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  1. NEW @ 5.5 is way to generous considering the form they are in. Syd can lose demonstrated by Central Coast last week (note- i always cover the draw on all my Football bets) GL
  2. Syd should win like 2-1 or 3-1 but i don't like the odds.
  3. Wel @ 3.6 Per @ 2.10 = Ade too many injuries Cc @ 3.75 = Bri have 6 players missing inc their veteran keeper THEO! Ws @ 2.82 (Note: I usually hedge all my bets with smaller bets on the draw to make my money back just in case) GL
  4. I Like WEL but the odds are not that great CITY @ 2.5
  5. I like Cc @ 4.4 (late post) but agree with vasilli Diego Castro is hard to stop and one of my favourite aleague players! Not confident I went with New @ 3.25 since they have great attack atm. (late post) GL
  6. Cc so close but let in couple soft goals Wel @ 10 worth a small play imo early this season. I expect Sydney FC to win this but again I think the odds are to good GL
  7. Hey Boys I'm Back Didn't take long but gambling is life... I had another great NRL season so thought ill give football another shot. I will be much more careful this time round however Opening weeks are very treacherous so may be wise to just sit back and enjoy.. I think Cc @ 8 is way to generous early this season but will watch I get the feeling that City will be hard to stop this year as well and @ 3 might be worth a punt GL
  8. Hey boys. I've decided to use some wisdom and have decided to cut my losses on Football betting forever. There are way to many variables in soccer such as dives and stupid refs/red cards that ruin it for me. Also with the draw involved it's just to damn hard to pick I gave it a good run this year but it's clear to me on my charts it's a losing proposition. Take my advice. Bet on 2 legged games like NRL, or AFL or watever. I consistently win at NRL because it's generally easier to figure who is the dominant team. Stupid calls, penalties, red cards don't change the final outcome as badly like football does. I do think that Football is really a live betting kind of game due to the Red card effect. Prices change dramatically in football so that's where the smart bettor will make most of his money. I am to busy with other things to watch every bloody soccer game live. I also think it might just be better to back any underdog if the price goes over $4 due to the red card effect and unpredictability in football. I wish you guys well in the future!
  9. I'm with Vasilli tomorrow night Vic DNB @ 2.84 1unit & 1/2 unit to win @ 3.8 = It's basically a coin toss for mine
  10. Other bets Vic -1 @ 1.6 i could find Per DNB @ 1.68 CC @ 4.35
  11. I went 1 unit Syd FC @ 1.72 sb at halftime! Am i crazy but does that not seem generous considering City are a whole man down for 2nd half! EZ MONEY
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