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  1. @froment - it works now! I have tried the online version, without any problems. Great!!! MANY THANKS!!!
  2. Hi froment and Pawkoo, I have copied ELO Ratings for 5th October today and copied into the "input" map as described in the instructions. Before I have done that I have changed the separator from "," to ".". Anyway, some number are shown as "Apr50", "Nov50", "Jul75" and so on. Furthermore, even for matches with correct AVG numbers in all rows the "ELO ratings" sheet shows no bet selection at all. It`s a pity I cannot use this wonderful tool... 😞 Anyway, many thanks for your help!!! Greetings, rootsrunner
  3. Hi Froment, Your workbook is a great tool - unfortunately, it doesn't work for me although I have followed your instructions in respect of copying data into excel. I work with a German version of Excel 2010. Below you find a screenshot from the input page after copying in the ELO ratings for 29th September 2019. Column C shows that there is a problem with the data. I have tried to change the format of the respective A lines, e.g. A23, A27 - but without success. Do have any idea what the problems is?
  4. Re: Brazil Serie A 2013 Thread Hopefully, Portuguesa's home win will be not such a one as Cruzeiro's last night... :unsure Good luck for your bets!
  5. Re: Brazil Serie A 2013 Thread Good idea, memanjakg! What do you think about a small to medium bet on "first half goals 0.5"? Portuguesa had only two home matches out of 13 without goals at HT! Tonight, both teams need the whole three points out of this encounter and therefore I think both will try to get an early goal. What do you think?
  6. Re: Five systems of fortune Hi Dan, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Some months ago I had a similarly frustrating situation and consequently stopped betting at all. Yesterday, I have started my new betting systems: Home ratings Back in EPL and SPL games rated +10 and higher (e.g. today in EPL Blackburn v Burnley 51/16 = +35) Away ratings Back away teams rated -31 and higher (e.g. yesterday in EPL Aston Villa v Chelsea 35/66 = -31) Draw ratings Back draw when rating difference is between -9 and +9 (e.g. yesterday in SPL Falkirk v St. Mirren 29/20 = +9) Well, yesterday's results were not really promising, but I am confident for the long term prospects as backtesting on EPL and SPL for the last three seasons showed very good yields for these systems. I will prepare corresponding overviews and publish them here. If my explanations are not clear enough it is due to the fact that I am not a native speaker. Do not hesitate to ask for better or more detailed information. Good luck to you and all other punters out there! Greetings from the rootsrunner
  7. Re: Five systems of fortune Hi Dan, First of all, congrats for your great ideas and systems! You have inspired me to investigate EPL and Scottish Premier on Backing home and away teams rated +31 and more also seems to be very profiitable. How do you select such teams in 365stats? I have tried everything, but without success. Greetings :D