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  1. Re: Punters Lounge Poker IV Unless we get an avalanche of late votes for Sat, it looks like 7pm Sunday for our next tournament. Sorry if anyone is unable to make it, buts its so hard to arrange these things and please everyone. For the one after this i think its best just to publish a date like Mr O said well in advance then we all have equal chance to make room for it in our schedules. Thursday March 10th, 8pm was suggested.

  2. Re: I'm having a home tournament.... The answer to that is to have a starting point for the Final Table no matter what. For instance if you start the normal tables at 25/50 (not sure what chip value you are using?) and by the time the four are eliminated the blinds have reached 200/400. You could still make it plain to everyone that the Final Table will begin at say 100/200. That way everyone knows the score from the start. You could even up the tables but i dont like doing this for various reasons, my pet hate in online poker also.

  3. Re: Punters Lounge Poker IV I dont mind either, but if we choose Sunday i would prefer an earlier start time. 6pm or 7pm would be better for me. See what everyone else says. Saturday 8pm Sunday 7pm Either of these i can make.

  4. Hi guys, times going by without any definite decisions about next game. What about this Saturday at 8pm? The last two have been Sunday and Thursday and this gives everyone a chance who missed last time. Jezz are you going to set this up or do you want me to do it? We have until Thursday to register. What do you want to do with password?? Let me know ASAP. Cheers BH

  5. Re: I'm having a home tournament.... No, everyone carried forward their chips, this made it more realistic to the tournaments we see on TV, and lets face it thats why the popularity of 'texas' is where it is today. It was a really good atmosphere, like a poker party, with the players bringing their own refreshments, food etc.. We even had 5minute fag/toilet breaks. When the final 8 were known, we drew for seats and had a proper chip count so everyone knew where they were in the tournament. The 8 that didnt make it played a £5 tournament along side to try and get their cash back. Our prize money was slightly different, we awarded £10 for reaching the Final Table and then split the rest between top 3 finishers. As time went on we printed out a rule sheet in case of disputes, its amazing how things crop up and if you dont have a ready answer then it can become argumentative, like when 'bum' deals are done, players plays out of turn etc.... I got all the print-outs from this site. They even have a 'hand ranking' pintout that can be laminated and stuck up somewhere because we were encouraging beginners this was useful. http://www.homepokertourney.com/sheets.htm Hope this helps. Cheers BH

  6. Re: I'm having a home tournament.... Hi mate, I was involved in very similar game myself and its always difficult to arrange so everything falls just right. We did exactly what you suggest with 4 from each table qualifying for final table, amazingly both tables ran at the same pace and no-one was hanging about for too long. One thing we did once was raise the blinds when someone got eliminated instaed of on the clock. That works also and you are in more control of the blinds and keeps in pace with the chips people have left. Just a thought. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  7. Re: Justice!! Well done mate, thought you'd left us for a minute. Have a look at the thread that MrO put up and see what you think about this weekend for a tourney.

  8. Re: When do i raise my game ? Hi lads, glad to see your learning how to master this great game. I think your problem is very common, we all start off playing for fun money and then progress to the small stakes tables. Its true that on a table of 10 players you will always find one or two that either play every hand or go all-in almost from the off. With experience of playing a lot more, and i mean a lot more, you will be able to read the other players very early on in a tournament and be able to distinguish the chancers from the players. I would not get involved with these players over the first few hands unless i had something to play with, and when you do make sure you make them pay all the way to the river. If your paitent these guys will soon be on low chips and then you can take advantage, no-one wins by playing every hand. I think its all relative, $5 to someone may be nothing and will just try and double up early on with anything, even in the higher stakes tables you will still get these players but not so many. Its the same with betting, in my time as a manager i had punters that bet £20 a race and thought nothing of it, other would bet 50p E/W every race and get well pissed off if they lost. Its the same with poker, the difference is though that sometimes believe it or not its better to play against better players, i suppose some would say thats because the game is played 'properly' by better players and therefore its easier to read. If you have a look at some of the other threads im sure a better explanation is around here somewhere. Why dont you sign up to our league and play our next tournament, its fun and relaxed and you can learn a lot. Best of luck guys.

