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  1. Chardy has blown this bet. He seems to like his opponent serving first .In my book in close matches this just hands your opponent an advantage and I guess he dosn't have that luxury. Sent from my ST18i using PL Forum
  2. Only recently started to log into the forum again and I'm not very familiar with the characters here in the tennis section but I think a ban may be harsh Atko. I don't think he has to prove himself but maybe he sometimes feels he does (hence his gunslinger style) but we can all agree his tips are excellent and his input appreciated by many myself included. There seems to be many good tennis betters here. You seem a bit older and wiser Atko I'm sure he'll take your advice onboard.He's ok. We all have different ways of putting things across. Sent from my ST18i using PL Forum
  3. Ruffin tb Dusan Lojda @ 4/9 in Ostrava Chardy tb Ilhan 2-0 @ 10/11 in Tunisia Lopez tb Tonic @ 4/6 in Munich Treble over 7/2 Stake €25 I guess all 3 picks can go wrong and sorry I can't give much insight but in theory all 3 should win if they serve well although Tomic is a real threat to Lopez. Small stake of £25 on the treble. Good luck with everyone's picks today awkward fixtures this week. Sent from my ST18i using PL Forum
  4. Kerber tb Wozniaki @5/4 stake £50 at Stuttgart I guess Kerber is one of the form players atm. The other one is very blonde and I can't see much evidence that she is spectacular on this surface. Its a gamble but I think the fav is worth taking on in this match. Sent from my ST18i using PL Forum
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League > Tuesday 5 April Dissapointed obviously. Anyone lucky enough to take Schalke pre match @ 11/2? Lord knows what they were at 1-0 or 2-1 down!
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 6 April Anyone else think that apart from a half dozen matches at the start of the Premier league season Chelsea look predictable? Ballack & Deco were luxury players but i think they added important weight and depth in Midfield especially in the CL. I'm a Utd fan but i hate watching Utd play away games in the CL. Always the same tired, negative 4-5-1 with Rooney on the left . Chances are though Taggart does the same thing here yet again. It dosn't help Utd and i think the only way he beats Chelsea is 4-4-2 with Scholes and Fletcher in the middle with Valencia & Nani out wide , Rooney Berba up front. Can't bring myself to back Utd though knowing how negative Fergie lines up. In the league there are always goals (over 2.5) between these sides and nearly always 2-1 to Chelsea ,not sure about the Cl though, this could be a very catious boring game.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League > Tuesday 5 April Watching the match Madrid v Lyon i should really have been impressed by the score 4-0 to Madrid but i wasn't. Lyon had some good chances in that game , chances i think Spurs would have gobbled up. Marcello the right back who scored the goal looked supremley dodgey when defending (imagine what Lennon could do to him) , in fact they're entire defence looked gutless including the keeper. Also Madrid gave the ball away as much as they've ever done. The price on Tottenham +1 looks amazing . This is a team who really take to this competition and would much rather play Madrid than Wigan anyway. I think the price on Spurs+1 is around 15/8 and this is worth taking. Madrid are no Barcelona, not even close.
  8. Re: EURO 2012 Qualifiers - Saturday 26 March I agree that Ireland will 'probably' win but as you say the injuries especially in defence are massive. Westwood's 1st competitive start in goal- maybe i'm being pessamistic but i just don't think he's a very competent goalkeeper and most of our 1-0 wins (of which there are quite a few ) have been largely down to Shay Given. Dunne will start but hasn't played in weeks. Kilbane is slow and Foley& O'dea are risky at this(international) level. Not alot of people exactly queing up to back Ireland @ 4/9 over here. Team is built on defence (which isn't at a safe level) and fighting spirit (which is effective against teams in the top tier of football but hardly relevent or necessary against a team like Macadonia). Don't know much about Macadonia but there is a good chance they will have more of the ball than us (because of our akward tactics and fear of passing the ball ). Keane might be a little ring rusty and possibly hinder us until he's substituted for Long. Wouldn't rule Macadonia out of scoring a goal here. I'd back Ireland at 4/7 no probs but 4/9 considering our injuries just feels like a scam to me. Might have a look at the overs for more value but undecided yet . England -1 @ 6/5 is the only thing i see against Wales . England suffer the same passing deficencies as all the teams on these shores despite the big names, and against competent continental teams they can come unstuck. I can't see this happening against Wales . I can see alot of posession for England here against a team who have bigger ball retention issues of their own. I think Rooney can be reborn here and England can take off the shakles associated with Wembley. I have a gut feeling for Italy to beat Slovenia. If Italy can score here they have the defence to shut the hosts out. I know how good Slovenia are and i originaly thought that they were value @ 5/2 but i have done a uturn here cause i expect the Italians to start playing with pride again, they still have decent players and match winners and i'm unsure if Slovenia's defence can hold them out for 90mins . Obviously the draw is a big concern. Loving Albania +1 against Belarus.
  9. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday 17 March Cheers yea im not really sure now. If they win with a clean sheet they progress but its unlikley . Considering overs even over 3.5 goals at 12/5 but my betting has gone well south latley. Its asking for trouble i think.
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 9 March I can't see Milan winning , just too many problems. They had their chance in the first leg and If Spurs get an early goal here Milan's spirits could drop and they may resort to rugby tackles and roundhousing. They're best chance of scoring imo is a corner or set piece and i can see them targeting Gomez as such. Spurs will need Crouch and tough defending to help prevent this as Gomez can be such a dumbass at times. I think Roma could tire easily as well if things don't start off well. Huge task for both Italian teams and i'll give the home sides a try. Spurs Shaktar double i think is fair value. Good luck.
  11. Re: UEFA Europa League > 22-24 Feb What an absolutley disgusting card. Couldn't be having Liverpool or any of the home teams at those odds. Rangers are the kind of tight, gritty scroungy team who can go to Portugal and bring it into extra time at least, so maybe a theres +1 hcap there but im not sure about the rest. Half of these games will end in draws and the other half in narrow 1 goal home wins. Couldn't trust Benfica away either after last week (Still sore about them not covering the goal hcap in a 44/1 acca) but i think that sums up Europa leauge. Taking 2 or 3 valuless home wins in a multi-bet at evens or above is madness guys. This is Europa leauge the twilight zone of football.
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 23 February Decidedly underwhelmed by both ties. May have a small bet on under 1.5 goals in france. Rooney will be shunned to the left and the team as an away fixture rule, will be sent out to bore Marseille to death.
  13. Re: Rugby League: Super League Round 2 & National Rail Cup Judging from last season i would say off hand that Warrington look great with -6 hcap v Hull kr. Wolves lost against the giants last week and maybe there is an overeaction to that defeat here, i was expecting at least -10 tbh. I don't know have warrington lost players in the off-season? Or have Hull Kr improved that much? All i know is that last season the line would have read -10 or -12 for a wolves home match.
  14. Re: Magners Celtic League-Aironi vs Dragons Hey man. I personally thought about taking Aironi with a +4 handicap at 10/11 . This is the only bet that would even tempt me. But i'm not betting cause its the worst time to bet on Magners league. Too many players off on 6 nations and the ones that do come back for club duty don't get time to gel with team mates. This is why there are so many disjointed tripe matches at the moment. Leinster are tripe without their star players so i wasn't surprised that Aironi nearly beat them last week in Ireland. I really don't think dragons warrant the 1/2 odds here and you would have too think Aironi at home and boosted by their last week display might even win. But thats just my opinion.
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