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  1. Re: NFL Fantasy Samba what in gods name are you doing starting Josh Freeman over Fitzpatrick? Also, I think you are a Pats fan, therefore you must know to immediately drop them and pick someone else up, anyone else.

  2. Re: NFL ATS Comp 2011/12 *Week 3 selections* Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog 9/25 1:00 ET @Cincinnati -2.5 San Francisco 9/25 1:00 ET New England -8.5 @Buffalo 9/25 1:00 ET @New Orleans -4 Houston 9/25 1:00 ET @Philadelphia -7 NY Giants 9/25 1:00 ET @Cleveland -2.5 Miami 9/25 1:00 ET @Tennessee -6.5 Denver 9/25 1:00 ET Detroit -3.5 @Minnesota 9/25 1:00 ET @Carolina -3.5 Jacksonville 9/25 4:05 ET @San Diego -14.5 Kansas City 9/25 4:05 ET NY Jets -3.5 @Oakland 9/25 4:05 ET Baltimore -3.5 @St. Louis 9/25 4:15 ET @Tampa Bay -1.5 Atlanta 9/25 4:15 ET Arizona -3.5 @Seattle 9/25 4:15 ET Green Bay -3.5 @Chicago 9/25 8:25 ET Pittsburgh -10.5 @Indianapolis Monday Night Football Line 9/26 8:35 ET @Dallas -5.5 Washington

  3. Re: NFL Week Three Picks Dolphins +1 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Browns a little bit beat up, Dolphins play much better on the road. It will be tight, but Dolphins need this win bad. Raiders +3 -115 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I think the Jets stall just enough on offense to give the Raiders a chance. After a tough loss last week, I think they bounce back Bears +4 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes This will be the best defense the Packers have faced so far this year and the Packers are weird on defense themselves. Though the O-line is terrible, I see the Bears putting up a lot of points. Redskins +4 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I think the Redskins actually probably win the game. Even though they only won by 1 against the Cardinals, they out played them bad. Romo being injured has to play into this game.

  4. Re: Italy - Serie A - 24-25 September Italian Soccer 2011-2012 3W-0L-0P +3.00 units (100.00%) Cagliari pick -133 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Just see this being a let down game for Udinese after playing 2 huge games in the last week against Fiorentina and then Milan and coming out on the good side. Cagliari playing better then expected so far this season, while I think Udinese might be playing a little over there head. Time to come back to reality.

  5. Re: England > Weekend > Premier League > 24-26 September English Soccer 2011-2012 5W-5L-2P -1.41 units (50.00%) Aston Ville +0.5 -139 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I think this line is off a little bit. QPR just put up 3 against Wolverhampton, but before that they went I believe over 300 minutes without scoring a single goal (including FA Cup). Villa hasn't gotten any wins on the road this year, but they've come away with a point in each one. I trust they will at least get the draw

  6. Re: NCAAF Week Four Picks Clemson -2.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Think that FSU was a bit overrated going into the season.. Okie St +4.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Two pretty even teams, but I think that the Okie St offense is slightly better ASU -2.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes USC has shown to me this year that this team just isnt very good

  7. Re: NCAAF Week Four Picks Alabama -11.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I don't usually play spreads this large but even with undesirable QB play by Alabama I dont see anyway Arkansas hangs in there. Alabama's defense is too good, and Arkansas's defense is not that good. When you are turning the ball over and giving up huge yards to a team like Troy (at home) then you've got problems. I think you see Richardson take over, the defense score a few times, and McCarron manage the game. LSU -5.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes LSU should win this one fairly easily IMO. LSU's defense is good enough to completely shut down Geno Smith even at home and even with a Dana Holgorsen offense. I can see LSU winning this one by a few scores.

