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  1. Just like to say Well played Jezza and also to Doddsy and Topnotchbloke. Thanks to all who took part and 'watched'. Hopefully this will only be the start and we can attract more players as time goes on. I think its typical of the Punters Lounge that this was such a success, the people we have on board are just terrific. I hope the Poker Forum continues to help us all improve our game. Thanks BH.
  2. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Well Done GETT1N, knew you'd make it
  3. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Cheers guys but no big deal to set this up. I was wondering will you be able to have both tables on view at once?
  4. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Hi Norfolk, looks like 10 was needed to kick off. I can relax a bit now, thought it may be a washout. Thanks to all.
  5. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) 9 entered already, still says places paid 0?? Hope they let us play!
  6. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Nice trophy Jezza! Couldnt you find a Gold Bracelet It could be the start of the WSOP(L) Worls Series Of Punters Lounge 2005 I'll see if i can the Devilfish to register!! See you all later
  7. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) I was wondering about ordering drinks too!! I saw some had a fag on in the ashtrays, that'll be me on Saturday. Like the stats screen as well, it saves direct to excel so you can keep records and then automotically adds to it the next time you play. Sussed out how to screen capture so will hopefully be able to publish the official result. Cheers Tipstar for your spirit and support.
  8. Re: Golf -Mercedes Championship I take Ernie Els,(11/2) has all the credentials, long hitter, always plays well early in year, likes the course, can play the wind (although forecast quite good), and usually plays well when up against Tiger and Vijay. Had a bit of 22/1 E/W Mike Wier to be top International player, another player who is good early season, has played well the 4 times he's played here. Nice to have the Golf back lads.
  9. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Just testing to see if this works, should see screen capture of Tournament page.
  10. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Doesnt look like were going to get the required 20 players, just hope they let us play with however many turn up. Jezza Suzy Jay Topnotch Tufty FC Norfolk CJ MFC Mark Alien Laidback Wayne Doddsy Northern Red Anyone else??? I'll try and drum up some others.
  11. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Cheers Oskar, well done on your recent gains! I was a born pessamist so we'll wait and see, i'd love to run a regular PL tourney and the times, dates, success or failure is down to us. I'm sure you will hear all about it!! Maybe next time.
  12. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Tufty thats ok till saturday, i think it said 9% for the house so it will be $10 + 90cents entry fee? First 3 places get paid, the more enter the more we play for. Thanks mate. Anyone having difficulty in finding the tournament? I couldnt see the private tab for ages, still i am old and knackered! For anyone else; Select 'Tournament' tab from lobby. On new screen look towards bottom and among the multi-coloured screen the tabs show Multi,STT and so on, Private tab is on that row. Select that and another screen comes up with all the private ones on t
  13. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Your welcome Northern Red, solo is accepted, ive just checked. Try to open your account before saturday if possible coz if i remember rightly they have to send you an email to activate it, dont want people doing it the last minute. Should offer you a bonus code, but if not put in 'first25' for a 25% bonus. You get your bonus after playing for so long but its free i suppose! We can register for the tourney after 6pm on the night. See you there.
  14. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tournament (2) Thanks to CJ and Tufty for joining our 'adventure' Right guys heres the latest news; Recieved e-mail below from The Poker site and the tables are all set up and ready to go. Just had a look and it seems registration opens 2hrs before tournament begins. Also had a look at other private tournaments and some have been played with less than the 20 player requirement, so it looks like we'll be ok but obviously we want as many as possible to make it more enjoyable. Tournament is called : P.Lounge (can only use 9 letters so couldnt call it Punters Loung
  15. Thought i'd start a new thread as the other one is a bit confusing now. Venue : Paradise Poker Date : Sat Jan 8th - 8pm Game : No Limit Taxas Hold'em Buy-In: $10 Info on Starting Chips, Blinds, Password will follow. Upto date we have 10 Definites, 4 Maybe's and 2 No Shows. We need 20 players minimum to be able to play at Paradise, so anyone else would be more than welcome. Players in so far; MFC Mark BillyHills Jezza AlienSyndm Norfolk Laidbackbloke Topnotchbloke (no relation?) Waynemcke Doddsy Jay Maybe's to be confirmed; Dave George StaffordRangersFan Northern Red Cant make
  16. Re: Online Poker Tournaments, where do you go? I plat at William Hill's and Betfair mainly, i like the fact that you can play in sterling, some sites only deal in dollars, nothing major but just a little extra i prefer. Also like the feel of the software at those places and its not that difficult to get in the prize money on the STT's if your paitent. Worked for Hills for 10yrs so i may be biased!!
