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  1. And one more I'm going for is Adrian Sutil to finish in the points, he has only starts 13th but the Force India longer runs looked quite reasonable on Friday, and while Sutil has had a run of bad luck with incidents in the last races, Di Resta has shown the Force India can get well into the points in race trim: 2pts, A.Sutil to finish in the points, 2, Sporting Bet.
  2. Will also be plumping for Raikonnen to win, think the signs from free practice and the Lotus kindness to the tyres look good. For that reason I will also be going for Grosjean to make the podium, some competitive cars ahead of him, but he does have the Lotus under him, and he did drive well in Bahrain to make the podium and beat Kimi in Malaysia: 2pts, K.Raikonnen to win, 4, William Hill. 2pts, R.Grosjean, to finish on podium, 6, Coral
  3. 2pts, Lay J.Button to qualify in the top 10, 1.65, Betfair Button has made all the q3's this year, but Mclaren have been publically pessimistic about the suitability of their car to the Sakhir circuit, and their single lap pace was none too impressive today. With Force India looking fast, added to the 8 fast cars from Red Bull, Lotus, Ferrari and Mercedes, Button may have a hard time getting to q3 and I believe is worth laying at such odds far below evens.
  4. And one more.... 2pts, J.E.Vergne to beat D.Riccardo, 2.4, bwin JEV is 4 places behind Riccardo in 17th but often raced well from low down last season and was very impressive on last years Malaysian race in the transitory conditions between wet and dry, so this could be where he has a chance to get ahead of his teammate.
  5. Could well be mixed conditions tomorrow.... Have gone for that Hulkenburg points bet, and added: 2pts, N.Hulkenburg to finish in the top 6, 5.75, bwin The Sauber has shown good pace on longer runs in the dry, and Hulkenburg himself has shown well in changing conditions, most recently in Brazil last year. A race that incorporates both could play to his and Saubers strengths. 2pts, Lay S.Vettel to finish on the podium, 1.58, Betfair If it stays dry Red Bull were having a bad time at making the tyres last in the heat in Friday practice, and there are cars that seemed to be doing longer stints and could save a stop in the Mercedes and Ferrari behind Vettel. If it rains at some point it could be heavy monsoon rain and cars could get caught on slicks etc so still happy to be laying at odds on!
  6. Along some of the same reasoning as your first bet.... 3pts, M.Webber to qualify on the front row, 11/10, SkyBet Webber certainly does have good form on this track, and although they were having problems with the tyre degradation again in Friday practice, Red Bull still showed good initial pace, and they took the front row in Melbourne with Webber second so taking odds against on him doing that again, even he gets edged by Seb Vet
  7. Looking further ahead in the weekend to the race....... 1pt S.Perez to finish in the top 6, 3, William Hill 1pt K.Kobayashi to finish in the top 6,4, bwin Sauber had very impressive pace on the last circuit packed with fast corners (Spa) and were unlucky there to get caught up in the first corner crash. They have had a great reputation for tyre life this year as Perezs recent barnstorming drive to second at Monza showed. With hotter conditions prevailing and it being marginal between a two and a three stop, giving those who save their tyres well more options, Sauber can do markedly better than they did in Singapore.
  8. In agreement that Red Bull and Mclaren look good for a pole battle tomorrow based on today's pace, and given his pace today and that he has often outqualfied Vettel this year, Webbers price looks too big to me in relation to Vettels: 1pt, M.Webber to qualify fastest, 14.5, Betfair
  9. Yes I did for a little thanks! Bit of a pity about Hulkenburgs technical issue, but like you say win some lose some! 1pt K.Raikonnen to finish on the podium, 5 , Betfair Kimi is 7th and has been the best this year at improving from his grid position. It could be a long old race tomorrow with one stop in theory being fastest, and based on Schumachers race last time out I'm not confident about the ability of both Mercedes cars to do this, which are both in front of Kimi. If they drop out of contention it's still tough for Kimi -we will still have Massa,Vettel, Alonso no doubt sniffing for the podium, but given the Lotus impressive race pace this year and it's liking for the heat forecast tomorrow I'll take these odds!
  10. Going with these two as well, if one makes it will be in some profit, two would be a nice bonus.... 1pt N.Hulkenburg to qualify for q3, 2.3, bwin 1pt P.diresta to qualify for q3, 2.6, bwin Force India are doing well after a lacklustre start, and have two drivers who have impressed at different points. Since Canada, in every dry Qualfying, Flrce Indua have got at least one man into q3, which makes these odds against bets attractive to me. Additionally they showed good pace in practice, and although I wouldn't want to place very much emphasis on it given that the cars change, Force India have had good performances in the past at low drag tracks.
  11. Oh dear I am going to go with a completely different prediction to you BillyHills, so you should be confident of winning now :) 1pt lay S.Vettel to qualify in top 10, Betfair, 1.24 The engines are pretty much frozen in f1, but I've heard it said this week the Renault Red Bull uses is slightly down on the others, maybe just by 6bhp, but 6bhp is still 6bhp when most of the track is just straights! Theyve also been slow down the straights today and If they were gearing the car for the race this would help this bet even more...There are also little of the clusters of sweeping bends that usually suit an Adrian Newey car, like at a circuit such as Suzuka. Against that Vettel did win in the dry last year, but that was during their year of years when they had full exhaust blowing.... I have also read that Red Bull are struggling with a new thinner tread tyre introduced for Spa and Monza, and of course Vettel did not make q3 at Spa, although he did very well in the race. But qualifying may be tough, especially as Mercedes who were not competitive at Spa now look like they have the potential to be outqualfying the Red Bulls. So I think it will be tight, and therefore will happily lay Vettel at these low odds. Will also look at laying Webber at low odds if anything turns up (nothing so far!)
