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*** Cheltenham Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. Skittle, 2nd. glavintobuy & 3rd. Cragwood ***
** March Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd andybell666, 3rd ian309 **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MABS, 2nd PercyP, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Catijohn, 5th runadrum **
** March Naps Competition Result: 1st GARY66, 2nd TRAINMAD091, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th MICK33. KO Cup Winner SILVER FOX, Most Winners: ALASTAIR **


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  1. Re: Punters Lounge IV Tournament Just recieved this; ______________________________________________________________ Hello Graham, Thanks for your patience and note. In almost all cases private events are posted within 24 hours of the request so we apologizer for this delay! Your tournament, as per your details below, are now posted for game play today at 2 pm EST. Enjoy! Lara Paradise Tournaments _________________________________________________________________ At last, sorry about the panic. Register from 5pm
  2. Re: Punters Lounge IV Tournament I have now sent 4 emails and keep getting replies that are not much use. They say your querie will be passed on to the department concerned. I even went back onto the Tournament submission page and re-applied for the tournament expalining this was just a copy of a tournament they had on Thursday morning. Last resort emailed the marketing department and still awaiting reply. Have a funny feeling this aint going to happen. Really sorry if this is the case, but ive done nothing different to any other time and thats been sweet thus far. I'll obviously let you kn
  3. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Competition Yes, good point Bowles, All bets will be at SP, and regardless of 'bookies' rules all E/W bets will be 1/4 odds, i think most bookies pay that anyway at Cheletenham. Places paid will still apply as per bookies though. i.e; 5-7 runners 1-2, 8-15 1-2-3, over 16 first 4. Non handicaps first 3. Good response so far so looks like we'll go ahead, thanks for the offer of help, i'll shout up if i get stuck, but i'm off work that week so should be organised. Any other things i come up with i'll post here for discussion. Thanks again BH
  4. Hi, just had words with Jezza about the password drama of the last tourney. I've slightly changed it for this time hoping to shake off those idiots that joined in before. We both agree that they dont visit us here and just hover about Paradise and hope to gatecrash there way in. With that in mind we think that its ok to put it on here for you guys and ask for it not to be given out to anybody unless logged in to this site. If anybody asks on Paradise, please ignore them. Tournament: PLoungeIV Password: punters4 Just a word, i havnt had confirmation about the tournament being accepted yet a
  5. With Cheltenham fast approaching, just wondered if anyone would be interested in a 'fun' tipping competition. Cant offer a prize, only the title of 'Champion Tipster' and bragging rites on the PL. Suggested Format Select 3 horses each day of the Festival. 10pts win on first selection 5pts win on second selection 5pts E/W on third selection Total 25pts to bet on each day (100pts in total) This way we get to pick our 'nap', 'next best', and best 'E/W' value bet. At the end of each day I will settle all the bets and produce a league table. All Each way bets will be settled at 1/4
  6. Re: Suggestion - Provisional PL Tournament Calendar Yes Norfolk, i think this is the way to go, it saves all the posts asking who's available and then changing at last minute. If we all know well in advance than noone can have any complaints, and obviously everyone wont play every tournament but at least we can try and rearange any other commitments to suit. See what Jez thinks but i'm in favour.
  7. Re: Punters Lounge Poker IV Yes Darlo, i will submit the form today. Sunday 7pm. See you all then, register from 5pm.
  8. Re: Punters Lounge Poker IV Unless we get an avalanche of late votes for Sat, it looks like 7pm Sunday for our next tournament. Sorry if anyone is unable to make it, buts its so hard to arrange these things and please everyone. For the one after this i think its best just to publish a date like Mr O said well in advance then we all have equal chance to make room for it in our schedules. Thursday March 10th, 8pm was suggested.
  9. Re: I'm having a home tournament.... The answer to that is to have a starting point for the Final Table no matter what. For instance if you start the normal tables at 25/50 (not sure what chip value you are using?) and by the time the four are eliminated the blinds have reached 200/400. You could still make it plain to everyone that the Final Table will begin at say 100/200. That way everyone knows the score from the start. You could even up the tables but i dont like doing this for various reasons, my pet hate in online poker also.
  10. Re: Punters Lounge Poker IV I dont mind either, but if we choose Sunday i would prefer an earlier start time. 6pm or 7pm would be better for me. See what everyone else says. Saturday 8pm Sunday 7pm Either of these i can make.
  11. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. Spoke too soon, got caught on river with a straight when holding top 2 pair. Enjoyable though, running these regular if anyones interested. Top 100 go through to Masters Freeroll Final.
  12. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. On Paradise Masters Freeroll 3727 entrants, 647 left at break, hanging in at 207th. Chip leader has 55,000 to my 10,000!!!
  13. Hi guys, times going by without any definite decisions about next game. What about this Saturday at 8pm? The last two have been Sunday and Thursday and this gives everyone a chance who missed last time. Jezz are you going to set this up or do you want me to do it? We have until Thursday to register. What do you want to do with password?? Let me know ASAP. Cheers BH
  14. Re: I'm having a home tournament.... No, everyone carried forward their chips, this made it more realistic to the tournaments we see on TV, and lets face it thats why the popularity of 'texas' is where it is today. It was a really good atmosphere, like a poker party, with the players bringing their own refreshments, food etc.. We even had 5minute fag/toilet breaks. When the final 8 were known, we drew for seats and had a proper chip count so everyone knew where they were in the tournament. The 8 that didnt make it played a £5 tournament along side to try and get their cash back. Our prize
  15. Re: I'm having a home tournament.... Hi mate, I was involved in very similar game myself and its always difficult to arrange so everything falls just right. We did exactly what you suggest with 4 from each table qualifying for final table, amazingly both tables ran at the same pace and no-one was hanging about for too long. One thing we did once was raise the blinds when someone got eliminated instaed of on the clock. That works also and you are in more control of the blinds and keeps in pace with the chips people have left. Just a thought. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  16. BillyHills


