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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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  1. Re: October 20 - October 26 If I'm not mistaken that was 3 out of 3 today....unfortunately I wasn't able to follow any of the tips, but hats off. Jarlskog made a mockery of her 2/1 with a double bagel!
  2. Re: October 6 - October 12 What a great call with Cengiz, Shambata....thanks mate...respect!
  3. Re: Shanghai Masters 16-22 Sept Followed your advice on both of those.....many thanks! Sorry....trying to delete this repetition but it's proving beyond my rudimentary IT skills
  4. Re: Shanghai Masters 16-22 Sept Followed your advice on both Robertson and Mavis there Kevshat......many thanks!
  5. Re: US Open 2013 Great call on Evans...only wish I'd had the balls to follow it up!
  6. Re: June 17 - June 23 Damn.....missed it............good call.....GOOD PRICE.......on Malisse!
  7. Re: US Open 13-16 Jun Indeed.......and this wasn't bad either ........further congrats to Kevshat! 2pts J.Day Top Australian Player 13/5 Paddy Power Jason Day was right in the mix at Augusta before losing it over the final few holes but he should go well again this weekend. It is no surprise the last time the US Open was played on a soft course, Day was second to McIlroy. I say that before Day has a very high ball flight so the SPIN he should get on these soft greens should be very helpful. As long as he can put the ball in play from the tee I expect Jason Day to be in the mix again this weekend and with that he can be the Top Aussie.
  8. Re: French Open 2013 Sorry for being tired and lazy and offering no analysis just now, but can anyone really doubt the value of a Nadal/Williams championship-winning double at a tasty 2.45 or thereabouts on the eve of the semis?
  9. Re: French Open 2013 Interesting, thanks for that input. Still tempted, but perhaps not the entire mortgage!
  10. Re: French Open 2013 Hi guys. Quick consultation (possible tip?) regarding Djokovic-Haas game today. Looking at the most aces served market, and my local (Spanish!) bookies have priced Nole 1.6 and Tommy 2.15. So far, in 13 sets, Djokovic has hit 10 aces (average 0.77 per set). Haas, in 14 sets, has managed 34 (average 2.42). Sure, Nole's the best returner of serve in tennis, but I don't know if that fact really translates into him actually being on the receiving end of far fewer aces.....I don't seem able to dig up that stat. As for RG 2013 thus far, in 4 matches, Djoko has received 12 aces (average 0.92 per set) Now, Haas has seen 33 fly past him, BUT.....27 of those were served by Isner! If we discount that 'anomaly', Haas's average reception of aces is 0.67 per set, superior, as it were, to Nole's. Conclusion: I have a fair degree of confidence in Haas's capacity to serve up more aces than his opponent, so 2.15 or similar looks like a tempting price. What do you reckon?
  11. Re: World Championship 20 Apr - 6 May You beat me to it! 8-8. My money's on Murphy and I hope he pulls his finger out, but I was wondering how our knowledgeable friend would prefer his words: fried? scrambled? poached perhaps?
  12. Re: FC Bayern München v FC Barcelona > Tue 23rd April Well, well. First time I've bet against Barcelona and had such an easy ride. Actually live in Bilbao....Barça are playing here at the weekend.....might be worth a punt!
  13. Re: Indian Premier League 2013 One for this afternoon's game. Got to fancy M.S.DHONI's player performance 31 & over @ 1.83 Bet 365. In the four games to date he's managed totals of 61, 0, 88 and 35 points, but in that second game he didn't get to bat. A stumping alone earns him 25 points, and he's managed one in each of the last two games.
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