  9. Re: Suggestion - Provisional PL Tournament Calendar Good idea Mr.O, as ive said previously i can make just about anytime at all. Not mentioned the next one coz Jezza seemed to have it in hand, i know he's on a standby pc at the minute so it might be difficult for him to post? Ive always thought a fixture list was the way to go and did mention it when the league was dreamt up. I feel it gives people plenty of notice to arrange things and lets face it we are never going to please everyone, but if we rotate it then its gives everyone a fair chance of playing. The only thing i can see that may be slightly altered is the fact you have no Saturdays planned. I know when we suggested the first Sunday tournament we ended up changing it to a Sat by request. See what the people say. If Jezz is unable to set up the table for the next one i'll sort it no problem. Cheers BH

  10. Re: If anyone needs any help .. Mockler, know Stockton quite well, i worked on Portrack Lane for about 5yrs when i lived in Hartlepool, and a couple of my mates lived at Thornaby. Good times!! You seem to be doing ok since you took up Poker, the figures you mention though are just a fantasy compared with what i play for. I prefer the STT's, i just feel more comfortable, but what do you consider the advantages of playing 'cash' games, its something i think by reading posts like yours, Gettin's and Jezza's that i must now consider. Thanks for the input and keep us in touch with your progress.

  11. Re: Next PL Game Punter, i must say you played better than 22nd, if that makes sense? I thought you did well and im glad you enjoyed the experience. One thing is certain, the more you play the better you will get, so try and play at some of the low stake sites as often as possible. I'm far from being an expert (started playing August last year) and hate giving too much advice as i have lots to learn myself, but one thing i did notice is that you played a big percentage of hands. Have a look at this link and the chart in the menu on the left, it may help it may not. Good luck anyway. http://www.lowlimitholdem.com/StartingHands.htm

  12. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8 Mockler, just to outline something for you, we here at the Punters Lounge have been trying for a while to get a 'Poker' section on this very busy forum. When Paul (the owner) agreed a few of us tried our best to build up the traffic and steadily got it to where we are today, which i think is very informative and fun at the same time. None of us pretend to better or worse than each other although some play it for a living like Jezza and some are just learning the game like Punter66, we all help and treat each other as equal. We treat every newcomer to the Lounge with respect and welcome any new faces with advice the best we can. If you look at the time and effort people like Jez put in to help the 'novices' it will give you an idea who we are and what we are about. The PLounge private games is what all this has lead to and we all think its a great success, last night was our third tournament but the first time we had intruders from elsewhere gatecrashing our game. I can understand the willingness from our members that outsiders should fail after all the hard work building this thing and it was unfortunate. I will admit to being relieved when the last outsider was eliminated, not because i want anybody to lose but to what effect it would have had on future games we hold. I hope you stick around and contribute to the forum, it will be interesting to hear your views from the 'professional' side of things and im sure will be a great help to others, just bear in mind what i said about we all treat each other as equal, we never ridicule what may seem obvious to others, we here to increase our membership so tournaments like last night will be even more enjoyable to an even wider audience. Welcome to the lounge my friend Cheers BH

  13. Re: Next PL Game I agree with equinoxx, we should maybe change the password. Dont think its necessary to keep it secret on here as the intruders were paradise players looking for 'an easy few bucks' something they probrably do all the time. Didnt reckon with Mr Onemore and others though did they, or the talent the PL has!! Jez if you want to organise the next one use this link, just dont forget to knock off 5hrs for uk time. I'll play anytime but agree with Norfolk about alternating it. http://www.paradisepoker.com/tournaments/private_tournaments.html

  14. Re: PL Poker League + Top Money Winners Great work Jezza, i think as time goes on the table will really take shape, and i like the 'order of merit' style prize money table. If and when we do have the odd 'big' stake game this will be like a 'major' in golf that would i presume carry a nice winners prize. We could have $15, $20, $25 anything you like. Bearing in mind we dont want to put people off but also the opportunity in playing for more. When we playing next?

  15. Re: Hunter Chase Season Striker, do you ever go to Point to Points? Thinking of going to Garthorpe when a meeting is on next month. Are you backing these selections by the way? The only reason i ask is that minimum stake on Betfair is £2, so just wondered how it works. Best of luck, good start anyway, keep it up.

  16. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8 Who was Mockey and DLowe?? I know there were 3 from elsewhere NRed, PB and D.Rock. Gettin, someone came on chat and asked password and they were given it, i think thats what MrO was owning up to. Just glad they didnt win any cash. We will know for next time.

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