    Re: Justice!! Well done Wayne, this place is flying at the minute. I suppose your next vacation will be Milan in a couple of weeks?
  17. BillyHills


    Re: Justice!! Well done mate, thought you'd left us for a minute. Have a look at the thread that MrO put up and see what you think about this weekend for a tourney.
  18. Re: Trainer Statistics - British Jumps - 2004/5 If you dont want to register just type the following. Username = sports password = sports Cheers BH
  19. Re: When do i raise my game ? Hi lads, glad to see your learning how to master this great game. I think your problem is very common, we all start off playing for fun money and then progress to the small stakes tables. Its true that on a table of 10 players you will always find one or two that either play every hand or go all-in almost from the off. With experience of playing a lot more, and i mean a lot more, you will be able to read the other players very early on in a tournament and be able to distinguish the chancers from the players. I would not get involved with these players over the
  20. Re: Suggestion - Provisional PL Tournament Calendar Good idea Mr.O, as ive said previously i can make just about anytime at all. Not mentioned the next one coz Jezza seemed to have it in hand, i know he's on a standby pc at the minute so it might be difficult for him to post? Ive always thought a fixture list was the way to go and did mention it when the league was dreamt up. I feel it gives people plenty of notice to arrange things and lets face it we are never going to please everyone, but if we rotate it then its gives everyone a fair chance of playing. The only thing i can see that ma
  21. Re: Computer fcuked Sorted Jezza, Anything else just shout up.
  22. Re: If anyone needs any help .. Mockler, know Stockton quite well, i worked on Portrack Lane for about 5yrs when i lived in Hartlepool, and a couple of my mates lived at Thornaby. Good times!! You seem to be doing ok since you took up Poker, the figures you mention though are just a fantasy compared with what i play for. I prefer the STT's, i just feel more comfortable, but what do you consider the advantages of playing 'cash' games, its something i think by reading posts like yours, Gettin's and Jezza's that i must now consider. Thanks for the input and keep us in touch with your progress.
  23. Re: Hunter Chase Season Jake, thanks for that mate, didnt realise. Striker, thought you might have layed the 'fav' after what you said ? Good decision, as good as backing a winner!!
  24. BillyHills

    Next PL Game

    Re: Next PL Game Punter, i must say you played better than 22nd, if that makes sense? I thought you did well and im glad you enjoyed the experience. One thing is certain, the more you play the better you will get, so try and play at some of the low stake sites as often as possible. I'm far from being an expert (started playing August last year) and hate giving too much advice as i have lots to learn myself, but one thing i did notice is that you played a big percentage of hands. Have a look at this link and the chart in the menu on the left, it may help it may not. Good luck anyway. http:
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