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  1. Re: Toulon Tournament 2013 could be, i took BTS yesterday after portugal and mexico played a draw. could be a good bet also for colombia kongo today...
  2. Re: Toulon Tournament 2013 unfortunately for you portugal and mexico played a 3-3 draw which secured brazil a top spot and they took the game with nigeria pretty relaxed with some changes in the lineup, resting players for the final...
  3. Re: Brazil Serie A 2013 Bagzi can you please help. How do you rate Vitoria? They got to serie A this year and they started the campaign very good. What's up with Vasco? Some problems or what? Can Vitoria beat them at home?
  4. Re: Johnstones Paint Trophy > 9th October 1-3 think that's it...
  5. Re: Johnstones Paint Trophy > 9th October 0-2 HT...had they scored before ht i would believe in a turn around but now i think their's no chance... :wall oh oh 1-2 Ht maybe their's a chance... :lol
  6. Re: Johnstones Paint Trophy > 9th October 0-2 in 10 f***** minutes....are you kidding me... i don't believe this portsmouth...i always loose money on this JPT :@
  7. Re: QPR v West Ham 1st October 2012 i will probably just watch this game and maybe bet live, the reason for that is one really important player missing in WH lineup. Andy Carroll. If he played i would surely have a small bet on WH. Why? I watched their home game when they thrashed Fulham 3-0, and the man that made the difference was Andy Carroll. Every goal WH scored Carroll had a part in it. I didn't watch any WH game after that but when i see their results i understand why they haven't won any game. Carroll is missing.
  8. Re: Second qualifying round, 1st leg > 17-18 July Debrecen definitely lucky to get away with just 1-0, as well as Ekranas to get away with a 0-0. Shamrock missed the impossible in this game. Had some 7 or 8 clear chances in the second half to score.
  9. Re: Second qualifying round, 1st leg > 17-18 July and one more thing. dinamo had the easiest way last year to get to CL. first they played Neftchi Baku, no problem, then HJK, also no problem, and then Malmo who they easily trashed 4-1 in Zagreb, and everybody thought it's all over, and they where 2-0 down with a man down, and only a miracle and a brilliant goalkeeper Kelava saved them from not going out. and I watched a friendly this year against the same Neftchi Baku that they eliminated last year, they where 1-0 down but the rain and some crazy supporters stopped the game. i think that
  10. Re: International Club Friendly 2012 can you please write something about vfr aalen, how they played...i see they play pribram tomorrow afternoon...
  11. Re: International Club Friendly 2012 Rapid game called off http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2012/07/09/rapid-game-called-off/
  12. Re: Sweden > Allsvenskan > 2012 my local bookie had a video of both games played yesterday so i watched them at the same time. won some money on Norrkoping, had them to score the 3rd...will keep an eye on Malmö today...
  13. Re: Brazil Serie A 2012 Thread nice previews Bagzi, as always...had some money on santos to score first :ok :clap:cheers i'm trying to find some info about this game Sport Club do Recife v SC Corinthians there are rumors that some players will be rested as a reward for winning the copa..is that true? i was looking for some info on the corinthians site but i found nothing...do you have some better info about it???
  14. Re: Sweden > Allsvenskan > 2012 watched gefle-gais today... hahahaha the worst football i watched in a long time...al my future betts will be against this two teams...very very poor...
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