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  1. Re: Upgrade - Oustanding Problems/Issues? can the redirect links at the top be fixed eg to go to the football forum/horse racing
  2. Tuesday 1 November 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Barnsley v Hull City (19:45 GMT) 3 3.4 2.64 100.62 % Burnley v Leicester City (19:45 GMT) 2.62 3.4 3.05 100.37 % Crystal Palace v Portsmouth (19:45 GMT) 2.16 3.4 4 100.71 % Doncaster Rovers v Middlesbrough (19:45 GMT) 3.65 3.45 2.26 100.63 % Millwall v Coventry City (19:45 GMT) 1.8 3.8 5.8 99.11 % Nottingham Forest v Reading (19:45 GMT) 2.5 3.45 3.15 100.73 % Southampton v Peterborough United (19:45 GMT) 1.57 4.5 6.8 100.57 % Watford v Brighton & Hove Albion (19:45 GMT) 2.58 3.5 3 100.66 % West Ham v Bristol City (19:45 GMT) 1.41 5.2 9 101.26 % Wednesday 2 November 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Derby County v Cardiff City (19:45 GMT) 2.96 3.5 2.7 99.39 % Leeds United v Blackpool (19:45 GMT) 2.1 3.65 3.9 100.66 %
  3. Thursday 6 October 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Azerbaijan U21 v Norway U21 (14:00 BST) 9 4.6 1.46 101.03 % Greece U21 v San Marino U21 (16:00 BST) 1.02 40 100 101.54 % Liechtenstein U21 v Italy U21 (16:00 BST) 48 15 1.05 103.99 % Austria U21 v Netherlands U21 (18:00 BST) 4.9 3.85 1.83 100.93 % Sweden U21 v Slovenia U21 (18:20 BST) 1.48 4.6 8 101.81 % Luxembourg U21 v Scotland U21 (18:30 BST) 17.5 7 1.25 100.00 % Germany U21 v Bosnia-Herzegovina U21 (19:00 BST) 1.17 8.6 21 101.86 % Croatia U21 v Spain U21 (19:30 BST) 9.4 4.8 1.44 100.92 % Iceland U21 v England U21 (19:45 BST) 5.8 4 1.72 100.14 % Portugal U21 v Poland U21 (21:00 BST) 1.4 5.1 9.8 101.24 % Friday 7 October 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Cyprus U21 v Belarus U21 (13:30 BST) 4.3 3.55 2 101.42 % FYR Macedonia U21 v Serbia U21 (14:00 BST) 4 3.65 2 102.40 % Moldova U21 v Russia U21 (14:00 BST) 14.5 5.9 1.27 102.59 % France U21 v Kazakhstan U21 (15:45 BST) 1.12 10.5 44 100.69 % Denmark U21 v Faroe Islands U21 (17:00 BST) 1.04 12.1 34 107.32 % Malta U21 v Ukraine U21 (17:00 BST) 10.5 4.9 1.36 103.46 % Georgia U21 v Switzerland U21 (18:00 BST) 7.5 4.4 1.5 102.73 % Saturday 8 October 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Turkey U21 v Hungary U21 (17:00 BST) 1.4 5.1 10.5 100.56 % Wales U21 v Montenegro U21 (18:00 BST) 2.21 3.4 3.35 104.51 %
  4. Re: BBOTD 27th of September well i am sorry if members are angry but i do try my best i had this problem when i first joined i have said in the past i am no where near as knowledgable as some of the punters on the horses on the forum i only joined to get tips but i felt i should try and contribute also and i was told its ok to use timeform as a reference and change the words but sorry if thats still not good enough when i need help to do a writeup i withdraw my self from the competition A.S.A.P and i will post no more sorry if anybody feels cheated from a top 16 competition place BH please give my Award to somebody more deserving good luck to all the great tippers on this forum.
