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  1. Probably because they were beaten so badly in the last round, and St Johnstone are not your typical Scottish side (i.e naive tactically and leak goals for fun). The Perth side are defensive minded, very well organised and won both domestic cups in Scotland, eliminating Rangers on the way. I do expect Gala to prevail, esp at home but I can see it being tight, a 1-0 or 2-0 win most likely. The value bet for me is Gala to win to nil, at around 11/10
  2. Gauff has been playing very well so would be no surprise to see her do well here. Personally tho, I would prefer if she treats this like a warm-up for the big one at SW19 ?
  3. I expected Swiatek to win also, but I thought Gauff gave her plenty of problems and that bodes well for the youngster when she gets off the clay and onto a surface she enjoys.
  4. That was also in my mind, and makes his price too short. Could be completely wrong and Joker could turn up and blow him away, but I just don't see it in front of this Italian crowd.
  5. Joker looks much too short a price here against the local boy. Sonego has beaten him before (their only meeting) so won't be intimidated. I've layed Djokovic on the exchange at 1.19 and expect to green up in-running.
  6. Isner can trouble anyone in these conditions, and if you can't find a way to break him, your chances don't improve much in TBs (because he plays so many of them he has a decent record). I thought he served poorly yesterday by his standards but he raised his game on the big points and was too solid in the TBs for Rublev. Thiem is building up for Roland Garos, and is clearly rusty after his lay off, so is more vulnerable than normal today. I haven't backed him but Isner could win this and I don't think it would be a disaster for Thiem. The main thing for the Austrian is to find his match fitness and his confidence. There were some silly prices for him on the FO outright before this tourney (14/1 on the exchange at one point), so I've invested in that with a view his price will contract a lot before the start of Roland Garos.
  7. 12 times Monte Carlo champion Nadal doesn't need any help or favours, trust me ?
  8. Helluva result for Evans. Joker unsettled by his style but all the same the Brit still had to hold his nerve and saved a lot of BPs.
  9. Did anyone see Evans v Hurkacz match ? Hurkacz was the one that blew my 6fold yesterday and I'm just wondering how he managed to lose to Evans so easily. Evans hasn't played much and supposedly doesn't like clay either.
  10. Its also possible that, despite being 18 months older, she is in better physical condition now than she was in that Wimbledon final. At that time she had been out the game for a while, having her child, and definitely struggled when she first came back.
  11. I wish you luck with your Halep bet, but don't share your big confidence. Williams is nearly 40 years old now and is regressing, so more players have more chances than ever before, of beating her. So I don't think she'll win another slam, but she is still dangerous. While she lacks movement and court coverage (although that was never her strong point anyway), she retains some dangerous weapons, esp her serve which remains the best in the game. She also has something which has seen her over the line in countless matches when she should have lost - mental strength. This is the reason she practically owns Halep in the h2h, Halep has the game to beat her, all the tools she needs, and should have beaten her several times already, but she hasn't. Halep is a massive underachiever in the women's game - that tell you she has a mentality issue. She got over this issue the last time at Wimbledon so she should draw a lot of confidence from that, and her backers will be hoping she can just continue with this. But I'm not convinced yet she is totally over her mental midgetry. A match to watch but not bet in, for me. GL with your bets.
  12. What about 9 out of the other 10 times when she lost to her ?
  13. Djokovic v Raonic is not a good match up, for Raonic. On paper, the Canadian should have a lot in his favour - lightning fast court and questions marks over Joker's fitness. But he is a mental midget and unless the Serb is genuinely injured, I'm expecting the same result as every other time he plays him. Dimitrov v Theim should be a good match. Dimi loves it here and shades the h2h with Dominic so looks a bit of value at current prices.
  14. We'll find out in the next few days wether Joker's injury was real or serious, but he has a long long history of selling a bag of goods, and those brave enough to go against the market swings would have made some juicy profits. I had a little at Evens in-play, but I know he traded a lot higher than that, and in the outright he drifted out to a huge price at one point. Nice trade if you got it, but I'd be greening up now if it was me because he hasn't looked great in any match and these courts look super fast and that won't be in his favour (hasn't he already complained about the courts?).
  15. Shapo looked pretty good in his first round win over Sinner. The only issue I see with a 3-0 bet here is Tomic retiring before that happens. He has plenty of previous and he's already made his excuses by complaining about his knee.
  16. Turns out Skybet were the quickest to price it up. Was expecting it might be bet365. Thats excluding the exchanges of course. Befair had price up before any of them, but not too much liquidity so I couldn't judge the relative value of the price.
  17. Does anyone know which firm or firms are the quickest for marking up prices ? I've got my eye on one of the 2nd round matches but its not been priced up yet by any of those listed on Oddschecker. I'd like to take advantage of any value price that might appear before it gets smashed in.
  18. Don't think many people are buying Joker's injury antics. PCB certainly didn't. He has a long history of "selling a bag of goods" as they say in some quarters. ? If Tsitsipas beats him it'll be because he plays superbly on the day, not because of any injury to Djokovic.
  19. This match reminded me of Sinner's match v Medvedev earlier this year, where the young Italian started on fire, full of confidence, blitzing him in the first set, but as soon a Medvedev raised his game and applied pressure, Sinner crumpled and lost heavily in the next 2 sets. You can see Sinner has a huge game and for much of the match he was able to hit thru Nadal, but not when it really counted. When it really mattered (holding after breaking Nadal's serve, and in the TB) he lost his confidence, his focus, and his big shots disappeared. Nadal will do that to 99% of the players on the circuit. We have to remember he is only 19, so has lots of time to improve and gain more experience of being in these tough situations, and if he does improve his mentality he could be a serious weapon on the tour.
  20. Just seen it now. Joker 1st, Rafa 2nd, Thiem 3rd. Didn't think they would just go with the current world rankings.
  21. What are the seedings for Roland Garos ? Have they been announced yet ? If it were me, I'd have Nadal 1st, Thiem 2nd, Djokovic 3rd, but I suspect Joker will be seeded 2nd, and Thiem 3rd. Seedings will have a big impact on the draw, and therefore the outright prices.
  22. Couldn't agree more, Torque. I didn't see the Wawa match but it wouldn't be the first time he has tanked a match, esp when its close to a slam event. I would also add Kerber to that list - just saw the highlights of her first round match in Rome and it was disgraceful. In horse racing they call them non-triers or schooling over the jumps. She made absolutely no attempt to go for balls which were simple to reach. Complete waste of an entry, maybe she thought nobody would notice with no crowds, but she should have the book thrown at her for that performance.
  23. Azarenka is playing well enough to beat Williams but she has to get over some mental challenges. I know she's beaten her a few times, but never in a slam. She's 0 from 10 in slam meetings. But its been a while since their last match and Williams is now almost 39 years old, and at some point that has to count against her. Maybe tonight is the night. But we also know how much this means to Williams and she always raises her game for the big events like this. I think the outcome of this match will be influenced by the result of the first semi. If Brady upsets Osaka I think Williams will get an extra lift and it will fuel her to a victory over Azarenka.
  24. I like his chances at Wimbledon as well, I think that slam is more open next year than previously.
  25. Some good insights there, Torque. I've seen the negative body language at times with Medvedev but I'm putting that down to immaturity which I hope he can grow out of. For sure he doesn't compare with Nadal, who's a mental colossus. But I've been impressed by his rapid progress and I love that he doesn't seem to fear the top 3 so I expect him to win a slam sooner rather than later.
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