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  1. Metz, the red lantern and a second victory, away from home, since the beginning of Ligue 1 Enormous surprise. Analysis : MHSC is a middle level team, they can resist to the big four by staying behind and counter attacking. Against weak teams, like Metz, they have to make the play and obviously is not the same That's the reason why, Dijon is one of my favourite team, as I said many times, they simply played football. I hope they will safe their place. Have a nice sunday
  2. Strasbourg vs TFC Home win When you're able to score twice against PSG, you can beat a poor away team like TFC. Last victory against Caen didn't erase the latent crisis and all rumors around coach Dupraz. La Meinau and their incredible fans will see a victory. Nice vs Bordeaux Home win Nice is coming back ! After three victory, they're now at the 8th rank after been relagable. On the other hand, it's open door in Bordeaux, goal keeper Costil is very critisized with above 3 goals against in the last three. Handicap is a good risk here. Dijon vs Lille Home win Dijon will safe their place in Ligue 1 at home. Note that they're at 6th rank looking at home wins. On Lille'side, board confirmed that the current double managers will end for Christmas, no name announced for succession (Galtier ?). Another problem occured : money... Exit Bielsa, but we're talking about 15M€ of indemnities for a club whose looking for money. DNCG (cop of finance for french football), evoke forced relegation. Too heavy... Nantes vs Angers Home win Come on Canaris ! All is for you here. MHSC vs Metz Home win Resist to the best like Monaco, PSG, Lyon, OM and miss these match ? Impossible ! OL vs OM Under and draw A closed match between two prétendants for the podium. History is for the draw and they both play during last week in Coupe de la Ligue.
  3. Angers vs MHSC MHSC +1 Angers is siking. Last victory the 13th october and no victory at home ! They're now at the 19 rank and in danger. On the other hand the solid MHSC with manager and ex defender Der Zak. Remind than they were able to draw against PSG, Lyon, OM and Monaco !! So, no way, and maybe a victory. Metz vs Rennes Away Win I have to admit that our ennemy is in form and just behind us. New coach Lamouchi brings energy and confidence. Against an already relegated team, they'll catch the three points. Risky bet : Rennes clean, rennes with handicap, rennes first and win OM vs ASSE Home win After a soporific match in Eurpoa League, time to come back to the Ligue 1. OM won't miss the occasion, especially at home, to press Les Verts. Note that Captain Perrin is out for ASSE, a main argu for me. TFC vs Caen Under and Draw When two awfull attacks (17 and 18) meet each other, what appens ?? Draw and Under. Despite, crisis is not far away in TFC, I don't think they are able to win this match. Attack is poor in Caen, but defense is great. Amiens vs Lyon Away win The miracle for Amiens is already done. Time to get back on earth, Lyon will remind them the reality.
  4. I'll be short, cause work. Lyon to easily beat Lille (Handicap etc...). OM away win. Keep in mind that PSG beat Troyes 9-0 last time... without Neymar and MBappé
  5. MHSC vs Lille Home win Bielsa out this week, the third manager to be fired. MHSC showed solid results with resisting Monaco, PSG, Lyon, time for them to take three points against a no marks team like Lille. Dijon vs TFC Home win Between a playing team and a boring one, my choice is easy. Moreover, Dijon is at home and was great last week. On the other hand, TFC was unable to win against the red lantern playing with ten guys after a red card. Nice vs Lyon Away win My mistake last week ! Fekir was suspended and obviously, Lyon is not the same without their leader. Tomorrow, Fekir is here, on Nice side Balotelli, Cyprien, Le Bihan and St Maximin are out : forward power down ! Monaco vs PSG Away win and MBappé anytime scorer A pathetic course in Champions League, how imagine Monaco can resist to a the best attack in Europe ? MBappé to score agaisnt his old team seems to be an easy bet too. OM vs Guingamp Home win Can't see a surprise here according the both forms. Caen vs Bordeaux Under and draw Defense above all here ton insure a point and confidence. Teams are closed.
