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  1. West Ham dont have a good record in Geordie land over the last couple of years ..Winning just twice in the last 20 years i believe
  2. YORK WIN to cut Kings Lynn lead a little bit..It aint over til the fatty sings
  3. YEEEEUP... 2 - 0 Kidderminster...Which i actually dont mind even if i did bet them today as long as York win lol
  4. Hey if Darren or anyone else knows..Why is the price on Kings Lynn going out against can get 19/20 Bet365 ?..Kings Lynn as we all know are flying at the moment at the top of the league winning their last 6 at home whilst Kidderminster are struggling,have lost their last 3 away games and were beaten at home by Kings Lynn 4 - 2.
  5. OUCH...I will call this BLACK SATURDAY.... Havant, York and Tamworth all losing and seriously damaging the Outright Bets FFS.. But..Its a funny old game so all still to play for.
  6. Yep big day for me also mate..As i have York, Havant and South Shields in outrights after following you mate..Lets hope for a happy hat trick this evening hey. I also have those 3 in a 150/1 Acca with Everton top half finish..Luton to be relegated, Harrogate top 7 finish and Tamworth outright..Placed just before christmas. Odds a lot lower now on same 7 selections... Good luck to us today and anyone else that followed you. 🍺
  7. Hey Darren..Im on HAVANT today..I used to be there press officer in the mid 90,s when i was studying journalism at Highbury Collage in Pompey...I only found out last month that Tony Mount their old manager, well his son is none other than Mason Mount of Chelsea and England...They were only Havant back then and Waterlooville was their local derby..Used to get very firey i seem to remember lol.. Good luck today mate
  8. Nice hit on Whitlock mate.. I decided to go with Sherrock over 3.5 x 180,s and he got 8 i believe, great effort by her as well and had she had won the 5th set i think she would,ve gone all the way.. bless her
  9. Whats your thoughts on todays darts Oh Dart King ?
  10. Torquay v Yeovil again on wednesday 1st Jan....Has to be Yeovil at 6/4 right Darren ?
  11. Hes just making sure your all paying attention LOL.. Fader is on fire in this tournament...
  12. ive been working the last couple of days but good luck fella
  13. Thats another one in mate.Good Ol Big John..Shame about Joyce in the Acca..He looked like he choked at the wrong time... Well played mate and im looking forward to tonight now.