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  1. Re: VALUE ALERT - iPoker Network WSOP Dollar Drive ($13K WSOP PACKAGE) The big value is this Sunday: $500+35 freezeout with 30 x $13k packages GTD. When I checked earlier there were only 130 registered and there needs to be 780 for the guarantee to be matched. Will never happen. Also if you play this on BBP, win a package, and cash in the main event, BBP will put you into the 2012 main event. No share or makeup. Pure value here, make sure you sign up using referral code: punterslounge
  2. Re: Blackbelt Poker London Live - April 1-3 Hey guys, just giving this a bump as it's out $40 Satellite tonight with 2 seats GTD. Remember to use the above links when registering!
  3. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition Hey guys, as Joe said the only reason for me leaving is accepting a great oppotuntiy in the city. I'd still recommend PokerIdol 100% and there's no bad blood in me leaving! GL to all those playing in the event. Nade, what other handles do you go by? Wondering how you saw my ramblings :)
  4. Re: Poker Idol $15,000 freeroll series. Nope there wont be any rebuys in that.
  5. Re: Poker Idol $15,000 freeroll series. Remember guys tomorrow at 19:00 CET is the Dr. Poker Freeroll 2 with $2,500 Guaranteed. Optional: 2 x $1 Rebuy, $1 Add on after 60 minutes
  6. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition Have you guys registered yet? Remember you need a PokerIdol account prior to registering your team. Also make sure usernames are entered correctly!
  7. Re: Poker Idol WSOP Team Event....Team players wanted You don't need to be friends to be in the same team, johnd14, just join up and win that package!
  8. Re: Poker Idol $15,000 freeroll series. The Freeroll series starts in 40 mins!
  9. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition Guppie, each player will be issued with a tournament ticket prior to each tournament and will have to register on the day.
  10. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition Yep, three simultaneous tournaments, one for each member!
  11. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition Definitely worth it Joe! The point requirement will be long gone before the WSOP anyway, so it won't be like having to 'wait' to unlock your prize. Another note, a few people have been concerned about collusion. There will be 3 torunament on each of the freeroll dates, one for each team member to play in. This will stop chip dumping etc.. as team members wont be in the same event.
  12. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition Got teams committing from a few other forums now, lets get at least on PL team taking part!
  13. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition I think you're confused on the T+C's heniek. You don't use the points to enter the competition, you just need to of earned them to be able to enter. We are very proud of the player base we've built up and therefore we revolve our promotions around them. These players generate the rake, which turns into our profit, which we can then give back in promotions. How fair is it if a never depositing players comes in and lucks out in some crazy freeroll? This is why so many small skins go under in short time. They spend lots of money on freerolls/marketing with no real ideas of sustainability. This is a freeroll for all PokerIdol players. If you're not a PokerIdol player, sure you'll have to deposit and play, but this is how we can remain active in such a competitive industry and offer such good promotions.
  14. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition Really depends how much you play Graham, some will do it in a day others will take a couple of evenings. Points are awarded 3.25 per $1 rake in cash and tournaments, so you can sort of work it out. As for the second question see the T+C:
  15. Re: PokerIdol Team Poker - Vegas Freeroll Competition If it was just the 4 freerolls then it's 100% luck, having to accumulate some players points (hardly any) at least requires some effort.