  6. Lyon vs MHSC Home win with handicap The only match looking clear. Lyon on a cloud after brillant victories. At home, it will be a festival. Guingamp vs Angers Draw and under Current form, rating, last results, same for both. Nothing special to say for injuries. Don't see another result here and a no risk match. Bordeaux vs Marseille Draw OM don't win in Bordeaux since years. Bordeaux can't loose all their match and have to react. When you look at the last results between them, draw is an evidence
  7. Nantes vs TFC Home Win & U Go forward or fell down ? After changed his tactic at half time last week-end, Claudio and his team created a lot of occasion and dominated. At home, he will not make the mistake again. The poor attack of the TFC, the efficient defense of Nantes and the current form convince me. MHSC vs Amiens Draw and Under Amiens is improving like their two last results show. MHSC surprised everybody last week end by losting at home agaisnt Rennes. Amiens can resist and take one point here. The two teams are not so away from each other. ASSE vs Lyon Away Win The DERBY. The last victory of Lyon is so far away and this year is the good one for them. Current form, especially in attack (Fekir), compared to a pale ASSE team are strong arguments.
  8. Dijon vs Nantes Nantes or draw Finally, half of the team was rested last tuesday night, and a defeat in Coupe de la Ligue. A disappointing result obviously, but it's common to send B team in this cup. Now, serious things back again and with A team and current form, Nantes will take points. Efficacity is probably the main word to qualify us for the moment. 2nd defense of the Ligue 1 against the worst and 15 rank between the two teams. Nantes is unbeatten since 11th august. Lyon vs Metz Lyon with handicap Metz's coach was fired, no way. And what else ? Lyon is on fire fire and will smatch this team easily. MHSC vs Rennes Home Win Current results and form of Monptellier is not an hazard. On the other hand you have the Titanic team of Rennes. Each year ambitious, each year disappointing. So at home, MHSC to win. TC vs ASSE Under and draw I can't see another result especially the Under with two weak attack and borring matches each week. Lille vs OM Away win Bielsa go home ! What a desillusion, what a mess. Change all the team and pray for God Bielsa, strange project. OM will nit miss this chance to take three points, after a surprising result against PSG very good for confidence.
  9. Coupe de La Ligue beginning on tuesday night. Don't will have time to write during week so my earlier bet : Nantes to beat an awfull Tours, currently à 1.8 Hurry up
  10. Try to back on tracks. Until now, my bets were to weaks to be shared First of all, I will stay away from Monaco, 1.3 at home for a bad form team is a joke. Maybe 100M€ or 150M€ of cash out during summer, great, but this not working for ever as we seen right now. Second, no seen interesting bets for OM-PSG. To your mind guys. Nantes vs Guingamp Home win Not yet share with you guys, my happiness to see Nantes flying in the air. We don't have Marhez, Vardy..., we're weaker than Leicester but we have Ranieri the magician. Obviously, respect for this manager We've yet forgotten Conceiçao. Differents with Nakulma seem forgotten also, fortunately, that was my first worry until now. No absence for Nantes which playing at home. Pereira and Salibur are out for Guingamp which is not a cador away from home. ASSE lost yesterday, OM play scarecrow PSG on sunday night, therefore a great occasion to at less be on the podium !! Add bets : correct score 1-0 / Nantes clean sheet and all bets arround these Angers vs TFC Home win No absence for Angers, but Durmaz and Jean stay out for TFC. Therefore, the TFC's attack will be weak with just Andy Delort (not in great from, critized by coach Dupraz) and the poor Toïvonen. On the other hand, Angers is scoring at less two gols in the last three : 0-2 in Caen, 3-3 vs Lyon, 2-2 in Nice ! The spirit attack of Angers, at home, will make the difference. Troyes vs Lyon Away win Sorry for englih guys who read me but the Everton's behaviour on last thursday night was just a shame especially Williams who deserve at less two red cards Nevertheless, Lyon was abble to keep cool and not fall in the trap. Confidence is coming back as Fekir is coming back. Just Depay is staying a mystery... Lyon is above Troye, no way. Metz vs Dijon Over Last chance for manager Hinschberger. Victory above all but on the other side, victory above all also ! The worst défenses in Ligue 1 in a win or die match. Rennes vs Lille Over Seem to be a risky bet but let's talk about the context. The eternal ambitious team of Rennes is in the bottom. The bling bling team of Lille with celebrous coach Bielsa is bottom. Here again, victory above all. And the crisis is here for Rennes : in media last monday, coach Gourvenec and President fired. On tuesday, no it's wrong, they're confirmed, no problem. A victory of Lille a surprise ? Not really in this situation, risky bet again.