  12. And a couple for qualie.... 1pt K.Raikonnen to Qualify on pole position, 27, Betfair 1pt, R.Grosjean to qualify on pole position, Betfair, 28 This circuit suits cars with good traction, with it's 'street' character. Two of the cars reported to possess this are the Merc and the Lotus, with the Lotus being noticeably high in the odds. This may be due to a lacklustre performance yesterday, but that was in the cold temps that have not suited Lotus thus year. But as I watch FP3 now they are circulating in glorious sunshine, and given they have done well in Qualfying this year, and the track could suit them I'll give them a go.
  13. I'm on along the same lines crouch potato, same odds but different driver!: 1pt P.Maldonado to win the Canadian grand Prix, 51, 888sport Williams didn't seem to go for any times yesterday but there long run pace looked very good indeed, and they seem to have settled into this pattern of not going for times and then looking a lot better on sat - remember Barcelona? The Williams seems a better race than qualie car and in a predicted high tyre deg race, at a circuit where passing is possible, I'd rather have the good race car. And although Pastor drove awfully in Monaco, the race before he did win!
  14. Hi! It's the first person listed to win the match up yes? I think Hamilton will beat Vettel but I would want higher odds for Kimi to beat Grosjean and petrov to beat kovalinen, not convinced that will happen. But as you can see above I certainly can be wrong!
  15. And to continue the French theme.... 2pts, J.E.Vergne to beat D.Riccardo, 2.02, bwin After Riccardo plowed through the melee of the last lap in Australia to beat Vergne and claim points, Jev has beaten Riccardo in the last four races, and looked a good racer even though the toro Rosso seems a little lacklustre. Jev had a crash today in q2 but due to the way things worked out he is only a place behind Riccardo. Given the relative race form happy to go for it at a slight odds against.
  16. A couple for tomorrow involving a certain Frenchman.... 1pt R.Grosjean to finish on podium, 3.5, bwin 1pt R.Grosjean to win, 15, Bet365 With the Micheal 'shoving Ben H's words back down his throat' Schumacher penalty, Grosjean ends up starting 4th, with the Lotus being slightly disappointing today, with it reported the drivers had trouble warming up the soft tyres. However I think this could be an advantage tomorrow. With a long pit lane and problems of passing at Monaco, the teams won't want too many stops, making long stints the order of the day. With the traffic, especially after the first stint, only being able to do a short stint and getting dumped back into the field might be a problem here. Grosjean seems fairly good at keeping the tyre life-when Raikonnen did his long last stint at china and collapsed from 2nd to 14th, Grosjeans last stint was only 3 laps shorter and he stated in the big bunch behind 2nd. He also was close to Kimi doing a couple of stints with used tyres at Bahrain, (the kimister had new tyres for all stints) and I did read he was ahead of the theoritical performance loss to Kimi having some used tyres. So hopefully some more of this tomorrow!
  17. Well that didn't go well! Clear losers there!
  18. Re: F1 2012 Drivers Championship Thanks! Needless to say my wish is long long may the Williams resurgence continue;)
  19. Re: Monaco Grand Prix 2012 1pt liablity, Lay M.Schumacher to qualify in top 10, Betfair, 1.5 Watching Thursday practice Schumacher looked awfully ragged, and ended up dinging the barrier at the end of the swimming pool section. If he wants to carry on in f1 next year (and with the impressive design team Mercedes are building surely he will) he's in the unprecedented situation of fighting for his drive. Some of his comments about Pirelli and senna recently potentially show this pressure. Another thing to think about is is give place grid penalty tomorrow whic makes it vital he gets far up tomorrow or it could ruin his race. With all these potential pressures, forecast variable conditions and the amount of competitive cars this year am happy to lay at 1.5 or below here.
  20. The glamour and beautiful surroundings of Monaco this weekend to continue what has been a very exciting (if sometimes maddening!) season. Potential showers for tomorrow..... S.Perez to qualify on pole position, 40, Betfair K.Kobayashi to qualify on pole position, 85, Betfair A lot of f1 this year has been about conditions and the car/tyre combination suiting them. Perez revelled on a greasy track in Malaysia on wet and dry tyres, while Kobayshi planted it on p4 in china in cool conditions.Looking at some of the forecasts we might have both tomorrow. The Sauber has also been reported as having good traction which is a very handy thing lugging it out of the slow corners at Monaco. And therefore: 1pt s.perez to win the Monaco grand Prix, 46, Betfair 1pt,K.Kobayahi to win the Monaco grand Prix, 90, Betfair If they get good grid position, brilliant.If not....
  21. Monaco Grand Prix, 27th May, 13:00 GMT
  22. Sorry messed up that last post (posting on an iPod touch and being dim!). To finish off what I was saying remember Webber is outqualfying Vettel 3/1 this year. And for the reasons above I'm also going for: 1pt, M.Webber, to qualify in top 3, 4, bwin
  23. 1pt, M.Webber to qualify on pole position, 12.5, Betfair Barcelona is a good test of the aerodynamics of a car and Adrian Newey has traditionally designed cars with good aero, and the Red Bulls went well last time out in qualie in Bahrain in hot conditions, like are expected tomorrow. With at 3.65, my case is that Webber at 12.5 is on the high side, especially considering that he messed up his fast lap on soft tyres today on FP2 meaning the gap between there is not representative. Remember Webber is outquu
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