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  1. Any one have any idea why the rabs are such a huge price in this game? There top of the league, best away record in the league, the eels lost at home to Penrith last week also. The eels have lost 4 of there last 5 matches, granted 3 of those were away from home. The rabs only away lose this year was against manly and that went to extra time. I think the bookies have got this one wrong, unless any one can shed any light I’ll be lumping on the rabs. Cheers
  2. Evening mate,

    Saw that you were the only one to reply to my Six Nations 2018 thread last year, just wondering if you got any fancies this year?


    1. harry_rag


      Hi, oval ball games not attracting much interest on the forum are they! I've some bets on already and a few on the shortlist. For what it's worth, I'll start a thread on the off chance anyone else is interested and we get some worthwhile contributions. It will be up shortly.

  3. Hi guys, just a follow up to this if any one can help. I emailed asking for an update and have today received the response that ‘ Your Dispute has now been returned from the Panel with a ruling.Once it has been signed off by the MD it will be posted out to you.’ Is this promising news or not? Signed off by the M.D, who’s that? The fact it’s taken nearly 5 months to complete I’m not holding out much hope? Thanks
  4. The reason for the league choices, I have a interest in them, nothing in depth though hence the question but also maybe naive thinking, the bookies focus on the upper league maybe can find more better priced winners there. I will start with the non league paper, Thanks for your reply
  5. Good morning everyone, After weeks of trying to juggle betting on many different leagues, I’m going to concentrate on 2 leagues for a while and see how I fair. The leagues I will be focusing on are the Northern Premier League And Southern Premier League. Are there any websites that people find handy for these leagues as I would be grateful. Thanks
  6. Good afternoon, Just wondering if any one knew the timescales for an Ibas decision to be made. I made a complaint to them on 05/06/18 and haven’t heard back yet. Is this normal? Also have people had any success going down the Ibas route? Thanks
  7. Evening, It might just be coincidence but when a dog doesn’t move in the betting it tends to win. Like I said it could just be coincidence in the races ive watched it tends to happen. Is the reasoning for no movement in the betting that there is a steady flow of money on it, not enough to cause them to shorten or vice versa. Or is it due to the fact that the bookies see that the dog is a good thing and don’t want to increase the odds? Thanks
  8. Bet365 offer match betting on dogs
  9. Evening all, After going through many week of the “one team” letting me down on Accas, I now do 7 selections and do them in a 5/6/7 fold permutations. All selections with an over evens odds. Just wondering if any one has any other perms as I’m always looking for different options. Thanks
  10. Evening everyone, I’m just after some advice really, I’m an avid sports fan, football,rugby,golf,basketball,American football,tennis. I gamble on all these sports but it’s a rollercoaster gambling in various sports, as I’d win on say a football match then lose on a basketball match. I’d like to say football and rugby are my ‘main’ sports and I have the most ‘knowledge’ of. Should I just concentrate on these sports when gambling as that is where my knowledge is better? Or carry on spreading over the variety of sports? thanks
  11. Good Evening, Just after people’s views on the new Super League season approaching us on the 1st of February.
  12. Good evening, Just wondered if any one had any views regarding the upcoming 6 nations? I think there’s value to be had with Scotland and France this year. England are rightful favourites but don’t instill confidence in me against some more settled sides in the tournament.
  13. Hi I'm not sure if any one else has this problem but when posting I iphone once I've got to the keypad I can't scroll down so am just guessing what's writing? Is there any way of rectifying this?thanks Dom
  14. Re: Europa League > Thursday February 20th Hi guys I'm looking at Shakthar at even money but don't know a great deal about there opponents can any one shed some light? Shakthar have won there last 5 matches and have even won 4 out of there last 5 away matches only losing 1-0 to Manchester United.
  15. Hi Guys I'm also liking Manchester City -1 currently at 11/10 on bet365. For me west ham have got more important matters to worry about being staying in the premiership. This game is a forgone conclusion and I feel a weakened Manchester City team in 3rd may still prove to strong for the hammers. I feel Manchester City will put out a weakened line up with them playing Watford on Saturday and surly they will want to challenge for as much silverware as possible should they not challenge for the league. A quick look and I've found this: City's XI for West this: Costel Pantilimon, Gael Clichy, Joleon Lescott, Matija Nastasic, Micah Richards, James Milner, Jack Rodwell, Javi Garcia, Jesus Navas, Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic. I am going with 5 points on Manchester City -1 at 11/10. Good luck with your bets. Dom