** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Terrible news. Paul helped me out a lot in times gone by and for that I will always be so grateful. He was also responsible for some f'ing horrible hangovers. RIP bud.
  2. Manager: James BoyleTeam Name: BentekesaurusForum Username: Monterosso Fair play Paul.
  3. Re: PL 10 to follow Flat 2012 Competition - Final Table Up Now Thanks Phil and well done to CPO, epic scoring. I'm just happy not to finish last. :nana
  4. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread You can't be serious? :lol Doyle is an excellent up-and-coming pilot. His current abilities are far superior to those of both Holland and Hills, with the latter being quite hilarious to watch in the saddle nowadays. The former is not much better either.
  5. Re: PL 10 to follow Flat 2012 Competition - Add Bonus Horses Now Sea Moon Saint Nicholas Abbey :hope
  6. Re: Campbell Gillies Dead Absolutely awful, seemed like a nice lad. RIP. :(
  7. Re: BBOTD Friday 11th of May Read the rules, which are in the opening post of the following thread; You'll have to do a lot better than that if you want your bets accepted for the competition.
  8. Re: Watching Horse Racing Online Anyone who hasn't signed up to by now should. They've got both of the racing channels, which are great quality more often than not, and then they've all the Sky Sports channels, BoxNation, and many more. It is phenomenal value for money - Lars can back me up on that.
  9. Re: PL 10 to follow Flat 2012 Competition - Enter your selections now Cheers Phil. Here's my attempt! Bated Breath Camelot Cirrus Des Aigles Daddy Long Legs Excelebration Famous Name Frankel Hoof It Nephrite Strong Suit
  10. Re: What is the best type of bet in horse racing ? Personally, I've just been doing win singles for some time now and have dropped each-way punting altogether. 2pts win would be my standard bet and I much prefer to do that than go 1pt e/w, regardless of the price. Previously I would have found myself to be relying on confidence quite a lot, so getting some nice placed horses that I've had and each-way bet on would help in that regard. I just find now that it's utterly pointless (plus all I can think about is the long-term game; making my reliance on here-and-now confidence non-existent somewhat) and I'd rather wait patiently for the winners to come up. My spreadsheets also told me that my profit would have been increased significantly by doing win-only, and it obviously makes sense to listen to that!
  11. Re: Saturday 31 March Flat Racing :lol Ain't that the truth mate! :p Still can't believe how good he has turned out to be. I signed up here a couple of days after he won a Ripon 3-year-old handicap off 83 (was so very lucky to win it too), now he's after winning the richest race in the world. Racing is a bizarre old game!
  12. Re: Saturday 31 March Flat Racing Monteeee. :notworthy Well done to anyone who picked winners today.
  13. Re: Favourite Horse Ever.... One Flat, One Jumps - that is all!! My favourite horse on the flat was Canford Cliffs - by a country mile as well. I just loved everything about him; the way he could travel, the way he could quicken and the general way that he carried himself. I'll be shocked if I ever have as much admiration for another horse and I'm usually quite biased towards horses that I've won a lot of money from but that certainly isn't the case with Canford. I don't know who's my favourite over jumps to be honest. Probably Big Buck's because of his sheer ability to gallop, both on and off the bridle. I love watching him move and his jumping of hurdles is beautiful more often than not - he just floats over them. If I was speaking through my pocket, I'd probably say Coronea Lilly here. :lol Favourite flat jockey is Graham Gibbons; the man just makes me money! Favourite National Hunt jockey is Paddy Brennan (closely followed by Wayne Hutchinson - who is utter class), again from a punting point of view because he always seems to do well when I've backed him mounts.
  14. Re: FLAT RACING WEDS 28TH MARCH Great stuff today men - top bombing. :clap
  15. Re: Canford Cliffs Hope I had a few pints when I started this thread - I sound like a notorious prick. :lol Love that video, cheers for posting it. If there will be a horse that I'll adore more than Canford, I will be shocked. He was such a machine.