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  1. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 I favour Bursa to win this one. I don't agree that they were bad. In fact i like the way they are playing. But the odds are a little shorter then I've expected i will wait for the livebet. G.L.
  2. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 I agree with Fenerbahce not being as good as the ranking says but i think Galatasaray is doing good.
  3. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 Ankaragucu - Galatasaray Galatasaray was lucky to finish last weeks fixture without conceding against Eskisehir but i generally liked the team's commitment and form. They have enough to win this one. Galatasaray-0.75 @ 1925 (Bet365) 7/10
  4. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 The game looks very overish to me. The way that GS plays makes me think that way and it's expected that both Baros and Elmander will be in the starting line up. But i won't be betting, so GL.
  5. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 Great Stuff guys. Keep it coming. :clap Trabzonspor - Kayserispor Very important match for both teams. After Fenerbahce's win today Trabzon side will feel more pressure on them. Trabzonspor's squad is a good one for sure but the key players for the team are the kind of players that you generally won't know what to espect from them. Yattara, Colman, Jaja, Alanzinho, Burak, Umut...They can demolish the oppenent on a good day (which was genrally the stutiation in 1st half of the League) but they can also get you demolished ver easily. In my belief if it wasnt for Senol Gunes Trabzonspor's players wont be doing this well. Trabzonspor's game is failing down...Last week they were lucky to get the win, before that they won over Sivas in a very interesting match which could go either way.Both wins came with late goals. Their way of playing is nowhere near to their 1st half performances. Their game is mostly depending on Jaja's performance. I don't see that changing in this one. I always talked highly about Senol Gunes - i still do - but i think he will be very cautious against Kayseri. I dont expect an early goal. The scorer of the first goal will most likely try to secure the win instead of pushing forward. Kayseri team is solid and disciplined. I wached their game with Antalyaspor last week (I had Antalya+0.5). They won with 90th minutes goal(s) but they seemed very concantrated for the whole match. I will go for under 2.5 goals for this one but i hope that i am all wrong and we see some nice football from Trabzonspor. Under 2.5 Goals @ 1.80 Bet365 (High Stakes)
  6. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 Get in! :nana:nana :cheers
  7. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 Konyaspor - Gaziantep Gaziantep showed good performance against Galatasaray today. I believe they have enough to take Konyaspor. Todays match was high on tempo the players might be tired but i liked the teams physical condition. The only thing that bothers me is the probable lack of motivation after a win over an Istanbul team. But i believe in coach Tolunay Kafkas in this matter. If we dont see smt special from Konya this weekend i think Gaziantep will at least take one point from this match. Gaziantep +0 @ 1.80 (High Stakes) This week is a tricky one and i wont be suprised by any result at all. I wont bet further untill i see the line ups and feel there's an opportunity. GL All. :hope
  8. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 About the matches on Saturday; Bursaspor - Galatasaray Galatasaray was worse than expected today. I don't recall a single good moment about them today. They failed in every dimension of the game. Goalkeeper Ufuk Ceylan made serious mistakes which coused 2 goals. A specially in the second goal; it was a shot from 40-45 meters. I was hoping for a better commitment from the players and better tactics on the field but it seems Galatasaray is in very serious problem. Its better to stay away for a few weeks. Bursa didnt need to do much. Their encounter was better then i've considered but they dont play good football either. I still believe they will drop points from now and then if we dont see some positive changes. Sivasspor - Antalyaspor The match started very entertaining. The score was 1-1 before the halftime. But the weather conditions were bad and i guess the players were tired from playing on a pitch which was covered by snow. So in the second half both teams accepted the draw and we didnt see much of a football game. But Antalyaspor team plays better when Tita is on the field, they were the better side for 45 minutes. I guess thats all for now. GL All.
  9. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 Hope we make profits. :ok
  10. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 I think over 2.5 @ 2.10 will be a better bet for this one. Besiktas is close to wining but i don't se a low scoring game in this one. I expect Besiktas to score at least 2 goals. Besikas team we see now a days starts very willingly and aggresive but a specialy in the second halfs their resistance break. Its hard for them to finish the match without conceding . Over 2.5 @ 2.10 (Bet365) High Stakes Over 3.5 @ 3.90 (Bet365) Low Stakes
  11. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 As i mensioned i didn't watch any of the teams lately. If you say Kayseri is more offensive now I won't argue that. Still think that it will be a low scoring game though:\ GL. :hope
  12. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 Kayseri DNB @ 1.63 (bet365) :hope
  13. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2010/2011 I also was thinking for a Kayseri win but i didn't watch any of the teams last week. I will take Kayseri DNB for this one. I am not sure what will Karabuk do on the pitch without Emenike. Under 2.5 around 1.75 seems logical. But i will go for Kayseri DNB ... I also have small bets for draw in Bursa- Galatasaray and Fenerbahce - Trabzon. I believe Bursa will drop points from now and then. I don't see them doing well as they did before. Volkan Sen wanted to be transfered to Galatasaray but the board did not let him... The harmony of the team is failing. .... And i believe Senol Gunes did well by resting some key players in Besiktas match a few days ago. The defeat and elimination from the cup will not effect the team hard. I dont expect any of the teams to risk much.
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