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  1. Re: Olympiacos v Manchester United > Tuesday February 25th Man Utd first away side to get humped in knockout stage......5 away wins from 6 matches. Utd have looked a really average team all season, and to be fair they were really poor tonight. Think I might be laying them the rest of the season.
  2. Re: February 24 - March 2 Looks to be a few bob matched in Cadantu v Ce match at 4.30, Cadantu all the money, also set betting 2-0 all money. Looks to be more matched on this set betting, than all others combined. Don't do much tennis betting, just thought I would highlight.
  3. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 11th - 16th Good post......French football I would say is possibly the worst leagues for making strong predictions, I will gamble on most things, but through many years of watching results from these Leagues I refuse to place a sausage on anything in these leagues. Personally my opinion on these teams are they just go out to play football, if a goal comes early through luck then fair enough, but in general they cigar smoking ******** tend to just play proper football in the last 10mins if its still 0-0, so your really betting on a 10 min match in my opinion. Easily the best leagues for donating to bookmakers on a regular basis. Apart from about 2 teams the results are very unpredictable, my only advice for these leagues is stay clear, or just back unders for every match.
  4. Re: FA Cup Replays > February 4th & 5th Fulham players should have every penny wages donated to charity for that display, no tempo or effort from the off. These players are getting away with robbery every week, if this is the drivel they are serving up to their fans.
  5. Re: Sporting vs. Porto (Pick:Sporting) Does anyone have any insight into the two matches today Belenenses, Benfica. reason for the question, was just looking at the enhanced odds advertised by bookmakers on here. Benfica, Belenenses, and Rangers -1 which looks tempting @ 4/1. Looking at the both portuguese matches, I would think Benfica had the harder match of the two. Normally these big teams in Portugal do the business home and away, but not sure about how they take these type matches.
  6. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 Ha ha thats my bets fcuked, hopefully the money on away teams comes in for the punters
  7. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 Home team 1 up yet same price as this morning, playing bottom of league
  8. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 Is anyone watching this match? which players were sent off just before half-time, attacker and defender?
  9. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 dont normally punt in these type of leagues, but took 1-0 either way at the start, not sure about these big swing in odds.
  10. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 Actually the home team was getting backed earlier in the day, then a sudden turn around.....
  11. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 Odds may have been wrong this morning, but doesn't explain why they go fav away from home with a flood of money nearer the off. Something very fishy on a mickey mouse league.
  12. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 Aris 7 at start of day.....now fav with a fair bit over the last hour
  13. Re: Greece Super League 2013/2014 Lot of money placed on away team Aris, home team drifted from 1.6 now 2.46. Surely not a dodgy result here with very few matches on the cards today.?:unsure
  14. Re: Bundesliga III > December 18th - 21st Going to follow you on this one Neubs. :D
  15. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > December 20th - 22nd Just been browsing betfair for a few flutters for today, and noticed on one of the adverts that Monaco have only won one of the last 9 meetings against Valenciennes. Now I dont bet in these leagues, and just thought I would put this up. I do understand that Monaco have invested a lot in their team, and this may not be of any relevance to the match tonight, but just thought I would put this out there, just to give a little room for thought, before blindly ripping into what looks a solid home win.
  16. Re: Olympiacos v Manchester United > TBD A lay of Man Utd is my bet for this match, as I see no reason why Olympiakos will be any worse off when the match is eventually played. They are well clear in their league, and could possibly rest their star players nearer the game, whereas Man Utd will have hard matches in the league. The match just before this will be away to Palace who you would think will be still struggling but will be up for this match, the match after Olympiakos will be Man City, which will obviously be in their minds with it being the big manchester derby. So all things considered a lay off Man Utd should be a decent bet, as they will assume a draw away should see them through. Don't think you will get the price which is at the top of this thread.
  17. Re: FC Bayern München v Manchester City > Tuesday December 10th Didn't watch this match on tv, so will have to watch highlights tonight to see the interview. I have taken this from another site, as its hard to believe if true. Here is the bit from the other site............That manager bloke just said he got Aguero to warm up so that if they went 4-2 up he could come on. He then said that at 3-2 they needed two more goals to win the group. That total incompetency will backfire bigtime when they get Barca or Real Madrid in the next round...
  18. Re: FC Bayern München v Manchester City > Tuesday December 10th You may have had your bet up if Bayern needed to win. When you have games where there is not much chance of influencing the outcome of the group, this is when its better to just steer clear.
  19. Re: FC Bayern München v Manchester City > Tuesday December 10th :unsure
  20. Re: Netherlands Jupiler League 2013/2014 Very good post Ziener......I normally only have a flutter on the Premiership, but your post persuaded me to have a little tickle on a game I had not a clue about. Layed PSV at start, then layed them again after they went 1 up within minutes, I maybe should have went for the win after they went a goal down, as the post deserved a little more conviction from my part. Cheers Dave
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