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*** Cheltenham Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. Skittle, 2nd. glavintobuy & 3rd. Cragwood ***
** March Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd andybell666, 3rd ian309 **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MABS, 2nd PercyP, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Catijohn, 5th runadrum **
** March Naps Competition Result: 1st GARY66, 2nd TRAINMAD091, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th MICK33. KO Cup Winner SILVER FOX, Most Winners: ALASTAIR **


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  1. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Comp. Update Thanks ONEDUNME for letting me know, hope you get it sorted out, if you get the chance to go on-line anywhere you can always put all your tips up at once. Cheers
  2. Re: PLounge V Result Yes, the reason we had to play a Paradise was the fact that no-one else would accomodate us, i agree the software isnt as good as Bet365, Betfair etc.. but i have got used to it and as Equinoxx says we are all registered there now. I heard Bet365 was starting Private tables so we'll see how it goes and what other members say. Not completely out of the question but i think we should stay where we are for the time being.
  3. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V Well done for giving it a go LadyLuck, i'd wondered where you had been. We have had some good games and tonights was no different, try to make the next one which is on Saturday March 26th at 8pm. Any wet fishy questions you have will be answered by one of our resident experts i'm sure. Cheers BH
  4. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V Been trying to teach her the game and she goes and knocks me out!!!!
  5. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V Tipstar, Blueheart is CrazySuzy. Played in all games so far, not come across her?
  6. Couldnt upload screenshot for some reason!! 1 Mr Onemore .............90.09 2 Blueheart (CrazySuzy).50.05 3 Equinnox..................34.03 4 Swampster...............26.03 5 Doddsy 6 Cheeesycheese (Wayne) 7 NorfolkEnchance 8 BillyHills 9 Jezza 10 Alien 11 GETT1N 12 Topnotchbloke 13 Laidbackbloke 14 Heniek 15 Jamiebhoy 16 Jay Uk 17 LadyLuck 18 MuttsNutts 19 Punter66 20 Darlo 21 Colbro 22 Tipstar Hope thats ok Jezz, see ya later
  7. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V Well played Mr Onemore, good game.
  8. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V 1 more needed for a 4th prize
  9. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V Only 14 registered, could be a low turnout tonight guys.
  10. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V GETT1N, sorry mate,not had chance to pop in yet, but will deffo find out asap.
  11. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V Recieved email today __________________________________________ Hello Mr. Sarson, We have created your Private tournament, P.LoungeV, and you will see it in the list of tournaments under the 'Private' tab 24 hours before it commences. Please be aware that your tournament password, punters5, is case sensitive. Best Regards, Frank Paradise Poker Support ___________________________________________ Password will be in keeping with the tournament number unless otherwise told. Tournament= P.LoungeV Password = punters5 Thursday 730 pm
  12. Re: It may all end tomorrow Think you might have been a tad unlucky with that one Ralphie. It drifted all day on Betfair like it had 3 legs, think you were beat before it got to the post to be honest. Unfortunately these days you have to win twice, first find one thats trying, then win the race. Or has it always been like that? Keep going mate, better luck tomorrow.
  13. Re: Punters Lounge Poker Tourney V Sorted
  14. Re: BillyHills & CrazySuzy (& anyone else in Leicester) Not been up GETT1N, but i'll find out tomorrow.
  15. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Comp. Update WFTE, Yes thats right, trying to treat bets as if placed in bookies. I think its only fair that you get the chance to replace them, but on the other hand we must have a cut off time, or we will get reposts all afternoon. So as long as the NR's are replaced up to the 2pm deadline, thats ok, if people cant get back online to change them then they wont be deducted any points. I still think you should be deducted points for not posting, as someone could get a big lead on the first day and then sit back and see if they can be caught, this way it will cost the
  16. Re: Private Tables at Bet365 ? Found this but its casino365 not Poker365. ________________________________________________________________ MULTI-PLAYER GAME FEATURES The games in casino365's multi-player gaming software share these features: Game resolution (800*600 pixels) Direct X is supported for maximum performance. Up to 4-5 players can join a single game, and can chat together online. Private tables allow players to play alone or select the players they'd like to join. Players can observe games without participating. HOW IT WORKS - A GENERAL DESCRIPTION Once you have entered th
  17. Just an update on the Competition being run through the Cheltenham Festival. Below is a list of entries recieved so far, anyone can enter right up to the time of first race on the Tuesday of the Festival. Just add to the bottom of this thread. No entries will be taken after that time. Everyone will have had enough time by then so no excuses for being late. We now have a £30 prize for the winner up for grabs. CHELTENHAM TIPSTERS ENTRIES4949MancKevinAK1979MartinAndyIrwinOneDunMeBillyHillsOsesameBingersRabBowles10RussWheelerBrookesSmallTimePunterCrazySuzyStaffordRangersFanIan CurtisWinrewJef
  18. Re: Ludlow 03:20 Yes Ralphie, i must admit i looked at this animal after watching it last time out and noting it down for a future race like today (weather permitting) The only reason i've left it alone is Henderson has two in the race, cant work out why the French Jockey is on the more fancied of the two, i know he rode it last time to victory, so maybe thats all there is in it, but i'd like to know if Fitz had the choice, if he did then Star Prize is a good value bet at 10/1, can see it going off shorter myself.
  19. Re: Horse racing odds history Bruise, can you be a bit more specific, do you need just the winning sp's or first three or a complete show? I'll have a scout round later, i know some 'pricey' computer systems that go back 5,10yrs with form and they include the sp's of each horse usually. Not sure how that would help.
  20. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Competition Russ, you posted this way back in the TC, just thought you knew him and daggers?:unsure Yeah thats right Daggers. Only lester to go now and the brookes quartet will be complete! Didnt see that Osesame:o
  21. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Competition Good lad Russ, i knew you couldnt resist, anymore flat mates, wheres Belly and Brookes? If its ok with the mods in this forum i'll keep it in here. More non-DHRC entries will be in and it wont get confused with the Daily one.
  22. Re: PLounge Poker Stats Sorted Dave.
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