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  1. Don't think many people are buying Joker's injury antics. PCB certainly didn't. He has a long history of "selling a bag of goods" as they say in some quarters. 😉 If Tsitsipas beats him it'll be because he plays superbly on the day, not because of any injury to Djokovic.
  2. This match reminded me of Sinner's match v Medvedev earlier this year, where the young Italian started on fire, full of confidence, blitzing him in the first set, but as soon a Medvedev raised his game and applied pressure, Sinner crumpled and lost heavily in the next 2 sets. You can see Sinner has a huge game and for much of the match he was able to hit thru Nadal, but not when it really counted. When it really mattered (holding after breaking Nadal's serve, and in the TB) he lost his confidence, his focus, and his big shots disappeared. Nadal will do that to 99% of the players on the circuit
  3. Just seen it now. Joker 1st, Rafa 2nd, Thiem 3rd. Didn't think they would just go with the current world rankings.
  4. What are the seedings for Roland Garos ? Have they been announced yet ? If it were me, I'd have Nadal 1st, Thiem 2nd, Djokovic 3rd, but I suspect Joker will be seeded 2nd, and Thiem 3rd. Seedings will have a big impact on the draw, and therefore the outright prices.
  5. Couldn't agree more, Torque. I didn't see the Wawa match but it wouldn't be the first time he has tanked a match, esp when its close to a slam event. I would also add Kerber to that list - just saw the highlights of her first round match in Rome and it was disgraceful. In horse racing they call them non-triers or schooling over the jumps. She made absolutely no attempt to go for balls which were simple to reach. Complete waste of an entry, maybe she thought nobody would notice with no crowds, but she should have the book thrown at her for that performance.
  6. Azarenka is playing well enough to beat Williams but she has to get over some mental challenges. I know she's beaten her a few times, but never in a slam. She's 0 from 10 in slam meetings. But its been a while since their last match and Williams is now almost 39 years old, and at some point that has to count against her. Maybe tonight is the night. But we also know how much this means to Williams and she always raises her game for the big events like this. I think the outcome of this match will be influenced by the result of the first semi. If Brady upsets Osaka I think Williams will get an ex
  7. I like his chances at Wimbledon as well, I think that slam is more open next year than previously.
  8. Some good insights there, Torque. I've seen the negative body language at times with Medvedev but I'm putting that down to immaturity which I hope he can grow out of. For sure he doesn't compare with Nadal, who's a mental colossus. But I've been impressed by his rapid progress and I love that he doesn't seem to fear the top 3 so I expect him to win a slam sooner rather than later.
  9. I've backed Medvedev in the outright so I've been watching him, he seems to be playing very well although he hasn't faced any quality yet. Djokovic going out at this stage is obviously a huge plus, but not enough to stop me from hedging my bets. A lot will depend on how he (and others left in) react to Djokovic being out and the sudden increase in expectation. Medvedev for me has one of the stronger temperaments allied to his obvious talent, so I don't have concerns about him on that front. But these are strange times, and this is a strange slam so far, so I want to be prepared for the unexpec
  10. You don't even have to go to earlier matches for examples of Joker losing his temper, it happened clear as day a couple of games before the incident here. After he lost the chance to break PCB (he had him at 0-40 and couldn't convert) to win the set, he smashed a ball into the advertising board, the ball could have ricocheted anywhere, and caused an injury. He has plenty of previous for this and has anger supremacy issues, which happens with some elite sportspeople when they are that good. Personally, I still like the guy and admire his achievements but you can see why a lot of
  11. I backed Raonic for a couple of years, for Wimbledon, expecting big performances. But he's a mental midget against the top players. Its good to see him recover from his injury problems, but I doubt his game will return to his best levels from a few years ago. The US Open will be interesting for Raonic and many other players because of the much weaker field, but only if someone can take out Novak first.
  12. Can anyone explain why Carreno Busta is being backed v Thiem ? (from 9/4 into 7/4) He's playing the No.5 player in the world, someone he has never beaten on the pro tour (Thiem has a 5-0 record), and Thiem has just won the Chinese Open. This looks a terrible match up for PCB, what am I missing ?
  13. Nice easy looking bet to start the day off LAY Feyenoord v Porto at 5/2 (5.55pm KO) Feyenoord are a poor outfit from a poor league. Europa League is their standard. Their opponents Porto are Champions League regulars who have went backwards in recent seasons (losing some of their best players and not replacing them with the same quality), but they should still be too strong for Feyenoord. I'll be shocked if they lose to the likes of Feyenoord. Later on, I've got a home side treble of Braga, Arsenal, and Sevilla at a shade under 13/10 (with corals).
  14. I do expect Murray to lose to Thiem, but the problem with Thiem is he can lose to anybody on a hard court. So for that reason, its a watching brief only for me.
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