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  1. Re: Punters Lounge Poker II Result Sounds a great idea lads, i like the scoring method also. Would the scoring count on every tournament, what i mean by that is that obviously people cant make it every time or would it be the best so many scores taken into account, the other thing is that newcomers will be disadvantaged by playing less tournaments, so something like the best 7 scores out of last 10 and you can drop the three worst scores or no shows. Thanks for the concern TNB (and the idea) but i dont mind doing the calculations and knocking up a table, its no problem. I'll look at the t
  2. Re: Slightly bigger tourny proposal Best of luck with this Dave but its not what im in favour of. In my experience the more money involved the more serious things get and i dont mind playing strangers for that money but i make a point in not playing friends when the stakes are high. Seen to many bad losers and broken friendships in my time at Hill's. $50 may not seem high to you but it takes the fun out of it for me and that's what i intended to create with the tournaments, something i think we have achieved and want to continue. By all means give it a go, but you will need at leat 10 def
  3. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Cheers guys, a shade fortunate to come 2nd and beaten by the best player on the night so no hard luck stories from me. Had several problems with server tonight which is worrying, and the Paradise site was down also, so maybe that had something to do with it. Couldnt play in quite a few hands and had to keep logging back in?? Super effort in getting Alien and Staffy into the tournament which just shows why this is the best Forum around. Thanks to those that helped them. Most enjoyable and a pleasure to be apart of! i'll put up a thread next week and see w
  4. Well done to Doddsy who takes the second Punters Lounge Poker Classic. Thanks to all who played, maybe next time we can make 3 tables. Cheers BH, (who was slightly jammy on the flops tonight, i might add.)
  5. Re: First Poker Tournament Win Very well played Staff, bet you felt fantastic.
  6. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Thats a thought Heniek, that could be the next Challenge. We'll drum up some players from that forum.
  7. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II How you doing BLUEHEART Hows the connection this time?
  8. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Good man GETT1N, what a team we are!
  9. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Ive sent one too
  10. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II What do you exactly need? I have the setup file but how can you use that?
  11. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II I agree with eqinoxx, maybe it would lead to a lot of 'sitting out' hands. Its paradise that stipulate the registration time not us and dont worry about the 20 player thing. You can have as many players as you want but technically you are supposed to have a MINIMUM of 20 players for the game to start, but i think in reality its 10 players before the game can go ahead, otherwise its cancelled immediately. Last time the prize pool didnt show up until the 10th player registered. I suppose they need to get so much 'cut' to make it worthwhile. I'll be there aft
  12. Re: Celebrity Big Brother (betting) Anybody heard if McCririck is going back in! Only 25's to be top man compared to Jeremy 600/1 Only 400's to win compared to all other evictees 1000/1 Surely they wouldnt would they!
  13. Re: $1000 Freeroll Bet365 @ 4pm Standing at 1192nd at the break, not many chips left!!!!
  14. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Just looking at the table above, on the submit form the buy-in is a minimum of $10, but there seems to be some flexibility in this with some lower buy-ins. The one that interests me is the 'free' one. No not because i'm a tight old git, but i'm thinking if we could possibly get a sponsor to put up some prize money and have 'free' entry tournament, advertise it all over the board, we could get a bumper turnout. The chances are the new people may play again in one of our regular ones. Just thought about the $10 minimum to open account at Paradise, maybe that
  15. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Great response so far, tournament now showing on site.
  16. Hi people, just to let you all know i've set up the table for this Sunday at 7pm. Recieved following email last night although i cant see tournament listed as yet. ___________________________________________________________ Hello Graham, Your private tournament P. Lounge, is now all set up under the Private tab within tournaments. Your password and details are as per your request below! Please ensure the time is correct for your region - to check this in advance you can pull up that Tournament Window. We can make any changes to the time if necessary! Please let us know if we can be of an
  17. Re: Tournament Advice please Hi LadyLuck, welcome on board, in answer to your question which is a very familiar one and one many of us have sought a solution at some time, is simply by playing more and more and watching and learning from your mistakes and noticing why the players against you are more successful? Its quite common in a STT that most players play as you do, begin playing very tight in hope to get to the 'cash' stages, unfortunately the usual scenario is that after getting there you have few chips in which to play aggressively to actually go on and win the thing. The solution
  18. Re: Favourite Poker Site I like Billy Hills also, a bit biased maybe, but i do like the feel of the place. Also Betfair i enjoy and obviously getting used to Paradise. Only one place i cant get on with is Laddies, cant put my finger on it but prefer not to play there.
  19. Re: Next PL Poker Tournament? Oskar, never had to do that before, you must be a marked man! I have heard about showing proof with some credit cards though.
  20. BillyHills

    Folding AA

    Re: Folding AA Hope this helps.
  21. Re: Next PL Poker Tournament? Just like to say for some of those that missed the previous threads, the reason we chose ParadisePoker is that the leading sites like Ladbrokes, Hills, Betfair, Bet365 etc do not have a facility for private tables. Have a look its easy to set up and most found the gameplay to be adequate if not quite good. (accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo etc..) Some really good replies here lads, my first thoughts are these; Maybe we should try a Sunday this time for those that coudnt do Saturday last time out, and most people are in favour of that day anyway. Mark, is
  22. Re: Punters Lounge Tournament Result I used a software programme called SnagIt. It can capture and edit any part of the screen your browsing. Didnt know you could do it the other way, will try it next time. Cheers
  23. Re: BillyHills & CrazySuzy (& anyone else in Leicester) GETT1N, We have been to the Gala to have a look round and was impressed, while there we asked about Texas tournaments and they said the room wasnt ready yet. A friend of mine went last night and asked again and was told it will be in about a months time. Buy-in's from only a fiver, 4 rebuys first 90mins. There will obviously be higher stakes also, but i'm an internet player only, apart from the casual game with friends, so 'live' tourneys are something i want to try but i'll keep to low stakes for now. We will deffo be pleased
  24. Well i think we got away with the Tournament dont you? I think we should keep discussions open about another tournament while everyone has it fresh in their minds and are enthusiastic. I'd hate to think of it just fading away and being a one-off. In the threads leading up to Sat, we had various suggestions and preferences for the best time to play. Some said a weekday would be best and some said Sunday's. I changed the day to Saturday for this one because one or two said Sunday was out. So we need some feedback from everyone on whats the best way to go. I am most flexible-apparently? so i'l
  25. Re: Golf -Mercedes Championship Think we are doing ok between us, weather supposed to be a bit more testing today. http://www.paddypower.com/bet method=post target=betslip>Selection PricesSingh, V (-19) 8 - 11Els, E (-17) 11 - 4Kaye, J (-18) 6 - 1Cink, S (-16) 12 - 1Woods, T (-14) 16 - 1Appleby, S (-15) 25 - 1Weir, M (-15) 25 - 1Goosen, R (-12) 80 - 1Taylor, V (-13) 100 - 1Garcia, S (-11) 125 - 1Campbell, C (-12) 150 - 1
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