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  1. Mmmmmmm .. Im thinking the clue might be in the name ???
  2. Nothing to do with team news is it Darren..Im getting ready tp pull the trigger lol
  3. Cheers for Pakistan today Fader.. Thats 2 outta 2 ..And a great tip once again.
  4. I aint gonna lie Fader i know f all about cricket but i followed you yesterday with the aussies and won handsomely so im going in again with Pakistan..Good luck mate and cheers for yesterday.
  5. Brighton -1,-1,-1 ???.... Jammycnut,your not the Crystal Palace fan that was once famously taken advantage off by a bunch of Brighton fans on Brighton beach whilst drunk a few years back..Legend has it a stick of Brighton rock and a jar of vasoline were involved ???.. Oooeeeerr.
  6. Im not gonna lie but i shed a few tears when Tiger won last night...One of the greatest sporting come backs ever..Oh, i backed him at 7/2 on the final day for a oner but the tears of joy were for the great mans comeback and not my
  7. And hopefully South Shields will follow those as well mate..
  8. Well done mate..I followed on Wales 1 - 12 win at 7/4
  9. A little word on Reading as i see someone putting them up earlier...Im from Reading but dont go and watch them anymore as im normally busy betting on-line saterdays...But my oldman still goes to every home game bless him..My dads 78 and has been following Reading since he was a kid...In his own words he said that without doubt that Swansea game was the worst performance hes ever seen Reading put in in all the years hes been going...I know they have a new manager but apparently the whole team was clueless and my anti-post bet of Reading to be relegated is looking good right now...He seems to think the preasure of fighting for survival and playing in front of their own fans is too much for this Reading side..If you notice all theiir best performances have come away from home...I wouldnt be putting any money on a Reading result at home right now..
  10. Yep that Halifax goal killed me...I mean..Literally killed me....Uuuurrrggggg ... dead...It was my own fault as i was going to cashout a nice 4 team parley but nipped out for a quick smoke first..Smoking kills lol
  11. Lol...they got me as well...But at least we were on Edinburgh fella