  5. Jockeys will face stiffer penalties for use of the whip in new rules being introduced in two weeks' time following a 10-month review by the British Horseracing Authority. Riders are being further restricted as to how many times they can use the whip in a race, as well as being handed out stiffer punishments for using it with excessive frequency. Frequency guidelines have been removed and replaced by strict and easily understood limits on whip use. The whip can only be used a maximum of seven times in a Flat race, and eight times in a jumps race (and only five times in the last furlong/after the last obstacle). This is roughly half the amount of times a whip could be used previously before being in breach of the rules of racing. Increased entry-point penalties are being implemented, with a five-day minimum suspension for not adhering to the frequency limits. The previous minimum penalty was a caution. Forfeit A jockey who incurs a whip ban of three days or more will forfeit his riding fee and prize-money percentage. Penalties will increase for those who breach the rules on more than one occasion, and the second offence will be double that of a first offence. The new guidelines and penalties will come into effect on Monday, October 10. The BHA announced the changes on Tuesday morning after leading the review, compiled with input from recognised animal welfare bodies, including the RSPCA. Use of the whip was the subject of much scrutiny when Jason Maguire was found to have struck Ballabriggs 17 times when winning the John Smith's Grand National at Aintree in April. Maguire was suspended five days. Frankie Dettori was also banned nine days after he hit Rewilding 24 times inside the final two furlongs of the Prince of Wales's Stakes at Royal Ascot. An outright ban on using the whip during races had come under discussion during the review. BHA RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendation 1: Based on extensive consultation and the detailed research outlined in this report, that the use of the whip for safety and encouragement should continue, and that the term 'correction' is superfluous. Recommendation 2: Under the current Rules and penalties the number of breaches of the whip Rules each year is unacceptable, and action should be taken by the Authority to achieve behavioural change amongst, and compliance by, jockeys. Recommendation 3: Whilst current scientific evidence broadly supports the continued use of the whip in Racing - providing strict controls are enforced - further research is needed and the Authority should continue to support investigations in this field. Recommendation 4: The Authority should continue to support research into the design of the whip and incorporate any future technological innovations into British Horseracing as appropriate if it is felt that equine welfare could be enhanced. Recommendation 5: The Authority should widely publish the results of this Review and take other steps to try to maximise understanding of the use of the whip within Racing. Recommendation 6: The Authority should commission future public opinion research in order to keep track of the views of the public regarding the use of the whip. Recommendation 7: That any ambiguity within the penalty structure be removed by considering that use of the whip with the jockey's whip hand off the reins be considered as a hit regardless of how, where, or with what force the whip is used on the horse. Recommendation 8: That the practice of issuing cautions for breaches of the whip Rules be discontinued. This is intended to bring about greater compliance with the Rules by jockeys. Recommendation 9: That the entry point for all whip offences be increased significantly, together with increasing the additional component by which the Stewards arrive at what they believe to be the appropriate penalty for an offence. Recommendation 10: That the current totting up procedure be discontinued for suspensions arising out of the breaches of the whip Rules, and that in its place the Stewards will consider a jockey's prior disciplinary record for whip offences within a rolling twelve month period in imposing incremental penalties for the current offence. This will lead to a jockey who is a repeat offender being referred to the Disciplinary Panel at a much earlier stage. Recommendation 11: That the riding suspensions imposed on jockeys for breaching the whip Rules be effective on the days on which they are due to be served regardless of whether or not Group 1 or Grade 1 races are scheduled to be run. Recommendation 12: Where a jockey is found to have contravened the Rules through their use of the whip during a race and such contravention results in a suspension of three days or more, before previous offences are taken into account, that jockey will forfeit any monies that they would otherwise have been entitled to under the Rules. This should apply not only to the jockey's share of the total prize fund, but also to the riding fee due for having ridden in the race. Recommendation 13: In the case of the jockey being an apprentice jockey or conditional jockey whose employer is normally entitled to a share of the jockey's earnings, the employer shall also forfeit any monies payable from the jockey's earnings as they would have otherwise been entitled to under the Rules. Recommendation 14: That a Rule be implemented to make it an offence for an owner to compensate, or instruct any other person to compensate, any jockey for any earnings forfeited as a result of breaching the whip Rules. Recommendation 15: That the Authority should incorporate current understanding of animal welfare, behavioural and other science into jockey training to ensure whip use is acceptable and not counterproductive and also make greater use of remedial training for all jockeys, not just Amateurs, who are identified to have deficiencies in their riding, including the use of the whip. Recommendation 16: That any Apprentice Jockey or Conditional Jockey, regardless of their experience, transferring permanently to Great Britain from an overseas Racing jurisdiction be required to undergo training at the Authority's approved training providers prior to being licensed by the Authority. Recommendation 17: That any jockey who has been referred to, and found to be in breach by, the Disciplinary Panel for whip related offences on three occasions should be required to 'show cause' to the Authority as to why any application for a further licence ought be granted Recommendation 18: That the Authority put in place a system which will enable it to identify visiting jockeys whose disciplinary record, when riding in Great Britain, is of such concern that consideration of extending the privilege to that jockey of riding in Great Britain should be withdrawn. Recommendation 19: That the Authority, in conjunction with its accepted training providers, revisits the course content and structure delivered to Apprentice Jockeys, Conditional Jockeys, and Amateur Riders at each stage in their career to ensure proper consideration is given to providing the most effective training for jockeys in acceptable and correct use of the whip.
