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  1. Thanks Avon 23/36 games played..... I'm in 34th on leaderboard outa 50......miles behind tbh. Even a 2nd and 13th last week has not propelled me much as now the field has dropped to between 45 -52 players so top points are only say 45- 52. there are new players that join.......but they only join to attack other players that are in the big money slots or dump chips to their mates if they get on same table. I sat and played 2 hours 7-9 one night and a guy i knocked out finished 26th and I got 52/53.I was playing 1 hour longer and picked up up 1 point and he got 27??? yeah ....go figure...
  2. Spitvenom

    Ooblio R.I.P.

    Crazy!! wtf! nutter! are some of the thoughts that came to me when i was playing online against Mark (Ooblio).....and in the chat box truth is ....in many games he put my thinking of the game to the sword (or did he fk with my head? he did like to chat lol......and in many ways improved my game at the time . Whatever I thought about online poker....Mark made me re-think (it was brutal at times). I met Mark in leeds for maybe 2 mins (in reality) with his lovely lady Donna. Me and My bruv Pete were at Leeds (his turf) for a live tournament and Mark was such an effusive, positive ray of sunshine,I thought he was was gonna explode and win the tournament.....a multi-tabling leviathon of online poker come good live! you made me laugh online, playing against you many times Mark, so thanks for the that! to you mate, i wont forget you
  3. Good to see you tonight Al, Bart and nemo playing too. Don't play much now, but having a crack at this one. GL to you all
  4. I live in Hull and was working in an opticians called 'Vision Express' at around 1997, and made a pair of shades for Dave as per his requirements ( oblong shades with a very dark brown lens). I remember what he said to me: 'do you know who I am? I said 'no' he said, 'I'm the devilfish'! in my mind I was thinking 'who?' ....but that was poker in 1997 I have seen those shades worn in a few of the many vids featuring the legend that is the 'fish'. Still feel good now i supplied the legend with his eyewear. People have said arrogant. I say confident. non conformist, yes. Dave was a sledger of the highest order, lest we forget. my only regret was not meeting dave on a table and telling the fella i was from Hull too, and done his glasses years ago.......great conversationalist......dont stop talking dave
  5. Re: Poker player mag sat Lost HU for the seat :\. Knocked 4 players out of the 6 at FT, but then all in pre with A9 vs Q9 for the seat he hits a Q on flop obviously. He proceeds to hit every flop thereafter. I'll never play on sky poker again....
  6. Re: Coral Oktoberfest Ipad give-away freeroll Damn...close one there bud!! See you at FT in the next one hopefully :ok
  7. Re: Coral Oktoberfest Ipad give-away freeroll i went 7th after card dead for some time, liketofish was chipped up, hope you won it mate!
  8. Re: Pokerplayer Mag Intertops Games 17th / 24th August Unlucky Leo, sounds like a close one there! I agree with Haichan here, what reputable site asks for the whole of your numbers unless they intend to use/sell your details on? well dodgy I think...and VERY arrogant live support too. Well that was $20 wasted that I wont get back, and couldnt even play the game :wall
  9. Re: Pokerplayer Mag Intertops Games 17th / 24th August Deposited the min $20 asked for around 5pm. Didnt expect that the next hour would be wasted trying to use 'my money' to register for the game. Support on this site was terrible, just kept trotting out the same lame excuses about verifying the account and such. Absolute joke of a site!! good luck any of you guys playing....hope you get the prizes if you win!
  10. Re: PokerPlayer Grand Prix 9 - Winamax starts Feb 10th 2014 Had a couple of weeks off poker, just seen this. Very nice win Kev :clap GL at the event :hope well done to the other PL'ers that cashed :ok
  11. Re: PokerPlayer Grand Prix 9 - Winamax starts Feb 10th 2014 I dont get how I didnt make the top 20??? I was in 16th place from the 9th round and the final buy in game was supposed to be double points (ie. 20 points only) Now I have dropped to 24th??? It seems they have allocated points for the top 50 for the buy in game, but the wording suggested top 50 points would NOT be awarded for any of the buy in games Not happy :(
  12. Re: Everest pokerplayer 11th for 107 euros. Check -raised with KQ on a Q high flop, pity the other guy had AQ lol :rollin GL Washy & ooblio :hope
  13. Re: PokerPlayer Grand Prix 9 - Winamax starts Feb 10th 2014 Missed that one, cheers Al :ok
  14. Re: PokerPlayer Grand Prix 9 - Winamax starts Feb 10th 2014 Here is the revised table after 9 qualifiers, http://www.pokerplayer.co.uk/poker-freerolls/pokerplayer-grand-prix-9-back/ don't forget the last buy in game on wed june 4th is worth 20 points so if your close to top 20, defo worth playing as some may not buy in, GL
  15. Re: PokerPlayer Grand Prix 9 - Winamax starts Feb 10th 2014 37th for 19 points, went out with AA to the mighty Q5o :rollin GL if your'e still playing :hope
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