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  1. Re: OZ soccer fixed odds Repeat my request of 3 years ago. Any sign, the staff in the shops [ Laddies and Bill Hill] don't seem to know!! :hope
  2. Re: Work this one out!! (Lunatism where are you?) ooo bollox HT=0-1:cry
  3. Re: OZ soccer fixed odds david, went into a bil hill shop today to pick up my coupons and they had it down as P-P also this site result 080531 have it down still as proposed rather than a confirmed result!! so I don't know what basis skybet have for their result! :ok
  4. Re: OZ soccer fixed odds Cheers for that Booksie. Didn't have time to check thursday or friday, on wednesday the manager thought they might not be in until the Euro 2008 had finished! Ain't head office communication wonderful. Anyhows popped in today [ saturday ] and there they were. :ok
  5. Anyone seen any coupons for this season in the shops yet? Bill Hill normally have them the week after the FA Cup final - but nothing so far! :hope
  6. Re: The Sun Restricted Freeroll Tournament TQM, any particular reason why you won't be playing there again?
  7. Re: Something for the summer - Australian Soccer System Cheers for that Spreadman, I've just had another look at the Laddies coupon and singles it is! Specsavers here I come!
  8. Re: Something for the summer - Australian Soccer System The bookies have been doing the Australian Soccer coupons in the summer for as long as I can remember! The problem with perming singles is the minimum bet seems to be trebles on the coupons I've got and yes the odds on the draws were a lot better years ago, I seem to recall 3/1 being the norm!
  9. Re: Trading on the Exchanges krispy, are you the same krisspy who asked the same question on the BF forum yesterday?
  10. Re: 2/3 + 2/3 system, check it out selections ab cde fgh bets could be written out in full as follows abcdfg abcefg abdefg abcdfh abcefh abdefh abcdgh abcegh abdegh 9 bets :hope as explained above by D, i've just noticed:o
  11. Re: 2/3 + 2/3 system, check it out If I've understood his last post an example of the bet would be as follows... Perm 2 bankers... St. Johnstone @4/5 and Clyde @4/6 with any 2 from the following 3 Wolves @evens, Lincoln @11/8 and Cheltenham @2/1 with any 2 from the following 3 Blackpool @7/5, MK Dons @7/5 and Southend @5/4 That's 9 bets at £10 a bet = £90 staked. All prices from Laddies. :hope
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