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  1. Re: Copa Libertadores For some reason im leaning towards Cruz +0 , what do you guys think? Think at worst it ends up being a draw and the odds are good enough for me to take the risk
  2. Re: confederations cup 2009 Im gonna take USA +1.5 Iraq +1
  3. Re: confederations cup 2009 damn, well you cant win them all, was really hoping we would get a point of that game (Italy vs USA)
  4. Re: confederations cup 2009 The USA seems to play better against bigger teams. They played a couple of friendlies last year and played well against Argentina and Spain and not so much against England. The Costa Rica and Honduras games were pathetic. Bradley was throwing a strange lineup against Honduras and ill admit that we played pretty poorly there. Costa Rica game was bound to happen because I think the USA has never beat Costa Rica in Costa Rica. This Spain-New Zealand game, I dont know. Spain is making this look like practice. Yeah the best Italy team wasnt out their against New Zealand, but it was exactly their worst. This team has just not done well since they won the World Cup. Maybe im just being a homer in this case but I believe that Italy has a terrible Confederation Cup, and somehow the USA will move onto in the next round. A result against Italy will do wonders for the USA program and its supporters. A lot of people here in the states have no idea what the Confederation Cup is, where it is, whos in it, and they couldnt care less how we do in it. A big name like Italy, would do wonders and peak interest.
  5. Re: confederations cup 2009 US will not lose to Italy, mark my words! Think I will probably take USA at a big +0 because no1 here has any faith in them. I saw them worst case scenario drawing, but maybe im just crazy
  6. Re: 20/05/2009 Uefa Cup Final - Shaktar vs Werder Bremen On Shakhtar but a little worried that no one is on Bremen
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