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  1. Re: Cheltenham Nov Meeting (Fri 11th- Sun 13th) You'd get a huge price on him for this race after the way it ran last time out. I think Ferdy Murphy also stated that he would be aimed at a later race in the season before it's first run of the season as he'd hardly done any work at all prior to it's seasonal debut. I think it's pretty telling that it's out again so soon in that it must still have a lot of additional weight to lose. I like the the horse myself as l think he jumps exceptionally well but l wont be backing it myself on this run.
  2. Re: FLAT (AW) racing weds 9th nov Fisher in the 3:00 at Southwell could be one at a bigger price worth chancing a few quid on. Ran better last time out after running like a drain it's first two runs. So still unexposed as a potential improver and, most importantly, run out of the Hannon stable with one of the best jockeys in the country Philip Makin on top. I cant remember the last time I saw the pair of them team up and I think Makin will be a man to follow during the winter. The horse cost the thick end of 50k at the breeze ups so obviously thought better than this level. Surface an unknown but there is encouragement in it's breeding (both sire and mare American bred horses) It drops into a dog rough race and at the prices available, given who connections are it's worth a few quid each way.
  3. Re: Disgusting Behavior! Perhaps you should have considered making yourselves known to the locals first. Particularly in a local pub. When you play regional tourney's it's going to be natural to be in a room full of strangers but at a local pub your more likely to find a regular crowd who all have a degree of knowledge of each other. I think you can probably count yourselves as lucky as oppossed to unlucky. I reckon if two young lads had walked into a strange local one night and one of them left with every other buggers cash there would have been a good chance one of them would have ended up with a sore face or a chair across the back as they left.
  4. Re: International Friendlies > November Sorry pal. Del Bosque even. I was discussing Aragones talking to Reyes calling Henry a black shit a few years ago on another forum.
  5. Re: International Friendlies > November I think one thing to bear in mind before absolutely filling your boots on Spain is the likelihood that Aragones will rest/rotate his main players at half time or on the hour. True that will probably be the case for Capello as well but there certainly has to be an air of caution when you bear in mind this is a non competitive fixture. If this was a qualifier or a group game in the Euro's then id have my house on Spain but as it is im just gonna have the car on it. I'll probably look to double up as well with Sweden/Draw on the Wednesday.
  6. Everyone's got one or two. They dont have to be the horse which has won you the most money (mine certainly aren't) they're just the horses which for whatever reason over the years you have developed a soft spot for. I've got 2 who l absolutely love. Lough Derg and General Tufto. Lough Derg is the horse who probably got me into racing seriously. His attitude in a finish is second to none and the way he battled back in the long walk hurdle at Ascot 2 or 3 years ago absolutely melted me. He's just got the heart of a lion and you always know who ever beats him is going to be in a hard race. Even Big Bucks had to be niggled along briefly in the fog at Ascot last year if I remember correctly. General Tufto is just one of those good old sticks that is certainly never going to be anythin better than what he is now. He wins when he's dropped to a mark in the mid 80's and not a minute before. Loves it round Southwell and often runs like a drain when he's carrying a couple of pounds above what he wins off but as soon as he's dropped to the correct mark he often pings in at a huge price. No airs or graces about him and it's almost like he's saying to everyone "no, no, no im NOT gonna run a good race until you get this extra 2lb off my back"
  7. Re: Flat Racing - November 1st Im such a fool. How on earth did I expect him to get back from Oz in time to ride today? I might try to get a bet on him not to ride a winner tomorrow though.
  8. Re: Flat Racing - November 1st Silvestre De Sousa not to ride a winner today would be a good bet if you can find a price for it. I woudln't be surprised if he starts taking horses the wrong way round the track. As anyone who has suffered from jetlag will know, you couldn't go outside to pick money off the trees.
  9. Re: Melbourne Cup Tue 1st Nov The race is on youtube now. Really thought Red Cadeaux had nailed him on the line. Have to say though, it's not really a race that gets my juices flowing. They ALWAYS seem to crawl round the first 2000m and it bores the life out of me.
  10. Re: PL 10 to follow - Jumps 2011-2012 Shame about Court In Motion. Looked extremely promising last season.
  11. Re: PL 10 to follow - Jumps 2011-2012 1. Cue Card 2. Captain Chris 3. Diamond Harry 4. Oilily 5. Hurricane Fly 6. Ski Sunday 7. Sparky May 8. Walkon 9. Wishfull Thinking 10. Midnight Chase. One or two curve balls in there who im hoping will be picking up the lower grade races but turning out more than the festival fancies. Method in the madness kids.
  12. Re: Is it possible to post video clips directly into threads? Thanks, i'll know for next time. Good song innit :)
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