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  1. Re: Group B > Oct 24 (Arsenal, Schalke, Montpelier, Olympiakos) Is bet365 down?
  2. Re: Russian Football Leagues 2011 Bad day? Profit is profit!
  3. Re: Russian Football Leagues 2011 Just came in. Good shout. :clap I didn't follow, instead went for over 2 AH so :hope for 1 more goal.
  4. Re: Russian Football Leagues 2011 Time of 1st Zenit goal is 27 mins on Bet365. Early goal is set at 24 mins. :ok
  5. Re: Germany - Bundesliga II - 21-23 October I decided to put cottbus/greuther over 1.5 in a double with wolves/swansea over 1.5 based on your above statement benny. Thank you very much. You do an excellent job on here. :clap
  6. Re: Champions League > Tuesday 18th October Yes, stake is returned if utd get exactly 3 more corners.
  7. Re: Italy - Serie B - 14-17 October Looks dead already! :puke
  8. Re: Darts: Premier League Week 11 Seems like a good night in here. Well done all winners. :clap Been really busy lately so haven't been on. Should be back for next weeks round. :hope
  9. Re: Darts: Premier League Week 8 1pt Taylor to win @ 4/11 and most 180's @ 8/13 Paddypower Only one winner here and with taylor back to his very best, expect the lipstick to take a beating tonight.
  10. Re: Darts: Premier League Week 8 2pts double Whitlock win @ 8/13 and highest checkout over 106.5 @ 5/6 Paddypower Whitlock is getting back to his very best form and starting to take out the big checkouts. Can't see jenkins getting anything here and really fancy a big checkout from whitlock.
  11. Re: Darts: Premier League Week 8 3pts Anderson to beat Wade @ 4/6 Paddypower Anderson despite losing last 3 should have way too much for wade here. Wade is playing awful at the minute and anderson should rack up another win against him. Good luck all :hope
  12. Re: Darts: Premier League Week 7 I'm having 1 bet for now on tonights action. 6pts Webster highest match checkout over 99.50 @ 5/6 Paddy Power This line is too low. Don't really understand why it's this low. I expect a really tight game here. Both players are coming off 2 straight losses and will be really gunning for victory tonight. I wouldn't be suprised to see a draw here. Webby has beaten this line in 5/6 games and i see no reason why he can't beat it again tonight. Should be plenty of legs and thus plenty of opportunities for him to take out a few ton+ checkouts. Good Luck all :hope
  13. Re: Darts: Premier League Week 6 +7.18pts profit for the night and now +8.51pts for the tournament. Congrats to all winners tonight. :D
  14. Re: Darts: Premier League Week 6 1 more for me: 2pts Barney/Webster highest match checkout over 121.50 @ 5/6 paddypower Two excellent finishers here. Can see atleast one big checkout in this game. Good luck all :hope
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