1.80 (6/10) Have to go with the german in this match. He defeated very strong players such as Nalbandian and Nadal in straight sets and is playing the best tennis he can show. I know Mayer is capable of playing the best tennis of his life and the next day he might look like the worst tennis player but that won´t happen IMO. First cause this is a chance to go deep into a very important event facing an accesible opponent (a M1000/ F. Lopez) and second because he is playing very focused last couple of days. On the other hand, Lopez is as irregular as Mayer can be, but being both players in good form, i see the german taking the match. The only way i can see the spaniard winning is playing his best tennis while Mayer being in a bad day. Hope that doesn´t happen. :hope
  3. Re: Tennis - 3-9 October LOSS Never expected Anderson to be broken 3 times... maybe one but not that much. However he managed to win in straight sets but he has turned on my alarm... Maybe just a bad day on serve.. we will see...
  4. Re: Tennis - 3-9 October (7/10) Kevin Anderson vs Albert Montañes U. 21.5 @pinnacle 1.917 I got to take this one at high stakes. Anderson is one of the players that has improved a lot lately and is having his best year defeating strong players in fast surfaced. On the other hand montañes is not getting any results at all, not even in his favourite surface, the red brick. He was lucky he faced poor Capdeville and managed to get a win but Kevin is definately a class above the chilean or the spaniard in this type of surface. I would be pretty dissapointed if this one did´t came trough as 6/4 6/4 or even 6/3 7/5 are winner results :hope
  5. Re: Tennis - 9-15 May Monaco to beat Berdych (2/10) @pinnacle at 4.05 As an argentinian, i have followed Monaco all year and have been quiet dissapointed. He has not shown anything at all this season and this tournament i think is a good opportunity to do so. Monaco´s favourite tournament is Roland Garros and he will want to get a couple of matches here before the big date. I know he lost to Berdych last week but i think 2 things have to be considered here. 1) this surface is much slowlier than Madrid´s so and this obviously plays in Monaco´s favour. The czech´s serve will do less damage, and he is not the kind of player that moves smoothly around the court. 2) at this odds, i´m happy to back Monaco, who plays in his best surface, against Berdich´s worst surface. IMO the argentinian hast at least 30% chance of winning so i see value here. GL to everyone! :hope
  6. Re: Tennis - 11-17 April Followerd on Melzer, nice work guys might be off topic but does anyone know what is happening with pinnacle?
  7. Re: Tennis - April 4-10 Zeballos to beat Isner (4/10) 2.12 @pinnacle I can´t see Isner as a favourite in this match. He is not having the season he expected and i don´t think he can discover his best game playing on clay. He is not as tough as he used to be last season and this first matches on clay i think he will be very vulnerable. Zeballos on the other hand is a very irregular player but has played a lot in clay and can adapt his game to this surface much easier than the big american. No big stakes as the argentinian is very irregular but definately worthy a try at this odds. :hope
  8. Re: Tennis - 21 March - April 4 I might take the following bet but i would like to hear how do you see it guys... any thoughts on Andersson +6 handicap?
  9. Re: Tennis - 14-20 February WIN LOSS Wawrinka did the job against a Monaco that never played his best yet this season Cuevas really dissapointed me, he served 7-6 5-4 after loosing 3bk to go 5-2 in the second set and still lost that set and the match... small profit, won´t back cuevas again for a bit...
  10. Re: Tennis - 14-20 February Wawrinka (-2.5) vs Monaco (5/10) 1.93 @pinnacle Here i´m mainly opposing Monaco. He is not the solid player he used to be in clay last season (even in clay). In this tournament he had 2 wins in straight sets but to very inferior players, and in both he needed a tiebreak to get through (in last match his opponent served for first set) He is having a lot o problems in his service games and Stan will punish him for that. Wakrinka played last night a very good match against Hanescu. They both player really well and if he continues in that direction, i have no doubt that Stan is gonig to win the match. I´m taking the handicap cause the line seems ok according to the price we are getting. Cuevas (-2) vs Acasuso (4/10) 1.901 @pinnacle Here i´m with Cuevas cause i´m opposing Acasuso. The argentinian has not been in the atp level in a while. He got lucky cause Dolgopolov was terrible. Can´t say he throw the match but played it like he had no interest in it at all. On the other hand Cuevas is a solid clay player and IMO will be able to punish Acasuso´s lack of rythm agaist atp level players. He might be tired fisically and emotionally after his "great win" against the dog and that might play against him today. :hope
  11. Re: Tennis - 14-20 February Wawrinka vs Berlocq U20.5 @pinnacle 1.885 (6/10) There is no doubt at all that the swiss player is a step ahead in every single stroke against Berlocq. He is a player that usually goes deep into tournaments while the argentinian is more of a challenger player. The only doubt is the adaptation to the surface but Stan has has proven that he can really play in this surface. However he is playing with great confidence and i can´t see Berlocq hurting him. He comes here as one of the solid favourites to win the COPA CLARO (more than ever after Ferrer´s withdrew) and i see here a solid start for "Stan the Man". :hope
  12. Re: Tennis - 14-20 February Haase (-2) vs Seppi @pinnacle 1.926 (5/10) What i´ve seen from Haase these year has really impressed me. He is a more consistant player than he used to and played a pretty decent AO. He has a terrific serve and solid groundstrokes that can definately put Seppi in problems. The italian had a lot of problems defeating Clement in 1st round of the AO and lost ins straight sets to a not in form Tsonga The dutch man has the advantage in this surface and the line is low so i´m taking it. :hope
  13. Re: Tennis - February 7-13 Anyone taking the handicap on Istomin? I´ve seen him play and IMO he is very talented and way better player than Rusell but for some reason sometimes he has trouble beating this kind of average players...
  14. Re: Tennis - February 7-13 WIN Machado just lost 3 games and covered the handicap easily! hope someone followed!
  15. Re: Tennis - February 7-13 Machado (-2) vs Volandri (4/10) @pinnacle 2.1 This is basically a bet against Volandri. There is no doubt about that his best years are gone and now he is more a challenger player than an atp player. I think the line is so shor cause he made it pass Hanescu in first round, but everyone here knows the romanian´s reputation so i´m not going to explain how he is capable of throwing matches. Pippo is not moving in the court as he used to and he can´t serve at all so every game he does not get free points at all. As a parameter, Machado took last week a set from Belluchi, to whom Volandri lost 2/6 2/6. The H2H between these players also shows a win for Machado. :hope