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  1. Bet 5 All to score anytime: Godden v Barnsley Armstrong v Derby Evans v Wimbledon Cullen v Harrogate Matt v Salford £10 at 111.37
  2. Not a million miles away last week - 4 wins and 2 draws. Kind of glad Walsall drew with Harrogate, with Mansfield throwing away a 2-0 lead conceding in the 92nd minute. Gone a bit different today. Gone for a multi bet builder on William Hill Bet 4 Fleetwood v Wimbledon - Fleetwood to win the second half and have the most corners (second half). Wimbledon to have 1 booking in the second half Southend v Morecambe - Morecambe to score over 1.5 goals. Both teams to receive 1 card in the second half. Over 1.5 Southend corners in the second half. Port Vale v Harrogate - Port Vale -1 corner handicap. Port Vale to score in the second half and over 1.5 Harrogate bookings in the second half £10 at (162.62 boosted to 212.68) Will be back around 14:30 to post a goalscorer bet (waiting for team news)
  3. Bet 3 Kaymer (v Walker/Augestein) Westwood (v Watson/Sugrue) Hull (v Crewe) Carlisle (v Southend) Walsall (v Harrogate) Mansfield (v Leyton O) £10 at 123.6 (boosted to 156.3) Hopefully the two 3 balls in the golf don’t let me down tomorrow as I won’t be placing another bet till after the weekend.....these two were ones I’d identified and just seen Ben Coley has tipped these two up as well so that was enough for me to go for them.
  4. Yeah I can imagine there was some great trips away watching them. As an Oldham Athletic fan I think I’m being ripped off with the quality on display.
  5. I guess the amounts are all relative. Not saying I’m loaded and that I wouldn’t miss £20, but normally I would spend my Saturday/Tuesday night at a game. That would be £25 ticket, £5 food, £10 at the pub beforehand, £5 petrol......and that’s a home game, you could add quite a bit more for an away game. I’m seeing it as, some of that money I’m not spending, I’ll put on one of these bets so I’ll have the excitement as I sit and watch Jeff on a Saturday rather than going to the game. Personally, if I bag a 100/1 winner I’d be pretty disappointed with £100 returns (greedy 😂)......admittedly I did get silly with this one and should have stuck to a tenner. I like to predict odds before I see what the bookies have them as. I had Walsall at 13/10 and saw they were 21/10 and Carlisle at 8/11 but were odds against. In my head the 4 games this Saturday should have been around 14/1 and I was getting 33/1, so got a bit giddy. Should not have put £20 with those Mickey Mouse cup games last night. I will be back later for my weekend bet....but sticking to a tenner this time.
  6. Thank you @Torque. You are probably right. I’ve done big bets like these before and the wins are few and far between. These bets don’t just require picking good bets, but luck as well. I’m more confident in the first month or so with the football, before the bookies accumulate their masses of data. In a month or twos time I think I may struggle compiling bets of three figures.
  7. Port Vale beat the handicap but unfortunately McAleny and Pukki didn’t find the net. Bet number 2 has a couple games this evening with the remaining 4 at the weekend. A couple of the prices at the weekend are very surprising so I will be back if either of the 2 games this evening let me down (and classing that as week 2s bet - keeping to 2 bets max a week). Bet 2 Millwall v Cheltenham - under 2.5 Derby v Preston - under 2.5 Hull to beat Crewe Carlisle to beat Southend Walsall to beat Harrogate Mansfield to beat Leyton O £20 at 110.06
  8. Probably not, but it's worth a shot and hopefully a bit of fun. Every bet I place will have odds of at least 100/1 and I will have 100 attempts at this. I will set myself a few rules as well, so I'm not putting bets on with little knowledge. Max 2 attempts a week Only sports included will be Football & Golf Football bets will only include games in the top 4 English Divisions All bets will be with William Hill, so there will be some bets that have boosts/insurance. Bet 1 Pukki to score 2 or more goals (for Norwich v Huddersfield) Port Vale -1 (v Crawley) McAleny to score anytime (for Oldham v Leyton O) £10 @ 115.16 (boosted to 144.47)
  9. Thanks Torque, but unfortunately that’s that after the first bet! Knox was one ahead with 3 holes to play and found the water in 2 of the 3, finishing bogey, bogey, double bogey. I would say that’s unlucky, but the other bets I was contemplating today were goals in the arsenal game and Scott to be the highest Australian in the golf, neither of which came in so I’ve come to the conclusion it ain’t going to happen for me... Good luck with your attempt torque. I’ve been following ‘offline’ and you play it well, being patient with well thought out reasoning in your bets, just been unlucky a few times now. My only advice would be to bank a bit of the money if you do get on a bit of a roll. Best of luck.
  10. I have £200 in my Betfair account. I’m basically going to be going all in every bet till/if I reach £1000. I would then bank £800 and start again. Realistically it will probably fail, but hopefully not! Odds will be around the 1/4 range, before moving to 1/5 when I reach £500. The first bet is Russel Knox to be the highest placing Brit at the Shriners Golf. Knox is currently -13 with his only 2 competitors, Howard at -10 and Laird at -9. Knox has shot a lower score each round this tournament, with his worst score being -2 on the first day. Even if he were to shoot -2 again that would still mean Howard would need to shoot -6, which he has not done this tournament (-4 is his best round) and Laird would have to shoot -7 (-6 is his best round). Knox is the highest ranked of the 3 and has a 3 shot advantage. For me, it would have to take a poor round for Knox and a good round for either of the other 2 for this to not come in. Lets hope I don’t fall at the first hurdle. Bet 1: £200 on Knox to be top Brit @ 1/4 to returns £250
  11. Attempt 1 - Step 1 Man City to qualify (v Spurs) Newmarket 15:00 - Kick On to win £5 returns £29.17 Attempt 2 - Step 1 Barcelona to score 2+ goals, 5+ Barcelona corners and 20+ Manchester Utd booking pts Juventus to win, over 1.5 goals, 7+ match corners and 20+ match booking pts £5 returns £26.72
  12. People who have followed this website for a good few years might have seen me attempt this previously. It has actually come off a couple of times so although risky towards the end, it is profitable. Step 1: £5 to ~£25 Step 2: £25 to ~£100 Step 3: £100 to ~£300 Step 4: £300 to ~£600
  13. Watford (5) & Oldham (4.25) double. Half bank please.
  14. £3.50 Treble Watford @ 3.40 Shrews v Scun - Draw @ 3.40 Oldham @ 6.00