  11. Nice vs Nancy First of all, I'll avoid this one cause Nice will play without Balotelli (suspended). So in attack, major pbs for them. Only choice for Favre remains Le Bihan and Donis. Too risky for this odds. MHSC vs Lorient Away goal / Over / Double chance on Lorient I agree with @Pep004 for goals here especially for Lorient. Victory against Lyon was not an accident even if Lyon played with B Team, cause they're now focused on Europa League. This result give them much confidence. On the other hand, MHSC is not in great form except their victory against Caen, but to be honest, Caen is worst ! So, Lorient and goals here to see Les Merlus in Ligue 1 next year. Nantes vs Bordeaux Home goal and double chance for Nantes Le derby de l'Atlantique between two teams fighting for Europe and in great form. Probably the most interesting match of the week-end. I'm very impatient. No need to remind changes for Nantes since the arrival of Sergio Here some stats to explain : 3 defeats for 16 matches. Only 2 in La Beaujoire for 8 matches. On the other hand, Bordeaux doesn't shine away from home regarding their last results. To my mind, Nantes will win this one by one goal (2-1), but I'm fan so be carefull Rennes vs Lille Under and Draw What else Metz vs Caen Home Win Critical match for both teams. Home advantage will be decisive. In last 7, 4 victories for Metz at home. Caen : 3 defeats in a row, away stats are (2/3/11). No surprise here to survive in Ligue 1. Monaco Home win Maybe not full of goals cause second run of Champions League but efficacity of Monaco will be here. Guingamp vs TFC Under and draw Difficult to see real motivation for both teams. Guingamp will be focus on La Coupe de France for the end of season. TFC ? I don't know. What is clear is that defense will be better than attack especially for TFC. No goal against since 280'.
  12. Hi guys, sorry for last week-end, I was too busy. Lyon vs Lorient Home Win and Over Especially at home Lyon is succesfull and after their convincing victory against Metz, and equivalent level team like Lorient can't do anything here. Dijon vs Bastia Home Win and Handicap Finish for Bastia, that's my mind. Go down to Ligue 2, nothing to do here (come on Reims!). To be honest I hate corsican spirit and behaviour, they've already showed it : manifestations, strikes, blocked stadium (like for Nantes and Lille)... On the other hand Dijon deserve to stay in Ligue 1, with a constant desire to score, play and don't close the match. At home, against a Titanic team, no surprise excpect maybe another red card for Bastia Bordeaux vs Metz Home Win End of season is very exciting for relegation and european places. Bordeaux is on track to be european next year with good results since 2017. With their current form and home stats (7/5/4) against Metz (3/3/9), just one victory in last five (against Bastia), no surprise here again. PSG vs Guingamp Home Win and Over After their demonstration against Monaco, PSG can't miss this one. Monaco will play Dortmund earlier, occsion for PSG to benefit from their calendar. Nancy vs Rennes Under and Draw As I already said, Rennes is my new champion of draw (even last week ! who they played 10 vs 11). Even if Nancy seems very weak at htis moment, it's so urgent to get points for them but I don't think that they have enough confident to get victory. Rennes has not enough desire to get more than one point...
  13. Hi guys, first of all, glad to see french teams succeed in european cups after the joke in Barcelone. Great hopes for both Lyon and Monaco. PSG vs Lyon Over and BTS On fire ! This is for Lyon obviously. So to my mind, it will be an open match with goals, Stake is great for both teams. TFC vs Rennes Under and draw Boring end of season for htis teams ? Sure for me. With two specialists of draw and two teams not in a great mood, result is predictable. Bordeaux vs MHSC Home Win MHSC is quite safe, Bordeaux playes for Europa League. Motivation will be different and after losing at home against a convincing team of Nantes, MHSC may be in doubt. Bordeaux at home is able to do something as their last result show. Caen vs Monaco Over, away win Monaco will be champion for me, President said this year "this is our main goal". The best european attack will destroy Caen. Too late but I'm pretty sure that Nantes will beat Nice this afternoon. Too much missing players for Nice and not efficient away from home. Nantes is angry ! Come On ! Grand chelem comme on dit chez nous
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