  6. Re: BBOTD 27th of September 15.20 Sedgefield Manger Hanagment - 1pt win @ sp Manger Hanagment completed a 4 timer in effortless fashion last time out and should keep that spree up here despite the penalty is a real improver over hurdles on his last two wins and ought to win this race
  7. Re: BBOTD 26th of September 15.40 Hamilton Secrecy - 1pt win @ sp Secrecy has a great chance in this tough field with the experience of winning 3 races this year and running well in a group 3 race last time out now back to a more suitable level today should go well
  8. Re: BBOTD 25th of September 17.30 Musselburgh Jeu De Vivre - 1pt win @ SP Jeu De Vivre will take all the beating here she looked better than ever when winning very well over the extedned 1m last time out and the penalty still might not be enough to stop her here if in the same mood
  9. Re: BBOTD 24th of September 14.05 Newmarket Farhaan - 1pt win @ 3/1 Paddy Power Farhaan has been progressing well as of late winning on his last two starts and is capable of winning a good race like this has also won over this distance and it will be no surprise if he completes the hatrick
  10. Re: BBOTD Friday 23rd of September 17.20 Newmarket Ambala - 1pt win @ 2/1 Bet365 Ambala is improving very well as of late she travelled strongly throughout to win a good race at Kempton last time out and will be tough to beat here in a field full of unexposed sorts
  11. Re: BBOTD Thursday 22nd of September 15.55 Newmarket Farraaj - 1pt win @ 13/8 Bet365 Farraaj should prove to much for the field to beat in this race after bouncing back with good wins to show himself as a serious cult he can complete the hatrick here before a run in the Racing Post Trophy
  12. Re: BBOTD 21st of September Wednesday 16.55 Goodwood Tameen - 1pt win @ 9/4 Bet365 Tameen will be very hard to beat here after bolting up over this course and distance to win well last time out and the penalty today wont be much of a problem she will enjoy the soft ground and will very much be the one to beat
  13. Re: BBOTD Tues 19th 14.20 Folkestone Billyrayvalentine - 1pt win @ 8/11 Bet365 Billyrayvalentine won well last time out and there looks to be plenty more to offer on for the follow up run over this trip he is well ahead of the handicapper and the penalty shouldn't stop him from winning today
  14. Tuesday 20 September 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Osasuna v Sevilla (19:00 BST) 2.72 3.4 2.75 102.54 % Real Sociedad v Granada CF (19:00 BST) 1.95 3.65 4.6 100.42 % Villarreal v Real Mallorca (21:00 BST) 1.68 3.95 6 101.51 % Wednesday 21 September 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Atlético Madrid v Real Sporting de Gijon (19:00 BST) 1.53 4.6 8 99.46 % Málaga v Athletic Bilbao (19:00 BST) 1.73 3.9 5.3 102.31 % Racing Santander v Real Madrid (19:00 BST) 14.5 6.6 1.25 102.05 % Rayo Vallecano v Levante UD (19:00 BST) 2.25 3.35 3.6 102.07 % Valencia v FC Barcelona (21:00 BST) 8 5 1.5 99.17 % Thursday 22 September 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Espanyol v Getafe (19:00 BST) 2.2 3.35 3.6 103.08 % Real Betis v Real Zaragoza (21:00 BST) 1.8 3.65 5.2 102.18 %
  15. Re: BBOTD 19th September 16.30 Kempton Kepler's Law - 1pt win @ 10/11 Bet365 Kepler's Law is on a great roll at the moment and it would be no surpise for him to complete a fiver timer here the hike in the weights may not be enough to stop the gelded son of Galileo
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