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  2. I didnt watch it on t.v., just on Bet365, but he seemed to throw some weird combinations to me.. Or he was just proper shit the 2nd half on the match.
  3. That must be the worst choke job ive ever seen by Edhouse.. Im sure he was trading at 1/40 at one point when he was 2 - 0 in sets... ?
  4. And now its Weymouth hanging on as Eastbourne go for the knockout blow.. EASTBOURNE 3 - 1 ?
  5. And in the first round Eastbourne gets hit with a combination and has to take a standing count... WEYMOUTH 1 - 0 ?
  6. Good evening Ladies and Gentleman.. And now for the main event, in the Red corner we have Eastbourne and in the Blue corner we have Weymouth.. May the best team win. ?
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