  17. Re: Hello Everyone Hi NorthernRed, Welcome back mate, have a look at the tournament were trying to set up, your more than welcome to join us. Cheers BH
  18. Dont know if this will be of any use to you; http://www.homepokergames.com/spreadsheet.php Allows you to keep a record of your tournaments etc..
  19. Re: Punter's Lounge Poker Tournament Good stuff Topnotch, i think you can use "first25" as a code also. 6 in 14 to go. Need to book table at least 48hrs before start so we have about a week to recruit.
  20. Re: Punter's Lounge Poker Tournament Dont worry mate, quite a few of us are just first year apprentices, with the odd shark or two, be a good laugh and who knows may become a regular thing, its up to us really. Definites BillyHills Jezza MFC Mark (thanks for your help) Aliensyndm Laidbackbloke Got a couple of mates who are going to join PL in the new year anyaway now we have a poker section, so i'll get them to register with PL asap. I'm sure they will play.
  21. Re: Punter's Lounge Poker Tournament I make it 12 people have expressed an interest so far, we now need confirmations for Saturday Jan 8th, 8pm. BillyHills Norfolk Jezza MFC Mark Dave Topnotchbloke Oskar George Jay MrMuzeman Laidbackbloke StaffordRangersFan So we need another 8 at least, thats if the above will play? If you can definitely play in the following please state below. If you deffo cant then let us know also. Texas Hold'em No Limit Jan 8th at 8pm Be able to open account at Paradise Poker $10 entry fee (minimum on that site) Switch/Maestro/Visa/Mastercard all accepted.
  22. Re: Punter's Lounge Poker Tournament Paradise Poker looks ok and accepts Switch/Maestro Tournaments start at $10 We just need to get at least 20 players interested. What's the chance in that lads?
  23. Re: Punter's Lounge Poker Tournament I'll keep searching Jezza, but so far cant find any sites that will entertain us that use switch! Laddies told me they dont do private tourneys? So did VChandler. Some other sites either only allow players that have been members for ages or only do Single Tables which isnt what i had in mind. Other problem with pokertropolis is that its $20 minimum deposit. I'll keep trying.
  24. Re: Punter's Lounge Poker Tournament Ok lads, Saturday 8th January looks like a good starting point and we have to make some definite decisions sooner or later. Not bothered about the stakes but origionally thoughts to keep it low to create enough interest. I'm thinking bragging rights after the event would be reward enough for the first one! Let me know, majority rules. So Anybody interested in: Texas Hold'em No Limit Tournament Venue; Pokertropolis.com Date; Saturday January 8th 2005 8pm Buy-In; $5 or $10 plus 10% to site. (any thoughts on this, not sure what people usually play for
  25. Ok guys, after my initial post about Private Poker Tables, there seems to be enough of us interested in having a go at this thing. Never done it before but i'm willing to try and set it all up unless someone else has the know how, experience, time etc... Downloaded the Software from http://www.pokertropolis.com/privatetable.asp and had a look at the tables, looks ok to me. Read the rules about setting up Tourney and it appears fairly straight forward. Can only see a couple of problems; (1) All players will obviously have to register with the site, (Use Punters Lounge usernames) which mea
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