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** December Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd LIKE2FISH, 3rd kevsul **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Like A Roughie, 2nd Paperclip, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Alastair, 5th Gray306 **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st BARNSLEYCHOP, 2nd SADDLESORE, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th ADAMROSS. KO Cup Winner BBBC, Most Winners: JCW **


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  1. Re: Poker.co.uk - Cheaters Given The Boot Nice one! Glad that sites are starting to take collusion more seriously and stamping out these cheats.
  2. Re: My First Royal!!! Some nice results there, well done to you all!
  3. Re: First Live Tournament No Topnotch, it was just at a local club/pub so was lucky the police didn't raid the place as I don't think they have a gaming license! I am a member of Stanleys but haven't been there for ages.
  4. Re: $4500 guaranteed Well done Staffy, excellent result:clap :clap
  5. Doddsy


    Re: Fenners It's not fair - I'm jealous of you all :cry Well done to everyone thats on there though:ok
  6. Doddsy

    Online Poker

    Re: Online Poker Sounds like FlyerLays has been suffering from a few bad beats, thats the usual reason for calling online poker fixed. The style of play is different for both games and you see far more hands online than in a live scenario. I agree with fellow punters about the long established betting organisations and also the fact that there are consistent winners online (not only here on PL :lol )
  7. Re: Win A Wsop Seat For Life As rippy says, it sounds good but most things that sound too good to be true usually are. Certainly a good way to get people to sign up to a poker site though!
  8. Doddsy

    Inside Edge

    Re: Inside Edge Yes, received mine yesterday as well. Like others I got a 12 month subscription when I signed up to Sporting Odds but find Poker Player a better read personally.
  9. OK I haven't posted for a while as I've been working away, but anyway just thought I would share some good news (well good for me anyway). I played my first ever live tournament on Friday night (it was £12.50 to enter with £5 rebuys). I initially thought I would struggle to the live game but I ended up finishing 2nd out of 73 players to win £240. I did add on at the end of the rebuy period but that was it. Not bad for my first live game. I'll not go into too much details but was suprised at how many tells I managed to pick up on the players, or what I think were tells. Of course ther
  10. Re: Secure poker software- Don't Believe the hype Very worrying. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Alex, I tend to stay aware from looking at the registry as always afraid I'll wipe something I shouldn't but this definetly needs wiping! I've deleted mine as well but was only on CD and Noble on my machine, couldn't find any under any of my other accounts unless I was looking in the wrong place
  11. Re: PKR beta now open to all Just finished downloading the software. WOW:loon What a site - it looks awesome and the in game action is fantastic. It is definetly going to be the site to play at. Congratulations on a great piece of software :clap :clap :clap
  12. Re: Taking a poker break - am i doing the right thing? I think everyone goes through bad patches and taking a break is always a good idea. When I've taken breaks before, I normally make a clean break and forget all about the game, then when I decide to start again I normally read books just a few days before to get my mind sorted again.
  13. Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread Oops, I've posted on the wrong thread under personal bests, so sorry for repeating myself. My best result in a MTT for a while - although it is poor to some of the results recently. 6th out of 67 on Laddies Breakfast club winning $217. Have got a screenshot but have forgot how to post the image due to my lack of practice :lol http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/2092/laddies5tm.th.jpg' alt='laddies5tm.th.jpg'>
  14. Re: Titan Poker/Gamecalc Yes I've used Titan Poker and it is an ok site in my opinion (not that I play there often). Saw the advert as well but haven't tried Gamecalc yet. Gaf will probably provide the answer - usually has the answers regarding new software
  15. Re: Online Pokers Biggest ever Pot All I can say to that is WOW! Who knows, one day that might be a Punters Lounger!
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