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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
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  1. Haven't posted in years. But wanted to see if there was any thoughts on the match I saw as juicy. Muller v Donaldson Couldn't believe muller was 1.38 match win and evens for 2-0 set betting. Can't see anything other than muller holding his serve and Donaldson losing his once at least in each set. Muller not my favourite player but is strong and reasonably consistent on his serve. Donaldson admitty haven't seen much of but his paper records are not that impressive.. :/ Any thoughts? I've lumped on either way! :)
  2. Re: Germany v Greece > June 22 why are people trying to slate Mustafa so much!? His bet has brilliant reasoning and brilliant odds so i just cant understand people talking nonsense about it. and im sure in this tournament there has been a fair few early goals early on, without doing the exact research id follow his bet no probs and could easily pop a few quid on 0-0 with a lay at half time if there is not a goal. job done. but no need to slate people just do the opposite if u so confident and see whos right...
  3. Re: June 18 - June 24 Yo guys Has no one been on David Ferrer these last few days? His odds to win straight sets and on the handicap and under games have been crazy high when hes played two average players in L Mayer and I Sisjling....I dont think the bookies regard him in the same breath as the big 4 but he really should be. He destroyed Mayer and Sisjling so just wondering why no one had flagged these up. I dont have the same depth of knowledge on some of the lesser known players as some on here but always seem to do alright with Ferrer but rarely see him advised if memory serves me right. Just a thought! :)
  4. Re: Germany v Greece > June 22 im with the camp that believes Greece aint actually that good. yes they can defend well but only cos they dont attack well so just spend most the game worrying about conceding. their goals have all been after defensive f#ck ups by the opposition and germany just shouldnt have any of these. their players are solid and dependable like all good germans! karagounis missing is a major loss to greece. probably the biggest los they could experience. he is their only decent intelligent player who can pick a pass or do a short sharp dribble to open things up...therefore germany will control possession and open them up when they fancy it. every one of germany's players is superior to what the greek players plays against week in week out and this will eventually tell with a few goals i feel. but done well with win to nil few times this fortnight and feel this is another one of them games, its 5/6. also clean sheet for germany seems a good bet, its 8/13. gomez to score at 8/11 aswell as hes getting nice form going
  5. Re: Italy v Republic of Ireland June 18th get on italy clean sheet and u may be smiling :)
  6. Re: cards EC 2012 mostly depends on the referee and whether he has experience at this level. some like to stamp their mark by showing a few then hopefully players will respect them.. or some will just want to be the centre piece of the action like the one in poland v greece. hes mental! shown like 25 odd cards in last 8 games and 5 reds i think. only game there was no cards was a friendly between quatar and kuwait or something! but i think we will see a fair few in my opinion. holland v portugal could be 22 yellows and 5 reds easy!
  7. Re: Enhanced Prices he will go with the most basic team possible! hart johnson, terry, lescott, cole milner, gerrard, parker, downing young welbeck/carroll hart (all on his shoulders if we progress) , johnson, lescott, terry (scum!), cole picks itself, 2 holding midfielders parker and gerrard! why! "wingers" will be steady eddy milner and i can barely come to type his name mr no goals downing, young (the only bit of class in the squad) and please i pray welbeck..but i think carroll will be close call due to the france defence being weak on set pieces and the fact he loves any liverpool player. france win!!
  8. Re: UEFA Champions League > 27 September Man united clean sheet it 1.78 on betfair. After all the crazy ideas for wins draws or losses il go with a simple bet. Man u will dominate possession and terriority. Much better players to control the game and play. Lindegard wants to impress with a clean sheet I'm sure. Basle best striker has been about for like 20 years and I've never thought he was great hence no one bought him to decent league. Basically man u should get this pretty safely after taking a nice early lead. Touch wood!
  9. Re: England > Weekend > Championship > 23-25 September READING AND CRYSTAL PALACE DOUBLE could be value as doncaster are pretty much relegation candidates already. lost heavily in few games and palace have some exciting fast youngsters and strikers who need to score to stay or get into the team. know palaces away record is terrible but its got to start changing soon and now could be the time. coventry are another terrible team. watched them versus ipswich and they were poor. no real leader or star player to rely on and ipswich had easy win. reading are a very good team with scorers who could expose coventry. doing it more for the odds but its definately value!
  10. Re: Fnding out when particular horses are racing???? Woah wicked! Thanks a million for the replies massive help guys cheers
  11. Is there anything that can like automatically inform me if horse I like is racing in a given day or race? Sometimes I see horses after a race has run that I've won with before but I'm too late. Makes me sad! But I doubt there is just thought it was worth asking the experts. Many thanks
  12. Re: UEFA Europa League > 15 September Mate please stop! U said some silly things bogging yourself up then back down saying it was a pre write up opinion. Everyone on here has an opinion but just be a bit more easy going with it. If u have knowledge don't be a big head then back down.... I'm expecting everything u say to happen! And please Stoke are obviously going to concentrate on the league. Relegation is not an option for them now they spent loads on transfers n loads on wages don't u think!!!?? And for what it's worth I'd be very surprised by a Stoke win. Maybe draw but I won't be betting
  13. Re: Tennis - The US Open 2011 Agree100%! I've done Murray -4.5 on betfair also at 1.58 Can't see isner even getting a set off murray if he's on form. Happy days hopefully :)
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