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  1. Thank you for sorting this out, excuse me for not properly communicating this matter here, please.
  2. Guys, I don't have paypal, would it be possible to send it to someone else, for example Bart and then he would transfer to me on stars, or skrill? Or directly to me using these?
  3. Hey, I only provided the main idea, feel free to work with it, we have many tournament specialists in here, it could be a funny thing.
  4. Congrats to Helen and other cashers! I am pretty surprised I cashed too, that's cool If possible, I would prefer Pokerstars transfer, thanks.
  5. Thank you Helen, glad to be back Its nice to have some luck and win something for a change. And thanks PL for another nice league.
  6. Re: PL Variant League 7 - starts 2nd June Oh thank you all, I was so lucky, had no idea this is the last week. Yes, Bags could have just played a bit more safely, may be it was enough if Vitor would be out first, so he saved me by surviving? It's a really good feeling to win something for a change, even if there is no extra prize just a forum trophy :)
  7. Re: New €2k added Boyle Blog League. Starts 10th July LOL this made my day :lol Lost the HU despite being 2:1, carddead and not quite the optimal HU play, but all fine, I was shortest stack when FT started :)
  8. Re: PL Variant League 7 - starts 2nd June GG everybody, enjoyed the game, was lucky one more time but really not aiming for defending the title yet, lol.
  9. Re: PL PokerStars Variant League 6.14 Thanks everyone, really enjoyed the league and the win :D Looking forward to next season, pretty sure it's almost impossible to repeat this result, but I will fight as usually I guess :p
  10. Re: PL PokerStars Variant League 6.14 PLH/PLO 21/4/14 Thanks, now I wish my luck in important tournaments gets inspired by this :) But of course registered also for the final leg next monday.
  11. Re: PL PokerStars Variant League 6.14 PLH/PLO 21/4/14 Thanks, that was a very exciting game, such fight on shortstack all the time, surviving like a real cat and then even managed to win it :) I know I have a lead but it can be still messed up, it will be tough in last 2 rounds to hold the position I guess.
  12. Re: PL PokerStars Variant League 6 leg 5 - Stud Hi/Lo - Feb 17 Thanks, always a pleasure to win a tournament for a change :D
  13. Re: Tourneys on iPoker skins For me the best ipoker is paddy, coral has some good exclusives at times, william hill too but I run so bad there and their special series after they switched to rebuys is nothing for me either. And don't forget everest and clones (expekt, betclic) - there are good exclusive freerolls there, but somehow for me the everest client is currently super laggy in cash game, even when I turned off all sites I couldnt play cash... But good that I am writing this, I just got an idea I can try the same instead of everest on the other clones. And of course many other skins have special promos or tournaments at times.
  14. Re: Pokerheaven/Heavenbet 500 euro freerolls Congrats mate, may be next week I try as well ;)