  8. NFL 2011-2012 Overall 7W-6L-1P +0.62 units (53.84%) Last Week 3W-2L-1P +1.07 units Interesting week last week. I feel lucky to push with Dallas, but after seeing that replay of what happened in OT I cant believe I didnt win that one. Holley was at least 10 yards in front of the defender. I had the Vikings, and yep that sucked, but I guess its a lesson learned on both teams with that game. Bengals -2.5 (-115) to win 1 unit @ 5dimes This Bengals team might be a bit better then a lot of people would have thought going into the season. Dalton is playing really well so far this season and the running game has played pretty well also. The 49ers, I'm pretty sure they are terrible. If not for a great performance by Ted Ginn we could be easily looking at an 0-2 team. The way they choked against the Cowboys is pretty bad as well. Alex Smith is still QB as well , 'nough said.

  9. Re: NCAAF Week Four Picks Temple +9 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I think that this Maryland team kind of proved that they werent as good as people thought they were after they played Miami. Temple is an up and coming team that I think will hang around in most games. They have talent on both sides. Maryland showed they are a team that struggles to finish (even against Miami) If Randy Edsall continues to coach as he did in Uconn he will not be beating a lot of teams by DD. Mississippi +10.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes No real reason IMO to think Georgia should be a DD favorite even against Ole Miss at home. I think these two teams battle it out all the way. Whoever loses this one gets fired first....

  10. Re: France - Ligue 1 - 20-21 September French Soccer 2011-2012 0W-3L-3P -3.68 units (00.00%) FCGB pick -104 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Still winless in France, been a shitty season. I know I said it a couple weeks ago when they played Evian at home. This is a must win situation at this point for this team if they want to be competitive this season. The last 3 games between these 2 have been draws. I believe we could see a fourth draw, but I am hoping FCGB finally pulls it together.

  11. College Football 2011-2012 Overall 15W-8L-1P +6.20 units (65.21%) Last Week 6-3 +2.70 units Solid week last week. Started out shitty, but ended with 5 straight wins. Cinci -8 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Last year against NC State Collaros had a great game 19/31 300 + yards and 3 TD with no turnovers. The problem for Cinci last year was they couldn't get the running game going and NC State contained them pretty good. NC State has played some easy opponents so far this year, and yet they are still giving up 120 yards per game on the ground. I expect this to be an easy game for Cinci. High scoring as well.

  12. Re: NFL ATS Comp 2011/12 *Week 2 selections* Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog 9/18 1:00 ET @New Orleans -6.5 Chicago 9/18 1:00 ET @Detroit -8.5 Kansas City 9/18 1:00 ET @NY Jets -9.5 Jacksonville 9/18 1:00 ET @Buffalo -3.5 Oakland 9/18 1:00 ET @Washington -4 Arizona 9/18 1:00 ET Baltimore -6 @Tennessee 9/18 1:00 ET @Pittsburgh -14.5 Seattle 9/18 1:00 ET Green Bay -9.5 @Carolina 9/18 1:00 ET @Minnesota -3 Tampa Bay 9/18 1:00 ET Cleveland -2.5 @Indianapolis 9/18 4:05 ET Dallas -3 @San Francisco 9/18 4:15 ET Houston -3 @Miami 9/18 4:15 ET @New England -7 San Diego 9/18 4:15 ET @Denver -4.5 Cincinnati 9/18 8:25 ET Philadelphia -2.5 @Atlanta Monday Night Football Line 9/19 8:35 ET @NY Giants -5 St. Louis No score in any games yet so hopefully this counts, just woke up should have doen this last night!

  13. Re: NFL Week Two Picks Washington -4 (+100) to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes I have no faith whatsoever in Kolb. Redskins didnt look bad at all last week. Vikings -2.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I guess oddsmakers are trying to tell us they have no faith in the Bucs. Already a bit of controversy with Lagarett wanting more touches Cowboys -3 (-105) to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Not sure how the 49ers would have done last week without some good special teams play. Ted Ginn wont be doing that shit this week Falcons +117 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes Rams were actually in this game last week. Just weren't finishing tackles. Think the Falcons will come out with something to prove after last week. Matt Ryan has lost 1 game at home. Giants -6.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Both teams are full of injuries but even so the Giants are a more complete team.

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