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  1. This, pretty much. Swap SP for Betfair SP though. On course SP's are laughable a lot of the time and manipulated by weak on course markets. Beat Betfair prices and you will be a winner, of course variance plays a role and that can be brutal.
  2. Re: Betway Premier League Darts 2015 - Week 12 What's the best site for looking up stats, form, results etc?
  3. Re: FA Cup > November 18th - 20th Good result for Margate that. Draw at Wrexham will be perfect as well.
  4. Re: FA Cup > Tuesday November 18th Thoughts on Aldershot from the non league experts? I'm always keen to oppose Portsmouth away from home.
  5. Re: Midweek Non-League 10th-12th November I know very little about the Conference but Dover seem a big price? If anything, seems a bit too obvious which I dont like. Side with strong home form, against p*ss poor away form side.
  6. Re: How has the online poker landscape changed over the past few years fellow PLers? The worst of it all is no Stars France or Winamax anymore either, Stars Fr was excellent. Hopefully Party or 888 step up and give some decent competition. I've never really played on either but havent read very good things about them. Think I'll look to play Ipoker and other Euro sites as much as possible now. The days of break even regs grinding volume and cashing in off the bonuses look dead, you've actually got to be decent now.
  7. Re: How has the online poker landscape changed over the past few years fellow PLers? Games are too tough. Dont bother taking it too seriously unless you're prepared to dedicate your life to it. Amaya are ruining Stars also with loads of new changes in the last month or so.
  8. Re: Sky Bet League 1 > October 28th & November 1st 50k matched on betfair on this game , which is huge.
  9. Re: Sky Bet Championship > October 31st & November 1st O right, my old man's a Brighton fan and season ticket holder and really doesnt rate Stockdale at all. He is known to exagerrate though so I take everything he says with a pinch of salt. We're far better away from home than at home, I'd never back us at home at some of the ridiculously short prices we've been put in at this year. Struggle to break teams down who come for a draw and generally run out of ideas. Saying that, by all accounts Wigan didnt fall into this category and deservedly left with 3 points, which even Mcclaren said in his post match. It's a guarantee we'll create chances, we'll almost certainly score. I'm unsure as to whether 2.3 is a good price. My non betting instincts tell me it will be a draw.
  10. Re: Sky Bet Championship > October 31st & November 1st Stockdales suppose to be sh*t though? That Walton looked decent midweek on the highlights. I hear Al habsi is coming in?
  11. Re: Vanarama Conference/North/South October 11th Could have got 2.38 on Coral coupon at some point, dont know if it was bigger than that anywhere else but has been bit of a gamble.
  12. Re: Betting on the Championship. Tips and tricks? I'd be shocked if there was anything like that going on in the Championship. Players are on too much money at that level surely for it to be worthwhile? Appreciate the greed factor and I expect it has occurred on very rare occasions, but not something I'd worry about when betting.
  13. Re: New SpinNGo's at PokerStars They're just another con money spinner for stars surely? I've played a few $7 and was playing for $14 about 8 times in a row. Promise the possibility of winning big and just rake it in from the mugs? No?
  14. Re: flat racing tues 30th sept Interesting race this and agree about Modernism. Dutch Rifle's two wins were over 8.5f just to correct you, not sure he's a stayer over 9 and a half. Feel like God's Speed could be over priced at 9/1, reckon that race lto was pretty strong and seemed to suit those from off the pace. This race may be run more to suit if he can get his own way up front. Pretty sure he'll be bigger than 9/1 tomorrow as well, isnt an obvious selection. Probably wont back anything though, too competitive.
  15. Re: Warning about IPoker sites transferring you to UK only No more Winamax or Stars France. Seriously sh*t news. Stars France was my most profitable site comfortably.
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