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  1. Re: Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur > Saturday April 25th As always, just when I tip something and not play it...ta daa...it went right. :(
  2. Re: Arsenal v Chelsea > Sunday April 26th Chelsea to score at least 2 goals Arsenal defence has been pretty messy against bigger teams. Considering that Hazard might cause a penalty for Chelsea, 2 goals might be really possible. Chelsea has scored 12 in last 5 games against Arsenal.
  3. Re: Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur > Saturday April 25th Over 2.5 4th spot is still not too far away. I'm sure both teams will try to win this game and that means that we can easly see 3 goals in this game.
  4. Re: Chelsea v Southampton > Sunday March 15th Draw Very tricky game. Mourinho has to make sure that winning mentality continues after Chelsea's Champions League drop. Both managers know each other very well and in the games like this little mistakes from the players can basically decide who will win. It's hard to know was Mourinho very angry on his player after PSG game and if he was I'm sure the players will look forward to impress him again. Southampton has very solid chance for the 4th spot so they have nothing to lose and in that case I'm sure they will try to score an early goal w
  5. Re: Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur > Sunday March 15th Over 2.5 I think both teams have to throw 'all in' in the games like this. They cannot afford to expect opponent to lose the points from the remaining games without going to win the games like this. 4th spot will once again have a huge impact on summer transfers too so the stakes are quite high. Both teams have a lot of scoring abilities so I can't see this game as '0-0'.
  6. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Sunday October 12th Does anyone know is Ibrahimovic playing tonight? I think Sweden can easly score 3-4 goals depending is he playing or not.
  7. Re: Chelsea v FC Schalke 04 > Wednesday September 17th I think he will go with the strongest squad for about 60min. It would be stupid to put second team in CL game because everyone knows that there are no 'easy' teams in that tournament. Look what could happen with Liverpool too. I'm quite sure he will put Costa to try to score frew goals and if yhey are leading by 2-3 goals in the second half then it's good time to rest him by taking him (and few others) off.
  8. Re: Manchester City v Stoke City > Saturday August 30th It's very hard to see Stoke getting anything from this game.
  9. Re: Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool > Sunday August 31st Tottenham is at the beginning of their new era so Lamela and friends might turn into different players under Pochettino. Liverpool will definitely go for the win so this might be very exciting game. Over 2.5 (or even 3.5)
  10. Re: World Cup Final - Germany v Argentina > Sunday July 13th Thinking about betting something on that Mascherano will get a card regardless of it's color. :)
  11. Re: Semi-Final - Netherlands v Argentina > Wednesday July 9th [h=1]Netherlands skipper Robin van Persie may miss Argentina semi-final[/h] http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9376055/netherlands-skipper-robin-van-persie-may-miss-the-world-cup-semi-final-because-of-an-upset-stomach
  12. Re: Semi-Final - Netherlands v Argentina > Wednesday July 9th If Argentina's opponent would be any other team than this year's The Netherlands I would give them a chance. After seeing them being saved by Messi 'alone' I'm pretty sure Van Gaal has special plan to deal with him. On paper Argentina has much more stronger squad but their biggest problem is that they just don't know how to play together. Argentina - The Netherlands
  13. Re: Semi-Final - Brazil v Germany > Tuesday July 8th I have a feeling that Germany might win this game. Brazilians are under bigger pressure when Neymar and T. Silva are out. Brazilian forwards were pretty poor on this tournament so we shall see what can Fred, Hulk and Jo do against Hummels and the others. I'm sure both teams will be very careful while attacking so this might be very tight game aswell. There is a say '90min they will play football and after that Germans win". :) Brazil - Germany
  14. Re: Group E - Ecuador v France > Wednesday June 25th I've heard that France is playing with second squad?
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