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*** Punchestown Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. Craig Bluenose, 2nd. Lee Grays & 3rd. Carole Dawney ***
** April Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Rob Valk, 3rd McG **
** Last Man Standing Results - glavintoby & Redno2009 both win £125 **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Sugardaddyken, 2nd TRAINMAD091, 3rd Harry Faint99, 4th Gary66. KO Cup Winner Waggy, Most Winners: Xtc12 **


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  1. Re: Are we playing Thursday? Zeberdee1, Dont worry about those Yanks, it happens to everyone, maybe next time turn the comments to off and then you wont know what there saying. They think they know the game better than us and get upset when they get beat, a bit like life in general really. Many of us are novices at Texas and only started playing in the last year so dont feel intimidated, just play your own style and see if you can learn by any mistakes you make. If you watched last time you could see the friendly banter going on and although we take it serious its not the end of the world if you fail either. Punter66, i would urge you to come along and give it a go, its the only way to learn, if you feel your not ready then download the software anyway and come and watch. Youll find us on the Tournament section under the private tab. Go for it i say, you'll have fun. See you all after 6 tomorrow.

  2. Re: Free Play Poker sites? Kiko, welcome mate. You can play with 'virtual' money on any site you choose. The most popular are Ladbrokes, Hills, Bet365, Betfair, PartyPoker...... Its purely down to your own feel of the software, i prefer Hills/Betfair but it what you get used to. If you want to start playing for very small stakes then have a look at Bet365 or PartyPoker. You can play on their for next to nowt.

  3. Re: Are we playing Thursday? Mr.Onemore, the form you have to submit actually states you cant set up a private table if less than 20 players are going to register, but we have since found out that as long as 10 turn up the tournament will go ahead otherwise its cancelled by them. There is no limit to the amount of players accepted, i wanted to get more than 20 so we had 3 tables going at the same time, but we havnt achieved that yet. Difficult to agree with everyones schedule, which is why we are trying it on a midweek slot this time. Hope you can make it, theres always room for one-more!!! (sorry, couldnt resist)

  4. Re: The right play? Wayne just put some hands into calculator and it came out like this. If player 1 had AA and player 2 had QJ The odds were; AA 35.7%, QJ 36% and your hand 28.3% If both players had QJ The odds were; 30.5% for them and 39.1% for you. Interesting!

  5. Re: The right play? Wayne, what did the other two players actually have? I might have took one player on but with both going all-in i think i might have gave it a miss, on the reckoning that at least one of them had me well beat. On the other hand it made it a very valuable pot and maybe too good an opportunity to let go. Anyway mate well done for having the balls to carry it off!

  6. Re: What's Paradise Poker like for getting money in and out? RDPVN, Not heard of any major probs in setting up account, only that Capital One cards wont be accepted due to the gambling restriction placed on them. According to Paradise it takes 3-7 days to credit the cash back, but only the amount you invested, the rest by cheque. Not sure if thats normal. Jez will know more on that score. The bonus code is 'FIRST 25'. Paradise is not ideal in a few ways but thats the only one that has the Private facility to suit us at the moment, thats accepts switch. Paul says PartyPoker also does but cant find any information out as yet. Maybe difficult to move now coz most of the guys have paradise accounts and not sure if they would all open further accounts. We'll see. Get yourself sorted for Thursday and join us.

  7. Been a while since anyone mentioned the next tournament. I know some wanted to try a midweek slot and Thursday was agreed as the quietest time. Do you want me to set one up for this Thursday at 8pm? I need to give them 48hrs notice so lets say Monday PM as the deadline to make a decision. Cheers BH

  8. Re: Pocket Cards Must say that Queens seem to be my 'lucky' cards, cant remember ever getting beat with QQ. My unlucky hand that sticks in my memory is A10, suited or not.

  9. Re: Next PL 10$ Tourney? Hi Darlo, its seems ages since i heard from you. As Jezza said we have to give at least 48hrs notice to book the table but i'm open minded about when we play. We could try a midweek one, what about a Wed/Thur night. Thursday may be better as no footy to distract folk. See ya later

  10. Re: Punters Lounge Poker II Result Sounds a great idea lads, i like the scoring method also. Would the scoring count on every tournament, what i mean by that is that obviously people cant make it every time or would it be the best so many scores taken into account, the other thing is that newcomers will be disadvantaged by playing less tournaments, so something like the best 7 scores out of last 10 and you can drop the three worst scores or no shows. Thanks for the concern TNB (and the idea) but i dont mind doing the calculations and knocking up a table, its no problem. I'll look at the two we have had and show how we would be standing right now. Cheers BH

  11. Re: Slightly bigger tourny proposal Best of luck with this Dave but its not what im in favour of. In my experience the more money involved the more serious things get and i dont mind playing strangers for that money but i make a point in not playing friends when the stakes are high. Seen to many bad losers and broken friendships in my time at Hill's. $50 may not seem high to you but it takes the fun out of it for me and that's what i intended to create with the tournaments, something i think we have achieved and want to continue. By all means give it a go, but you will need at leat 10 definites to start. I also posted in the other forum and got no repies? I can be one of them there 'watchers' for a change! Cheers BH

  12. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Cheers guys, a shade fortunate to come 2nd and beaten by the best player on the night so no hard luck stories from me. Had several problems with server tonight which is worrying, and the Paradise site was down also, so maybe that had something to do with it. Couldnt play in quite a few hands and had to keep logging back in?? Super effort in getting Alien and Staffy into the tournament which just shows why this is the best Forum around. Thanks to those that helped them. Most enjoyable and a pleasure to be apart of! i'll put up a thread next week and see who wants to play what day etc... Cheers BH

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