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  1. Re: Wimbledon 2014 Hi all, just looking for some advice have placed a Wager on Kerber Tournament outright $25 @ $56s . Do you see her winning , or think i should place a bet on bouchard or other opponents down the road. Cheers
  2. Id like to start the week of with what i see as excellent value. 9/10 Roddy White under 64.5 receiving yards White has been banged up nearly all year and has really struggled to have the same success as last year. He has 7 starts this year with his highest receiving yards total 40. Additionally he hasnt caught more than 4 balls in a game. Against a saints defense which completed haulted kapernick and his slot receivers , a saints d that ranks 3rd in pass defense only giving up 191ypg im happy to take an under line for Roddy here.
  3. Re: NFL: Week 7 picks R. mendenhall under 47.5 rush yards 9/10 Mendenhall has failed to reach this figure in the last 3 outings for the cardinals. Coming into this week coach has lashed out at him and the way he trains after his costly 2 fumbles against the 49ers. Andre Ellington has been more productive anyway with YPC and will get the nod ahead starting infront of mendenhall. The other factor is , cards are playing a very stout defense in Seattle who didn't give up 47 yards to Gore/MJDrew or Chris Johnson who are much better backs than Mendenhall.Good luck
  4. Re: NFL: Week 6 picks Denver Broncos over 38.5 points @ $1.92 8/10 This IMO is a no brainer, the broncos have racked up 49, 41 37, 52, 51 in the first 5 weeks of the nfl season. Their offense is on target to be the first team to score 600 points in a season and their on target to break 700. Moreno has vastly improved as a running back a good tough runner, while broncos currently have 4 receivers all currently on target for 1000+ receiving yard games. Ive seen alot of nfl in my time and this is hands down the best offense ive ever witnessed, i think it would be somewhat of a minor miracle by the jaguars (the worst team in the league by miles) if they were restricted to under 38.5. FYI has this line at 40.5 and $1.60 for overs
  5. Re: US Open 2012 Live Score Thread murray will be almost impossible to beat if he continues to play like that, cleanest tennis match ive seen from pretty much anyone in recent years..
  6. Re: US Open 2012 Fishy watched the whole game mate.. just letting you know Isner really struggled in the heat, dont know what his training regiments are like but after he won the third set, was really sweating profusely and struggled to even stay in rallies, just too many lazy unforced errors purely from fatigue!
  7. Re: Sri Lanka vs England - Test Series Kevshat in heed of what you have just said.. would you take Player Performance under 130 for graeme swann? hes not likely to do a whole lot with the bat, and the seamers should be able to skittle sri lanka..
  8. Re: Brownlow 2011 sometimes i really wonder if people watch football in here..:unsure TO compare judd and swans years last year , collingwood lost 3-4games for the season and swan was dominant in nearly all.. and carlton missed the 8.. if i recall. It was just the game where pies annihalated carlton by 10goals.. judd was horrific in the first quarter and got 3 votes, that shows the joke that the umpires are. brownlow is a absolute fix and a joke. in saying that Judd will win by about 20votes this year if he won it last year, where being a biased collingwood supporter here and watching all games closely swan was dominant in all our wins.. and this cheap possession crap.. swan is one of the hardest gut runners the game has seen .
  9. Re: Tennis - Wimbledon Welcome CRonaldo:ok good luck with your bets mate, pretty solid previews heres hoping for a good start:)
  10. Re: Tennis - Wimbledon Murray vs Gimeno-Traver under 27.5 games $1.72 10/10 Fishy has summed this up perfectly, murray seems fully recovered after that ankle scare couple of weeks back. Andy had a terrific Queens, served outstanding was taking the ball on the rise (which is the barometer for murray) and really getting looks in on serve due to his aggresive nature. I can see murray blitz this one with a couple breaks in each set due to Gimeno Travers lack of experience on the faster courts as a typical clay courter. Looking back last year Murray started shaky but overcame Hajek 7-5 6-1 6-2, round 2 Nieminen 6-3 6-4 6-2 and Simon round3 6-1 6-4 6-4 all stronger players than Traver on the grass it wasnt until round 4 when murray didnt clear this 27game Total line. The first few rounds are pivotal to waste as little energy as humanely possible and i just see murray tearing down Traver with the new coach making him a bigger force to be reckoned with:ok
  11. Re: Tennis - The French Open Anyone else here think murray and feds odds are both a fair way too high? After all they are the 3rd and 4th best in the world:lol Fed imo has looked the strongest out of anyone this tournament, and rafa looked awful vulnerable against soda last night, his consistency was just missing. Seems like a small play on both wouldnt be a bad idea?
  12. Re: Tennis - The French Open god watching wawrinka play fed is always a letdown its like fed is the king and he just bows down to him before play, just awful:(